For MMA fans, most any content related to the sport is welcomed.  Purists will complain about the reality-show format of The Ultimate Fighter, but for some guys its an opportunity to see more fights and find new guys to be fans of in the process, seeing not only how they train, but a bit about their personality as well.  UFC produced the first two video games available to allow players to take control of their favorite competitors, but still the idea of an even more realistic game promised by Electronic Arts whet the appetites for improved gameplay.

Not everyone wants gameplay which is more realistic.  Some guys just want new experiences, and those guys are likely to get excited when they hear about Supremacy MMA.  At least one advocate for MMA doesn’t like the way the game portrays the sport and he wrote a great article about it for SB Nation.

It’s not often that I hope a game gets stuck in development hell and never sees the light of day, but this is one of them.  I agree with the perspective voiced by Chad Dukes in his article, as I’m sure the game would be a detriment to the sport which is struggling to gain legitimacy.  If and when I see the game at my local video game store I’ll probably rent it for similar reasons that other MMA fans will check it out.  Unlike a lot of guys who aren’t as familiar with MMA, I’ll know that the exaggerated violence and brutality doesn’t accurately represent the sport.