WWE has been producing Survivor Series events for nearly a quarter century, and over the years there have been plenty of memorable moments.  Listed here are some of my favorites, in chronological order, with a chance to vote on your favorites at the end of the list.


The 5-on-3 Handicap elimination style match – Hogan / Warrior / Santana vs DiBiase / Warlord / Hercules / Martel / Roma

The Undertaker’s Debut as “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase’s secret weapon.

Undertaker defeats Hulk Hogan for the World Championship.


Bret Hart defends the World Title for the first time ever against Shawn Michaels.


Tensions flare between Bret Hart and Owen Hart, leading to their eventual split and feud.

Owen screws over Bret by getting his mom to throw in the towel during a submissions match, netting Bob Backlund the World Championship.

Undertaker vs Yokozuna in a Casket Match with Chuck Norris as the guest enforcer


Undertaker dominates his Survivor Series Match, accounting for all of the eliminations, and not a single member from his team being eliminated.


Mankind vs Undertaker with Paul Bearer suspended from a cage


Kane’s in-ring debut, defeating Mankind

The Montreal Screw Job


The big World Title Tournament (culminating in Mankind vs The Rock)


Chyna defeats Jericho to retain the IC title

Kurt Angle debuts against Shawn Stasiak

Stone Cold hit by a car


Steve Austin and Triple H fought to a no contest


Team WWF vs Team Alliance – WWF – Rock, ‘Taker, Big Show, Kane, Jericho; Alliance – Austin, Booker T, RVD, Angle, Shane McMahon


Heyman turns on Lesnar in favor of Big Show

Scott Steiner returns to WWE as Big Poppa Pump

Tag Title Triple Threat – Los Guerreros v Angle & Benoit v Edge & Mysterio

The first Elimination Chamber – Triple H, Booker T, Jericho, Kane, HBK, RVD, ending with HBK winning the World Title for the last time


John Cena’s first rap

Kane caused Undertaker to lose a Buried Alive match

The backstage Lesnar / Goldberg confrontation


Evolution vs Team Orton


Flair vs HHH in a Last Man Standing match

Undertaker returns to target Randy Orton after RKO leads Team Smackdown over Team RAW


Lita’s final match


Edge interrupts Undertaker vs Batista to screw over ‘Taker by pretending to be a cameraman

Hornswoggle vs Great Khali


Cena returns to win the belt from Jericho

Edge returns from injury to win the title


Batista knocks out Mysterio

Cena vs DX in a triple threat

Let me know if there’s anything from the list that I forgot, and share your opinions on which ones you enjoyed most!  I don’t know if the poll will let me include all of those as options, but I’ll fit in some of the best!