Heavyweight Championship Survivor Series 4 on 4
Alberto Del Rio, Curtis Axel, Ryback & Sandow vs
John Cena, Big E Langston, Tyson Kidd & Dolph Ziggler

How it should come to pass: The night after Hell In A Cell, John Cena comes out and celebrates, and he talks about how he’s looking forward to Friday Night Smackdown, where he’ll learn who his opponent is going to be at Survivor Series. Alberto Del Rio shows up and says that Cena’s not going to need to wait, and that he’s taking a rematch at the event. Vickie Guerrero, the current General Manager of Smackdown says that they’re both right. Alberto Del Rio will get a shot at John Cena and the Heavyweight Championship, but that they’ll both have to wait until Smackdown to find out what the match will be… because they both have until then to pick the three members of their Survivor Series teams. If Cena’s team wins, then John retains his title and whoever the final survivors are from his team, they’ll get a shot at the Heavyweight Title five nights later at the first Smackdown following the pay per view. The same goes for Alberto Del Rio’s team.

At the culmination of that night’s RAW, as Kofi Kingston is celebrating his victory in the ring, they cut backstage where we see a dejected Dolph Ziggler walking back through the curtain where he’s met by John Cena, who says he’d be honored to have Ziggler on his team at Survivor Series. After a tense moment, they shake hands and John says he’ll talk to Vickie and make it official, sparing Dolph from having to see her. Then Ryback walks through the curtain, pissed off, and he walks up to John Cena. Before either of them can say anything, Alberto Del Rio steps up, gets between them and tells Ryback that he just got off the phone with Paul Heyman, and Ryback is a member of HIS team at Survivor Series.

We find out on Smackdown that Curtis Axel is also going to be on Alberto Del Rio’s team, along with the man who won the most recent Money In The Bank, Damien Sandow. John Cena and Dolph Ziggler show up, and Cena hypes up the crowd about his team. Ziggler says it’s about time that Cena lets everyone know who the members of the team are going to be. Cena says the first guy is someone that Ziggler should know rather well, and he picked him after seeing the way he stopped Curtis Axel and Ryback from beating down R-Truth and Tyson Kidd after getting a victory over them on RAW. Langston had shown up and cleared the ring. Ziggler looks pissed, but Cena says he’s wagering that the familiarity between Dolph and Big E Langston should make for a good pairing if they can put their differences aside. Langston shows up, there’s a tense moment, but nothing goes down between them. Cena then says that he has seen some good changes from somebody the past couple months, and that the love of a good Diva can be powerful, and he picks Tyson Kidd as the fourth member of the team. Ziggler isn’t happy about the pick, and later in the evening tells Cena he’s nuts for picking him.

On the next week’s Smackdown, Ziggler challenges Tyson Kidd to a match, as he hopes to either see what John Cena sees in him, or hopes to prove to Cena that it was a stupid decision and maybe no one will tag him into the match (or he can start off the match to get eliminated and out of the way early). Kidd takes the match with Ziggler, and if it weren’t for an accidental ref bump, Kidd might’ve gotten a three-count. The Showoff eventually gets the win, but his eyes show that he’s gaining SOME respect for the Calgary Kidd.

Leading up to the event, we get more evidence that Big E Langston has changed his ways and is legitimately trying to do good, to right the wrongs from his time with Ziggler. Dolph isn’t pleased with the things Big E is saying about what they did, the dirt it’s bringing up, but he’s trying to work together for the sake of getting the opportunity at reclaiming the World Heavyweight Championship. Del Rio’s team doesn’t interact much, as it’s mostly Paul Heyman interacting with Del Rio and we see how well Ryback and Axel can work together as a team. Sandow teams up with Del Rio a couple times, and it’s clear that they’re like-minded and will coexist easily at Survivor Series.

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