From time to time, WWE makes decisions which I find surprising, as they give new individuals the opportunity to prove what they’re capable of doing with one of the various championship belts.

Tonight’s Fatal 4-Way event contained not just one such decision, but multiple decisions which I find to be daring, if not questionable.

When former World Champion Chris Jericho loses a match on Monday Night RAW against an opponent who has never even had a shot at a World championship belt in WWE (or even their competitor, TNA), I’m not too surprised. It’s easy enough to get a guy like Chris Jericho back on track, and he doesn’t really fall much in stature or credibility by doing so, but in return the competitor who beats him looks awesome and has a huge accomplishment for their resume.

When this happens on a pay per view, it’s a little more eye opening.

Tonight, Evan Bourne defeated Chris Jericho.


Sure, there were no championships involved, nor was it an official Number One Contenders match, but I didn’t expect it to happen.

I shouldn’t be too surprised, given Evan Bourne’s increased “push” as of late, winning matches and being involved in main events. Also to take into account is that the Fatal 4-Way pay per view event is not one of the higher stature events on WWE’s yearly calendar. Were this to be Royal Rumble, SummerSlam or Survivor Series, that would be a shock.

Don’t even think about Evan Bourne beating Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania – the fourth of the big WWE pay per views. That’s not going to happen. Jericho was voted Wrestler of the Year last year, and he’s not losing to a lowly competitor like Evan Bourne on the flagship event.

[picappgallerysingle id=”6122108″]Were there just one surprising outcome, I wouldn’t be writing this article.

Alicia Fox is the new Diva’s Champion.

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Out of the four competitors in that match, Alicia Fox ranks last on who I’d predict would emerge with the championship. I thought Eve Torres might retain the belt, as she’s certainly charismatic and a good “face” to hold the strap.

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I had hoped that Maryse would win the belt, as she’s the best all-around wrestler (all things considered) in WWE, not to mention one of the hottest women in the world.

Maryse - Hottest & Most Talented Women's Wrestler Today

Gail Kim has always caught my eye with her great in-ring ability, and I figured there was an off chance that she’d get the chance to run with the ball for a bit, but no dice.

Alicia Fox has made huge strides in her in-ring work, and from what I’ve seen lately, she’s quickly becoming one of the top few women’s wrestlers, but the all around package? I’m not too sure about that. She’s attractive, she’s got a style to her, but how about the crowd reaction? Are we supposed to like her or hate her? I haven’t seen enough of her “character” to know… which is bad, considering I watch RAW and Smackdown every week.

I would’ve had Alicia Fox get screwed out of getting the belt, had her feud with whomever kept her from becoming champion, and then judged whether or not to give her the Diva’s title.

WWE thinks she’s ready? Nothing wrong with taking a chance with one of the championships.

Drew McIntyre fails to regain the Intercontinental Championship from Kofi Kingston.

I thought for sure that “the Chosen One” Drew McIntyre was going to find a way to reclaim the Intercontinental Title.

While at first glance I was surprised that Kofi Kingston gets to continue his reign, I’m not too shocked that the charismatic young man who once defeated Randy Orton is getting the opportunity to hold the belt a bit longer. If Kofi gets to feud with someone new for the next few months, that’d be a good thing, and Drew McIntyre can get his feet wet in the main event.

His competition in the main event on Smackdown could make him look very credible and will certainly make him look very tall by comparison and show off his strength.

Rey Mysterio won the Smackdown Fatal 4-Way to become World Champion for a second time.

This decision was a huge shock to me. I’ve been a fan of Rey Mysterio’s since he was in ECW showing off his unique brand of offense, but I was severely disappointed in how WWE handled his first World Title reign a few years back. It showed how little faith they had in his ability to be the top guy, and to see them put the belt back on him?


I’m seriously shocked that WWE put the title on Mysterio, especially in light of all the other questionable decisions they made on the event’s card.

All I can do is to hope that this reign is longer and more successful than the last time he held the big belt. I’d like to see him overcome the challenge of Drew McIntyre and lose the belt to C.M. Punk sometime near Survivor Series.

To cap off the event, another guy who had a questionable first title reign with a World Championship reclaims the belt.

Sheamus is the new World Champion on RAW.

I’m sure the Sheamus haters are wanting to throw something right about now, and while I don’t fall into that group, I am surprised that Sheamus is now holding the gold again so soon after his first reign ended. He’s good on the mic, has an interesting look to him (no, he doesn’t need to hit the tanning bed), and he’s got a good in-ring style. He’s certainly a guy who belongs in the main event from time to time and is credible while holding the belt, but just as I mentioned about Rey Mysterio’s reign, the first time Sheamus held the World Championship didn’t show too much in the way of trust from WWE.

In fact, during his title reign Sheamus was treated more like an after-thought.

My only thought with this one is that Sheamus will have his second reign, get a feud or two to see what he’s capable of doing in getting fan response, and then when Triple H returns, it sets him up for his 75th World Championship reign (I’m sure Triple H has fewer than 20 World Title reigns, but he’s well above a dozen at this point).

One or two questionable / daring outcomes on a pay per view? Not extremely notable. Five of them on a card which only had 7 matches? Certainly comes off a bit shocking.