SuperSuper: I wonder what the over/under would be on the number of times the word ‘super’ is mentioned on this show? Probably somewhere in the tens of thousands. Interesting to note from the pre-show hyper video is that there are only 2 ‘huge matches’ as opposed to the 3 promoted on last night’s RAW, with Punk-Khali losing the ‘main event’ billing it got before, which they’ve apparently replaced with the Punk-H NOC contract signing.

Cena: Yes Superman is back where it all started for him. He even tosses out Nitro and Velocity as examples of shows where superstars are from, plus an XFL reference, which I’m sure Vince is glad to see mentioned on TV. Then he gets down to usual Cena business by calling out ADR and instead we get Ricardo Rodriguez. Even more shockingly, he gets mic time! Ricardo actually does a nice job, even switching between English and Spanish. He might be better at drawn-out announcing ADR then Justin Roberts is for Cena.

Barrett: Oh this is going to be good. Wade clearly outclassed Cena on the mic, like he always did during their feud last year. Notice Nexus wasn’t mentioned once during that exchange, not until Michael Cole, of all people, throws it in casually. The mic exchange is wasted on what amounted to a squash win for Cena. I suppose it’s to be expected, but they could have at least let Barrett get in some consistent offense aside from the Black Hole Slam. Yet another example of a wrestler being touted by the announcers, yet being booked to eat it in the ring.

‘Sin Cara’: I can’t decide if he should be called Botch Cara or Sin Botch. Sin Cara means ‘Without Face’ in Spanish, so Sin Botch would mean ‘Without Botch’ would be ironic, so perhaps that’s what I’ll call him. WWE continues to change on the fly as they had advertised Cara v Del Rio, but the Masked One gets a member of Booker T’s Fab Five in Daniel Bryan. Cole brings up an interesting point when he states that the winner of the Cage match will be battered and Bryan might be tempted to go against his word and cash in his briefcase.  Since Bryan loses, will they possibly use it as motivation for such a swerve. Speaking of swerves, Cara sucker kicks Bryan post-match!

DoD: It’s time for the Divas of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMM. At least they’re not dolled up like they have been the past few weeks, although Beth is sporting a skirt, which one would think goes against her character. Speaking of which, is Alicia Fox now a face since she’s teaming with Kelly Kelly? Is Aksana the new Divas ring announcer? Is Beth the new #1 contender for the Divas title? Is this an actual Divas storyline?

Contract Signing Again?: Really? WWE? Really? Really? My money is on Teddy Long for being the one to go through the table in the ring, cause ya know someone has to during one of these segments. Doesn’t this whole thing seem a bit rushed and somewhat confusing? It’s different from the last one in that Triple H does a large amount of talking and gets quite harsh. Punk counters with a very eloquent speech on the need for change which is sure to be talked about for quite some time. H spends a surprising amount of time praising Vince McMahon and Punk rightly points out how out of touch Vince has become. Diesel shows up and gets a big beating from Punk, Punk gets shoved by H, H gets shoved by Diesel and Teddy Long is nowhere to be seen.

Sheamus Is A Star?: The Ghost of WWE doing an appearance for the B A Star Campaign? That’s even more surreal then him tagging with Cena last night. How quickly have they thrown him into the model citizen mold? Though having someone like Sheamus, who at first glance looks like a bully, come out against such people does send a message and I believe that might have been behind WWE’s reasoning in using him like that. If Sheamus got the WSS onto the steel steps and landed on his back, then why do they keep going about his ribs? Wouldn’t his spine or back hurt more?

Cage Time: Since Christian has used the Christian Cage ring name in the past, does that give him an advantage? Does it mean anything that the ref for this match is the ref that was in that segment with Funkman last night? They did intros with both men in the ring, which I think is always a nice touch. I like how Booker was talking up Orton’s ring skills while Randall was doing repeated knee drops onto Christian, followed by repeated punches, followed by repeated some-other-basic-move. I’ve always thought escaping the cage through the door is a lame way to win. If you’re going to escape, going over the top is much more suitable to this type of match. Christian throws out a RVD-style Frog Splash, which was random. He even went for a Punt on Orton but missed and fakes out The Viper on an RKO attempt. He even countered a second RKO attempt later. Third time’s the charm as he finally connects with one off the top rope.


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