We’re less than a week away from Survivor Series 2013, and while the full bookings aren’t available yet, part of the card has been established and we can surmise what some of the other matches are going to be. Going back to the way Hell In A Cell ended last month, and keeping in mind that certain guys aren’t able to be on the card, here’s how WWE should have booked Survivor Series 2013:

WWE Championship Survivor Series 4 on 4
Randy Orton And The SHIELD vs
Big Show, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan & Kofi Kingston

How it should come to pass: Following Randy Orton’s victory at Hell In A Cell, Daniel Bryan clearly has a valid reason for wanting another shot at the WWE Championship. During the night after’s episode of RAW, Bryan confronts Shawn Michaels about the Sweet Chin Music that sealed his fate at Hell In A Cell. Shawn apologizes, but said he was acting on instinct. He says that if Bryan wants another shot, he might want to try a different approach with Triple H and Stephanie. Bryan doesn’t want to wait any longer, and so he calls out The Authority and Randy Orton. When the six of them show up, The SHIELD in tow, Shawn Michaels stands between the two interests in the ring, saying he wasn’t trying to be part of “the machine” the night before, and it doesn’t do anyone any good for a 4-on-1 beatdown of “a valuable asset like Daniel Bryan”. Big Show interrupts, saying that before anyone starts to decide what the next title match is going to be, he needs to let them know about a lawsuit that was filed that morning. Essentially, if he’s not reinstated onto the roster and given a shot at the WWE Championship, he’s going to do significant financial damage to the WWE, and they won’t be able to pay the salaries of Randy Orton or half the roster. CM Punk shows up and talks about how he has stood by too long and watched a lot of things happen, and none of the things he’s seen from his “good old friend Triple H” has surprised him.

Triple H sizes things up and then comes up with a plan. He doesn’t want to reinstate Big Show, but The Board advised him about the finer points of the lawsuit, and what’s best for business is to AVOID the lawsuit, so he’s willing to reinstate Big Show and put him in the main event at the pay per view. He’s also not surprised by Daniel Bryan’s complaints, and he claims to not have ordered Shawn Michaels to take out Bryan at Hell In A Cell… “because frankly, Shawn doesn’t do anything that Shawn doesn’t want to do, anyone who saw the early days of DX knows all about that!” Triple H doesn’t want to “continue allowing Daniel Bryan to remain around the WWE Championship if he’s not going to show he’s a viable threat to winning it”, and that he has a solution that will put an end to all of that at Survivor Series.

CM Punk speaks up and says that he’s proud of Daniel Bryan for what he has accomplished, because they go way back in their careers. He also mentions that he knows first-hand how dangerous Big Show can be. But CM Punk talks about how he just finished doing battle with Ryback, Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel and a dangerous guy named Brock Lesnar prior to that. Punk says he’s done with Heyman, “and after the beating Paul received, he’s no doubt done trying to mess with [Punk]”. So now the longest reigning WWE Champion of the past decade wants a shot at getting “his” belt back, and he’d love to take it from Randy Orton, who he also reminds us that he has history with.

Randy Orton says he doesn’t have a problem taking on any ONE of those guys, but that there’s no way he’s fighting all of them. Triple H says that’s where his solution comes in, and says that at the Main Event of Survivor Series, there’s going to be a four-on-four elimination match. Randy Orton will be teaming with The SHIELD against the three men who consider themselves the top challengers… and one more guy who will have to qualify for the spot later that night. The stipulation goes like this: if Orton’s team wins the match, then Randy Orton will retain the WWE Championship. And, “in the unlikely event that Team Other Guys wins”, then whoever survives from that team, those guys will square off immediately after the match in an elimination style match, with the sole survivor becoming champion. If there’s one guy left from Team Other Guys, that person will be the new WWE Champion.

Backstage later that night, Randy Orton approaches Triple H and says he doesn’t like the way things are shaping up, but Stephanie assures him that there will be so much in-fighting between Team Other Guys leading up to the event and during the match, there’s no way they’ll be able to work together well enough to beat the best three-man squad ever assembled in WWE and the guy they’re hired to protect – Randy Orton. We also see Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vent their frustration to Dean Ambrose, as they wanted to get the chance to get their tag titles back. The qualifying match for the fourth member of Team Other Guys is announced, and it’s going to be Kofi Kingston, Ryback, Dolph Ziggler and Bray Wyatt.

Later that night, the qualifying match occurs, with Bray Wyatt remaining outside the ring for almost the entirety of the match. Before Wyatt could get involved, Kane’s hellfire erupted on the stage, prompting Wyatt’s curiousity, and he headed backstage to figure it out. Near the end of the contest, Ryback stops Ziggler from hitting the Zig Zag on Kofi, then hits him with his Shellshock move. Dolph rolls out of the ring, keeping him from getting pinned, and when Ryback turns around he gets hit with Trouble In Paradise and pinned by Kofi Kingston.

In the shows which follow, we see that Big Show is uninterested at forming any sort of bond with any of the other members of his team, though he does seem fine with Kofi Kingston being with them. CM Punk and Kofi Kingston share the fact that they’re already friends, but Kofi makes it known that this is his opportunity to get back at Randy Orton, who he feuded with a couple years ago and never got to follow that up with a title shot. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan show signs that they’ll be able to work together through some tag matches they get booked into, but there’s also some signs that they both want to be the one to prove they’re the best.

The SHIELD show Randy Orton that they’re going to make sure his team wins the match, but Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins make it known that if they have to be in this match, that they should get the chance to be WWE Champion if they ensure that Randy Orton doesn’t lose it to a member of Team Other Guys.

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