#rowdyroddy: It’s always great to see Piper back in the Pit. He’s had some memorable editions in recent times, confronting Cena over his reffing the Orton-Barrett ‘Free Or Fired’ WWE Title match and moderating a Miz-Riley confrontation. Throughout the years, he hasn’t lost one bit of his ability on the mic. He brings out his guest John Cena and immediately confronts him on his relationship with the crowd. Piper mentions greats such as Austin, Hart and The Rock with each get their own big reaction, but when he mentions Cena, there are of course equal amount of boos as cheers. I’m guessing his point is that the boos are starting to overcome the cheers and Cena is becoming complacent in that respect, where he should be honest with the fans instead of just saying ‘well some people don’t like me, whatevs’. Superman then brushes off Piper’s point of the New York crowd booing Cena as ‘New York being New York’ and goes to his usual I-believe-in-myself-no-matter-what schtick. Of course Piper says Cena is in denial and must his true feelings off his chest. More goading by Rowdy, including a slap to Cena’s face, and how does Cena react. He gets out of the ring and walks to the back, obviously frustrated. That was about as close as Cena has come to turning heel and if they continue on with this pressure-getting-to-him theme, it could do just that.

#solongmorrison: With rumors of JoMo’s impending departure from WWE how fitting that his last match is Falls Count Anywhere against The Miz. It probably won’t be as good as their one for the WWE Title at the beginning of this year, but it could still be entertaining. On second thought maybe not, since Miz attacks JoMo from behind and goes to town on his leg with the aid of a lead pipe. Of course, Morrison still gets into the ring for the match. Also of course, Miz focuses on the injured leg, though Morrison doesn’t do very well selling the injury at certain points. After a SCF on the stage, the ref calls it as JoMo looks unconscious. That was kind of a lame way for him to go out. I mean he could’ve tried to dive off the stage onto Miz lying on a table, only for Miz to roll out of the way. Ya know, something bigger. Good riddance JoMo, you never were going to be anything more then a glorified spot monkey. How awesome was Funkman coming out to look at Morrison being put on a stretcher? He should’ve future endeavored him right there and then.

#anotherdivastagmatch: Really? Can’t they think of anything different. At least it’s not as overtly degrading as what TNA did last Thursday. The only thing that saves the monotony of the match is Beth and Natalya running in workout gear, running around the ring and running right back up the ramp to the back. I have no idea what the point was, but it was more interesting then the match itself.

#funkmanonthephone: So J-Funk, or John Laurinaitis, is on the phone and Alberto comes in and says he’ll take back the title blah blah blah. Of course Punk interrupts and lays a few facts on Mr Texter such as the number of Google hits one gets when they type in ‘Laurinaitis’ and ‘spineless’ as well as ‘Del Rio’ and ‘boring’. The obvious conclusion he draws from those facts is that Berto is 9 times more boring then Johnny is spineless. Not to leave out Otunga, who’s lurking in the room as usual, Punk only gets hits about Jennifer Hudson. Pure and golden comedy as usual from Punk, reinforcing his view of J-Funk as too plain vanilla and Berto as boring. However, after he leaves, Funkman adds a stipulation to the title match taht if Punk intentionally DQs himself, he’ll lose the title.

#commentarytakesover: Normally this wouldn’t be anything new since Cole rants on and on and takes away from the action in the ring. However, Wade Barrett is on commentary for this Orton-Ziggler match so you can imagine the focus will be on the Orton-Barrett feud. Ziggler did a superb job last week against Punk and will do just as good tonight. Barrett does a better job on commentary here then Lawler or Cole could ever do, actually giving insight into the match and the participants. That’s a rarity these days and Wade even berates King for not focusing on the match. Dolph more then holds his own and shows good ring awareness by rolling to the outside when Orton is coiled for the RKO. Barrett distracts Orton long enough for Ziggler to hit a Zig Zag from behind and get the win. Tainted or not, this is still a huge victory for him.

#everyonetaps: So D-Bry is in the ring and gets introduced by Cole who is in the with him? I know where this is going. Cole calls him a hypocrite, but Bryan does him better, ragging on him for being a horrible announcer, which as we all know is the truth. Cole proceeds to spend several minutes hating on Bryan for doing exactly what the MITB briefcase is designed for; i.e. surprise cash ins that create high drama. Henry hobbles and whines about how he was defenseless and all, which is kind of a departure from his usual badass character. This as basically a glorified advertisement for the Cage match tomorrow. I mean they could’ve done something better with the time, like say a match featuring Bryan and then Henry comes out at the end just like he did tonight. Instead we had to listen to Cole froth at the mouth.

#youknowit: Speaking of ranting, Ryder is out for a match against Swagger, which gives Cole plenty of ammunition. There is almost no talk of the actual match as Cole mocks Ryder, his YouTube show, his petition and everything about him incessantly. Of course Ryder hits the Rough Ryder for the win and continues to make his case for a US title match. With J-Funk in charge, I’m sure that won’t happen anytime soon.

#itsclobberintime: There sure are making a big deal out of the title being defended on RAW, mentioning that it’s been months numerous times. Right off the bat, Berto focuses on softening up Punk’s arm for the CAB later on. More good ring psychology from Del Rio, which is always appreciated since it tells a sort of story in the ring. On a related note, remember when a match actually did tell a story? The flow of the match and the moves used were a coherent narrative. Nowadays you don’t see that very often. Then again this is RAW after all, not Smackdown. Anyways, Punk gets in some offense of his own taking out ADR with a dive through the ropes. Berto goes right back to Punk’s arm as almost all of his offense has been focused on it. The stipulation Funkman made earlier really has no relevance to the match, it’s just added for dramatic effect. Punk is not the type to get intentionally DQed, at least not currently. I like how wild Punk’s slicked back hair gets after he’s been in the ring for a while. Not only is Del Rio focused on Punk’s arm, it accounts for most of the match in total, he even goes up top a few times in order to dish out more punishment. However, third time he tries it, Punk counters with a kick. It’s at this, we get a dueling ‘Del Rio-Punk’ chant, which was interesting. Maybe that’s what Punk needed as he finally gets some sustained offense. But Del Rio counters with some incredibly close near falls as in 2 1/2, 2 3/4 counts. With Punk down, he goes to undo a turnbuckle, but the ref sees and goes to fix it. Ricardo usesĀ  the distraction to throw a chair in to Alberto who cleverly tosses it to Punk, trying to get him DQed. Punk tosses it back and plays possum and gets a near fall rollup. Del Rio counters with what looked like Carlito’s Backstabber, but Punk kicks out at like 2 7/8. He ends up using the exposed turnbuckle against Del Rio while the ref is occupied with Ricardo to pick up the victory. For his contribution Ricardo gets a GTS as a thank you gift. An expected ending that gives Del Rio the reasoning to do his best Christian impression and whine for One More Match.