Four-Corners Fatal Fourway Match
for the World Tag Team Titles
Rhodes Family (c) vs Prime Time Players vs
The Real Americans vs Wyatt Family (Rowan & Harper)

How it should come to pass: The night after Hell In A Cell, the Prime Time Players congratulate Cody Rhodes & Goldust backstage for once again defeating The SHIELD. Darren Young says he hopes that they’ll get a shot at the tag titles, and Cody Rhodes says that he doesn’t have any pull with The Authority, but that he wouldn’t have any problem defending against two young guys with plenty of potential. Goldust agrees, and says that someday, The Prime Time Players are going to make millions of dollars… millions of dollars… individually, but that right now they’re a talented team and he’s sure the match would be a good one.

On Smackdown, Vickie Guerrero says that she has an announcement from The Authority, saying that because The SHIELD is already involved in something at the pay per view, that Triple H has let HER decide who gets the shot at the tag titles in a four-corners fatal fourway match. She has picked The Real Americans as one of the teams to compete, and when they show up, there’s a weird moment between Vickie and Zeb that implies there might be some attraction between them. She has also picked the Prime Time Players and the Wyatt Family.

Four On Four Survivor Series Match
R-Truth, Tons Of Funk & Fandango vs
The Miz and 3MB

How it should come to pass: The first Smackdown after Hell In A Cell, Fandango starts off a segment by saying that if anyone in WWE has the potential to be his dance protege, it’s R-Truth, which brings him out doing not just his rapping, but some break-dancing as well on the stage. But then The Miz shows up, beats down R-Truth atop the ramp, knocking him out with the Skull Crushing Finale, and then talks down Fandango and how he’s WWE’s new “sensation”, but unless he wins Dancing With The Stars, that Fandango is still a step behind him, and he refers to himself as the Real World Champion. He says he’s determined to get a spot on the Survivor Series card, and he doesn’t care what he has to do to get that spot.

The next week, Vickie Guerrero says she got to book another Survivor Series match, and she is pairing up Tons Of Funk with new friends R-Truth and Fandango, and they will face The Miz and whatever team he can assemble. The Miz says it doesn’t matter who’s on his team, because he’s “awesome” and his team will win either way. Then 3MB shows up and they say they’ve got something to prove also, and they’ll get The Miz his win at Survivor Series. The Miz doesn’t seem to care who his partners are, but backstage we see him on the phone, telling someone that he’ll either single-handedly win the match, or he’ll make sure he’s the highlight of the night.

Grudge Match
The Usos vs Los Matadores

How it should come to pass: The first RAW after Hell In A Cell, The Usos are approached for an interview backstage, but they say they’ve got something to do and they’re too busy to talk. When pressed for how they’re feeling after losing in the tag title match at the pay per view the night before, they don’t seem to appreciate the question and give a short answer about “how would you expect we’d feel?” Los Matadores are booked in a match with The Usos, but we cut backstage to find the masked men beaten down, their assailants unknown.

The following week on RAW, Los Matadores are again booked against The Usos, with the announcers saying that the fans shouldn’t  be deprived of what would’ve been a great match. During the luchadors elaborate entrance, the Usos show up from behind and beat them down. When El Torito tries to help out his teammates, the Usos corner him, nearly putting him through a table until Los Matadores run off The Usos.

Four On Four Diva’s Survivor Series Match
AJ Lee (c), Tamina Snuka, Summer Rae & Aksana vs
Natalya, The Bellas & Eva Marie

How it should come to pass: The first RAW after Hell In A Cell, AJ Lee shows up with Tamina and brags about how she’s still the Diva’s Champion. The Bellas show up, with Brie saying that AJ can’t keep that belt forever, and Natalya is there to say that one way or another, that belt is changing hands at Survivor Series. AJ says that the WWE Championship is being defended in a traditional Survivor Series match, “one of the highlights of the event for [her] when she grew up watching the Thanksgiving classic” and she wants to do the same.

The following RAW, we find out from Brad Maddox that the Divas have put together their teams, and it will be Eva Marie joining Natalya and The Bellas. AJ’s team will have her bodyguard, Tamina, and the services of Summer Rae and Aksana. In the shows which follow, we get Lumberjill singles matches with the other Divas outside the ring. Natalya suffers a brutal beating in a DQ win over Tamina, and then beats Tamina on the final Smackdown prior to the pay per view.

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