The Conspiracy: So who will Triple H fire tonight? Johnny Ace? One of the sound guys? For that matter why does his entrance video have footage of him as a wrestler? Since he’s the COO, shouldn’t it have shots of business stuff like him at a desk? In a conference room? Or even hanging around the water cooler? At least Cole is still inconsolable about the absence of his buddy Miz. Was such a long recap video of The Firing necessary? They really are taking this Jackman-Ziggler angle far, giving Dolph some mic time in the opening segment and he does a pretty good job. Now Cody comes out? This is the most exposure the mid card titles have gotten in years. He does have a point in that Orton bashing him with the ring bell is by far the most grievous offense being discussed here. With Christian coming out, this segment has officially jumped the shark, especially with H using the WWWYKI line. At least Iced Z gets a US Title shot.

IC Battle Royal: Maybe Cody shouldn’t have talked back to HHH so much. With Sin Cara included, does that mean the other Cara could swoop in and steal the victory like he did last Friday? Well under a minute into the match Faux Cara pulls Real Cara out but in turn gets eliminated. Not as bad as Drew McIntyre getting eliminated after like 9 seconds. The final four comes down to Cody, Ted, Sheamus and Big Zeke with the two big men having a big stare down as Booker tries to sell then tension of it. This only serves to take the focus off of the actual champ Cody, who is getting beat down in the corner by Ted, which is a questionable move. Finally it’s down to Cody and Sheamus, but all the momentum goes to The Pale One. Cody does retain after a distraction from Christian, but he wasn’t exactly booked like a legit champion which does him no favors.

Otunga: His bow tie is almost as bizarre as him actually putting on a decent wrestling match. I like how they’re playing up his Harvard law degree lately. While it does get him some cheap heat, it is an actual storyline that gives personality to his character, instead of having no direction like has been the norm for him. Being encouraged by Funkman in this law angle is another subtle indication that Laurinaitis is gathering a group of wrestlers to oppose Triple H.

Divas: Another Divas tag match, another rung on Kelly Kelly’s ladder to dominance. So nothing will change, expect Eve’s new hair style. I can not get over how horrible Beth’s outfit is and big of a contrast it is with her and Natalya’s anti-Barbie message. At least Natalya gets the chance to show off her technical skills with an interesting submission on Eve. Beth finally getting a pin on Kelly is not as much of a highlight as was JR telling Booker to ‘Testify!’

WSM: How is facing Khali a big challenge? He’s basically a very big jobber. The match doesn’t even get started as Henry delivers a World’s Strongest Slam to Khali. Does a great job of continuing to push Henry’s path of destruction, but didn’t really do much for me as a segment and the time could have been used for something like more time for the other matches.

SuperCena: Before Cena even picks up a mic, JR makes a comment about the HIAC match being like church, in that many attend, but few understand. Huh? That doesn’t really make sense. Is he saying a majority of churchgoers don’t understand? With all the take of the HIAC participants ‘going to Hell’ it would be perfect timing for some Inferno references. Booker could speculate which circle of Hell the wrestlers would reside. Was that too obscure of a reference for GN? Surprisingly, Cena cuts a good promo on HIAC being necessary to dispel the controversy surrounding the WWE Title, although he spoils it with his usual never give up sentiment. Punk is down for commentary, which in and of itself is awesome, but he’s wearing his old announcer jacket. He wastes no time in giving us gold from the headset and continues to do so throughout the match. The match itself is nothing of note, except for Del Rio interfering to cause the DQ. When the action spilled near the announce table, I think Punk yelled something to Cena about diet soda, another great reference.

WWWYKI: In an interesting twist, Jack Swagger accompanies Dolph and Vickie to the ring for the US Title match. Swagger actually gets a shot in on Ryder to help Dolph with the victory. Then the two shake hands!? That’s a twist for sure. Their beatdown of The Broski is interrupted by Air Boom. The two were announced by just a pyro explosion and no music which confused everyone at first. So why is Teddy Long then showing up to make a 3 on 2 handicap match? If I’m not mistaken, aren’t all the wrestlers present part of the RAW roster? Vickie eventually finds a 3rd man for her team in the form of Batista, I mean Mason Ryan. This is certainly a random time to bring him back. Does this mean he joins Vickie’s stable? The answer appears to be no since as soon as he is tagged in by Swagger he levels him and then takes out Ziggler, which gives Mr Woo the chance to pick up the victory.

#1 Contender v #1 Contender: When the match spilled to the outside, I like how Punk threw Del Rio at Cena who was doing commentary and then mocked him by doing the Cena Salute. It’s little things like these that tell a story during a match and something you don’t see that much lately. On a similar note, Cena mentions that HIAC makes mice out of men which was an odd reference, to say the least. The announcers take away from an excellent  main event and there is no solid analysis of what is occurring in the ring, only what might happen on Sunday. Del Rio and Punk trade blows and counters and Del Rio, as he usually does, softens up Punk for the Cross Arm Breaker, but Punk counters with some kicks for the win. The Cell lowers all 3 men inside along with Ricardo and the usual chain of finishers ensues with Del Rio ending it with multiple chair shots to the other two in a big statement to close the show.