Time to put my money where my mouth is. Quite literally, so. We’ve covered the new Taco Bell breakfast offerings and shared their clever advertising approach. Now it’s time to give our opinion on their offerings. After striking out at the nearest Taco Bell, the second one I visited does serve breakfast, so I dropped five bucks and got three items. Here’s my take:


Why? It might not be the sexiest choice, but if I’m going to either of the other two fast food options, there’s a good chance that hashbrowns are the only thing I’m ordering.

How is it? It’s not as greasy as the ones from McDonalds, but it’s not as crispy either. All in all, it’s definitely something I’d order again, and will. If all three of the fast food chains are in a one block radius (as they are in my hometown), I’m still going with the Burger King hashbrowns, but if I’m already at Taco Bell, the difference in quality isn’t enough for me to make a separate trip elsewhere.

A.M. Grilled Taco with Sausage

Why? Because the third item I ordered has bacon on it, and I wanted to tell everyone about Taco Bell sausage.

How is it? The sausage isn’t as spicy as I expected. I wouldn’t say it’s SPICY at McDonalds, but it’s a bit spicier than what you get from Taco Bell… which is somewhat surprising and yet not surprising. When I think of Mexican food, I typically think of spicier food options, and yet that doesn’t necessarily apply to the regular Taco Bell menu. The eggs in the taco were decent, though I’m not an egg connoisseur, so there’s no way that any option is going to get a “great” rating from me. The cheese surprised me a bit, since most items at Taco Bell either feature the shredded, non-melted variety, or they go “full nacho”. In the A.M. Grilled Taco, they put the shredded on there, but it got melted, to good effect. I like the soft flour tortilla it uses for a shell, to the point to where I’m not necessarily looking forward to trying it on flatbread later this week. I do wish there was an option where I could try their A.M. Taco inside of a crunchy taco.


A.M. Crunchwrap with Bacon

Why? This is the item that I was most excited about. There’s bacon in there and a hashbrown, and that’s enough to sell me on the idea.

How is it? Glorious. Upon first bite, I can tell that there’s a special sauce involved, and it spices things up a bit. The bacon could perhaps be more prevalent, as I don’t taste it as much as I would’ve hoped, but it’s hard to really distinguish all the different flavors because everything melds together so nicely. Later in the week, I’m going to try this again if I can order it without sauce. No bones about it, this is something that I look forward to eating again, regardless of whether or not I can get it without the sauce (which I’m enjoying).

Sauce Packets

Inside the bag, they included two “Salsa del Sol Picante Sauce” packets. As a guy with a background in science, I tried each of my three menu items without the SdSPS, and now I’m going to try them each with the sauce. It looks a lot like a salsa that you might expect to find at a grocery store or served with chips at a Mexican restaurant. I’m not a huge fan of salsas, so I’m probably the wrong person to ask about this sauce. It’s a little spicy, but not to the degree that it lingers after eating it. The heat content also isn’t too high, so it doesn’t kick too hard when it is presenting its spice. Its use on the Grilled Taco wasn’t anything to write home about, nor on the otherwise VERY tasty Crunchwrap. I did enjoy it on the hashbrown. It’s a great substitute for ketchup, for those who like a little cilantro/pepper taste and spiciness kick.

There were also a couple packets of ketchup for people who enjoy putting that on eggs. Surreal, getting ketchup packets from Taco Bell, but it makes sense.

Next Time

Whether it’s tomorrow or later in the week, I’ll be trying more of the breakfast menu items. I absolutely feel a responsibility to use this forum to let the citizens of GuysNation know whether or not that glorious-looking Waffle Taco is any good. If there’s anything you specifically want me to try, Tweet at us on Twitter @GuysNation.