Cold Open?: Interesting that they start the show off without the usual in ring promo to set the stage for the main event. Interesting also that Justin Roberts introduces Orton as ‘The Apex Predator’ instead of The Viper. Interesting indeed that Orton is not in the 12 man tag main event. Finally to make this a fatal four way, interesting that they him face Drew McIntyre! Drew of all people! The shot of him as he’s staring down Orton just reminds you of how good of a heel he used to be before he got buried. That sinister smirk says more then any promo could. No JR, Orton is not possessed as you claim, he’s just plain crazy, so blame the voices in his head. Of course they help him get the win, practically shouting RKO, RKO, RKO! For his first match on RAW in what seems like forever, I’m a bit surprised McIntyre lasted as long as he did. When he was revealed as Orton’s opponent I thought this would be squash lasting only a few minutes. So why does Henry come out and brawl with Orton? Didn’t they do this after their match last night? It could have been to get more screen time for Johnny Ace, who attempts to restore order.

World’s Strongest Champion: Ok so this is why they had Hnery come out. He gets to squash John Morrison, who is officially a jobber at this point. I know some in IWC are Morrison marks, but seriously, when was the last time he had a meaningful match? John the Spot Monkey gets some momentum going, even getting Henry off his feet at one point to hit Starship Pain. Alas, he ends up getting demolished by a WSS. So 20 minutes in and we’ve had 2 matches? Is this actually an episode of RAW? Usually at this point we’d be coming back from commercial after the opening promo.

Ambulance Chasers: Well they do have Harvard Otunga leading the legal charge, pun of course intended. So a big bit of his legal advice is to present their case to the public inside the ring? Somehow I don’t think they’ll convince alot of people. If they’re serious about this legal angle, then these wrestlers could form an effective heel stable. I doubt it would anything formal, just a sort of loose association. This is kind of reminiscent of Nexus, the way they’re handing the mic off to each other and allowing each person to speak. Funny how Vickie saying ‘Excuse Me!’ gets more heat then all of the others combined. Well you knew HHH was gonna show up sooner or later. I get the feeling that the ‘real man’ speech he’s giving is not going to have the desired effect on the heels in the ring. Christian’s whining is rubbing off on the others and they’ll do what they can to get their way. Plus H forgot to mention Mason Ryan as a member of the face team for the main event! Cole complains as usual, saying there are legitimate complaints. Really? For all Otunga’s talk of his legal background, this group hasn’t articulated any specific grievances, just saying it’s ‘unsafe’ for them.

Beth The Champ!: It’s about time. WWE knew they had to put the Divas title on Beth at this point or the Divas of Doom angle and indeed the whole division would lose what little credibility it had left. I really hope they have Beth destroy any competitors in her path going forward. That way they can make the title more then just a sparkly accessory. Ok so that’s  the way for a former champ to get her revenge? By screaming uncontrollably while slap-punching Beth repeatedly? At least she’s showing some anger instead of just smiling like usual. So much for Beth being a strong champion as WWE lets their Golden Girl pull off a toned down version of an Orton beatdown. Only thing missing was a chair or ring bell being used.

Jinder Mahal: Speaking strictly in a foreign language, while a good way for a heel to garner heat, does nothing for the heel’s character. The audience doesn’t really know what Mahal is all about, I mean yeah there’s the whole thing with Khali’s sister, but that’s all. There’s no depth to him and now he has to deal with a returning Santino, who proceeds to mock Mahal’s native language. That’s a questionable way for WWE to take this promo. Santino hits The Cobra to squash Mahal in less time then it took Sin Cara to beat Heath Slater last Friday.

Brodus Clay Promo: Wait. What? He’s still employed by the WWE? I suppose since like 95% of the WWE Universe, I don’t watch Superstars, so I had no idea he was still around. The effort they put into the promo suggests they have something planned for him, or at the very least he’ll be appearing on screen more often.

Post-HIAC Mayhem: You don’t see WWE air PPV footage on regular TV anymore, so thus must be big. It was pretty chaotic, with the locker room trying to get inside the Cell. If Mark Henry can knock down a portion of a regular cage by himself as he did against The Big Show, then why couldn’t the whole roster get inside HIAC? I realize they wanted to give Truth and Miz time to lay waste to refs, cameramen and everyone else, but its still WWE ignoring a logical conclusion. Their YouTube apology makes a good point in saying they did what HHH would’ve done if he had been in their position. I mean The Game did assault Randy Orton in his own house at one point.

12 Angry Men: I thought this was supposed to be the main event? Are they taking a page out of TNA’s book? Of course they have to go to commercial to allow all the men to come to the ring. The fact they showed Mason Ryan’s return yet again makes me think he’ll play a role in this match. He does do an impressive overhead press of Ziggler and then throws him into Swagger on the outside. Strength is his calling card after all. I find it amusing they call Sheamus ‘The Great White’. Then again, seeing him in the ring with all those guys makes his paleness stand out even more. The match does at a good pace with guys tagging in and out and mostly everyone getting some offense. I like how JR points out that Ziggler and Swagger have an amateur wrestling background in common. It makes their future as a tag team seem possible since they have something that binds them together. The crowd doesn’t seem that invested in the match until Cena is tagged in, at which point the crowd goes nuts, then the match goes back into its usual pace. I’m surprised at how long this match has been going on and it seems like a PPV quality effort. The end draws near as the finisher chain starts and then ends with Sheamus hitting the Brogue Kick on Ziggler for the win.

Voting Time: The locker room comes out in groups by show, culminating with the return of Jerry Lawler! Cole must not feel too good at this point. This also gives the lower card wrestlers like Darren Young and Curt Hawkins time on actual TV and not just online time for NXT or Superstars. HHH’s line ‘I’m a bit old school, I like watching people beat the hell out of each other’ was pretty funny and speaks alot to his character. He does tread on the ‘I do it for the WWE Universe’ a bit too much, but in fact it is true that these wrestlers ultimately perform for the fans. So Wade Barrett gets to speak for the heels? They couldn’t have picked a better man for the job as he lays out the case against HHH in a very clear manner. H throws it right back in Barrett’s face by bringing up the chaos he and Nexus caused when they debuted. A ref gets mic time! How great is that? I believe that’s Mike Chioda representing the officials. Beth gets to speak for the Divas and says bad things could happen, which HHH of course harps on right away. Lawler then gets his turn on the mic, presumably for the faces and even he speaks to the unrest and discord that’s swirling around RAW. Jerry does however say it’s not Hunter’s fault but the mysterious figure CM Punk has alluded to a few times. The reps for each factions each say ‘no confidence’ and there you have it. Everyone starts to walk out on Hunter even Cole, though that’s no surprise. Even Booker, Justin Roberts, the ring crew and the cameramen follow. JR is the last to do so and I don’t think I’ve seem the crowd boo the heels as well as the faces in a long time. In a moment resembling Vince’s exit, HHH gets a standing ovation as Funkman comes out and shakes his head disapprovingly before turning around and going to the back. Well that certainly was longer then it needed to be. However, that’s WWE’s MO, to milk something for all it’s worth. Triple H’s role overshadowed everything else on the show and whether that is a good thing or a bad thing remains to be seen.