Ye Olde RAW: Well they are in Liverpool all the way across the pond. Cena opens the show by coming out, which is normally not a surprise, but the boos sure drown out the cheers. He proceeds to be the stand in for the WWE Marketing department by declaring this is the first time Liverpool has hosted RAW, how tonight will great, etc, etc, etc. Thankfully TruMiz interrupt him and we get the return of The Really Game with not one, not two, but FIVE Reallys with the crowd echoing him each time. It’s been a long time since Miz has cut a promo that has lasted this long. He even interrupts Cena, throwing in a ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ for good measure. The expected beatdown begins, but the Internet Champion runs in for the save.

Perfectly Buried: Because that’s what John Morrison is at this point. I mean he’s even ditched his fancy fur coat. He hasn’t won a match since August according to the commentators and he faces Ziggler. I will say at least Vickie isn’t wearing some weird blouse. Her shouting from ringside no where near a mic is almost drowning out Cole and Lawler, who have headsets on, but that’s Vickie for ya. Towards the end there is actually a pretty loud ‘Let’ Go Ziggler’ chant which was surprising. Morrison ends up getting the victory, but I have a feeling he’ll go back to jobbing soon enough.

Survivors Series Match: They actually announced one ahead of time? Shocking to say the least. It’s Team Orton of Randy Orton, Sheamus, Sin Cara, Mason Ryan and Kofi Kingston vs Team Barrett of Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Christian, Jack Swagger and Hunico. Interesting that Barrett gets to captain the team, seeing as Orton was feuding with Rhodes. Does this mean Randy has moved on to Wade? I have no complaints since that means a high profile feud for Barrett, but where does Cody go? Funny that Orton and Kofi are teaming up in a SS match since they captained opposing teams 2 years ago.

Welshman Comes Home: Well sorta, I mean Liverpool and Wales are both in the UK and Ryan is Welsh. Accordingly, he gets a huge pop from the crowd. He faces JTG, so how do you say ‘squash’ in Welsh? He basically toys with JTG, trying out most of his power arsenal, even locking in a MasterLock before turning into a side slam.

His Name…His Name Is Alberto Del Riooooooooooooo: It’s Champ vs Champ, with Del Rio facing Tag Champ Kofi Kingston. I wonder if Evan Bourne’s ‘status’ will be mentioned in any form, even if they say he got ‘injured’. Perhaps because he’s in such a bad mood after what happened last week, he starts the match out very aggressive and doesn’t really let up, at least until he locks in the Cross Arm Breaker and Kofi taps. I still find it interesting that Del Rio’s only real finisher is a submission. He has that running enziguri to an opponent on the top rope, but that doesn’t feel like a finisher. Well I guess that’s how they might deal with Bourne being out of action, by having Del Rio lock in the CAB again to give Creative an injury angle to explain Kofi being off TV, but then again he is in that SS match. He doesn’t have it on long before Punk comes out for a possible Pipebomb. He takes a number of insults from Del Rio before giving better then he got. He mocks his ‘Destiny’ speeches and says that people watching on DVR fast forward anytime Del Rio has a mic in his hand, which I thought was rather funny. Perhaps the biggest diss is when Punk says he’ll make the WWE Title interesting again and truer words have rarely been spoken.

Swaggled: So the All American American American American has to face Santino again. As funny and entertaining as Santino is, I would much rather prefer Swagger to face an actual opponent. I mean The Cobra has to be one of the worst ‘finishers’ ever, it’s basically a giant poke. Needless to say, I’m not all that invested in the match. Swagger has some legit skills and that’s something they could use to push him better.

Cover Girl Kelly: Basically an in ring segment where Kelly reveals the cover of Maxim that she’s on. Thankfully Beth and Natalya interrupt her and mock her incessantly. The whole segment shows how far ahead the DoD are of Kelly in terms of mic skills. Kelly just spouts off lame jokes like she’s trying to be Cena.

Diesel Engine: You know you’re making a big return when you’re introduced by Funkman Johnny Ace. Maybe Nash will tell the reason he attacked Triple H was another text message? He gives a little history lesson on when he first met HHH, the Kliq, etc before dissing Hunter for ‘betraying’ him. Decent material there for a Nash-HHH feud, only remains to be seen how Creative bungles the whole thing.

2 Weeks Later: We were supposed to have this as the main event 2 weeks ago before Ryder was knocked out by TruMiz, so here we go. Cena starts the match but a pretty strong ‘We Want Ryder’ chant gets started and I even think it started back up again after Ryder tagged Cena back in. The crowd also throws out a ‘Let’s Go Ryder, Woo Woo Woo’ chant. Truth did take a pretty nasty hit when he was thrown out of the ring, his head bouncing off the ground. Despite Cole’s ranting throughout the night, he does make a very valid point when talking about Miz and Truth. He said they were not being taken seriously and not really thought of very well by the WWE Universe. But now they are in the main event of Survivor Series against two icons. Shockingly, I agree with Cole. TruMiz sort of faded from relevance when they were fired and Miz to a certain extent after he lost the WWE Title. But they’re back andm ore importantly they’re on the same page, which cannot be said of Rock and Cena. Miz plays mind games with Cena throughout the match, even taunting him by waving his hand in front of his face. Of course the kiddies have to be pleased so with Miz and Truth down in the center of the ring, Cena motions to come in and each do a 5 Knuckle Shuffle. But the tables turn when Miz pins Cena with help from Truth. They needed this victory if they’re going to be built as a legit threat to Rock and Cena.