#bigheel: Laurinaitis is becoming a better and better heel every week. It always makes for more interesting TV when a heel is the authority figure, and Johnny is fitting it very well. When he first starting having a more prominent role in storylines, he was the quintessential corporate stooge, but now he’s developing a more distinct personality. That was never more evident then last week, when he openly defied Triple H in the confrontation with Brock Lesnar. He’s not an over-the-top heel authority figure, but more subtle, never overtly revealing his ‘evil master plan’, except for maybe last week’s beatdown of Cena. The Battle of The Johns at Over The Limit won’t be a technical showcase, but it should make for good storytelling. Also, his ‘catchphrase’ of announcing his name and titles is one of the bigger heat magnets in the WWE.

#waitwhat: Is it me or has Michael Cole toned down his heel commentator act a few notches. Yeah he’s still the same annoying guy, but it’s less apparent. Case in point, as Laurinaitis is making his way to the ring, Cole calls him polarizing and is interested in Johnny’s explanation for last week. Rabid Heel Cole would have been overly effusive in his praise of how the situation was handled last week, say how great a man Laurinaitis is, etc. He even openly questioned Lesnar’s attack of HHH and said there should be repercussions. The Old Cole would never say that. It’s a refreshing change for him and hopefully it sticks.

#powergrab: So much for my assessment of Johnny’s ‘subtle’ heel nature as he announces clearly and unmistakeably that he won’t tolerate any challenge to his power and authority. Ostensibly, this is the reason he attacked Cena last week. Saying that when he loses his temper he goes into a ‘fit of destruction’ that no one can withstand was hilarious. That and talking about how he’ll beat Cena sets up either a surprise showing by him or massive retribution from Cena. It’ll probably be the later because Cena has to win at 2 straight PPVs before a loss at the next one. Of course he wasn’t to get through without being interrupted, but it’s his old nemesis Punk who comes out to cut him down to size like old times. Predictably Johnny puts Punk in a match with Tensai, but at least Albert is getting better competition.

#rematch: So it seems this is the end of the Cody-Show feud as Show gets his IC title rematch. Having a Smackdown title match on RAW is yet another sign that the Brand Extension is over. I mean couldn’t they have waited for this Friday? Cole and Lawler arguing over the validity of Cody’s ‘fluke’ win at Extreme Rules dominates the commentating, which does allow Cole to be uber-heel for a bit. Taking the cowardly way out, Cody grabs his title and walks to the back. So maybe the feud isn’t over yet. More surprising is Eve coming out and demanding Show apologize for making fun of Johnny’s voice. O rly? She even slips in a small future endeavored threat for good measure. Her heel turn has done wonders for her character, face Eve would have never been able to force Show into apologizing.

#newtagname: So I wonder what Kofi and Truth’s new tag name will be? I didn’t like Air Boom at the start but it grew on me. Kofi facing off against Ziggler tonight hopefully means the Kofi-Truth and Ziggler-Swagger teams will actually enter a tag title feud. Throw in Epico and Primo and it could be an actual feud over the penny titles, something we haven’t seen in ages. Swagger distracts Kofi, Ziggler gets the pin, Vickie celebrates and oh yeah Mason Ryan shows up backstage.

#coleexclusive: Michael Cole in the ring for an interview? Excitement! Having Cena be interviewed ‘via satellite’ makes sense he’s recovering from last week, but doesn’t it kind of work against him, given how much grief he gave Rock for always appearing via satellite? Plus I seem to remember a satellite interview where Cena pulls down the set to reveal that he is actually in the arena. Can’t remember who he was feuding with at the time though. Cena bringing up the fact that doctors saying he ‘shouldn’t compete for months’ is yet another flimsy excuse for Cena to flaunt his Never Give Up slogan. As soon as he mentioned the docs advice, I knew he was going to brush it off. Yet again I speak too soon as Cole goes into uber-heel mode, saying how good Ace was as a wrestler and that Cena might be scared of him. I’ll try to refrain from making broad character assessments in the future.

#combospecial: A Divas tag match? It’s all the fun of a regular Divas bathroom break match mixed with the excitement of a Teddy Long special. I can only hope there are more matches like Natalya-Layla from last week’s Smackdown. Though it was short, it had good counters and flow. Though, WWE has certainly made a habit of teasing a Divas revival before.

#newbeginnings: I will say I have missed Ricardo doing his long drawn announcement of Del Rioooooooooooo. We know Shemaus will defend the WHC against Del Rio, but the inclusion of Orton and Jericho in this tag match is a very strong indicator that those two will be feuding soon. It makes too much sense not to happen. Both are done with their previous feuds, so they need something new. Plus, Orton punted Jericho all the way back on 2010, which is a ready made excuse for a feud. Jericho can more then sell that as his reason for revenge on the mic while Randall can just stand there and look mean. True to his nature, Jericho hits a Codebreaker on Sheamus after ducking a Brogue Kick that hit Orton by accident. A good way to give him a win after losing in his bid for the WWE Title. This led to a later segment in the GM’s office where arguing among the 4 guys led to a brawl and Ace changing the WHC match at Over The Limit to a Fatal Four Way. That’s one way to get a bunch of top guys onto a PPV card.

#returnofreturns: After reviewing the fallout of Lesnar attacking HHH, Brock’s music hit, but Cole and Lawler didn’t seem to buy it. Suddenly, Paul Heyman came out on stage! This is certainly a big return. Claiming he is Lesnar’s legal representative he launched into a promo about how Lesnar came back to bring legitimacy to the WWE, but has gotten caught up in the same corporate red tape that was the reason he left last time. He then read a statement from Brock saying the latter quite the WWE, before storming out of the ring.  I certainly enjoyed having Heyman back again, but the crowd as a whole didn’t seem to recognize him, which is probably due to the kiddy demographic. I’m not buying Brock quitting just yet as I can see him returning with Heyman at his side, just like old times.

#franticchange: So the Punk vs Tensai match is now a Punk vs Tensai-Bryan match. That seems like a change made by Creative on the fly to get some hype for the Punk-Bryan title match at the PPV. The match lasted about 7 minutes, which is short for a main event and didn’t really do a lot to hype the WWE Title match in less then 2 weeks. Tensai got the win with his Green Mist and Claw pin combo and Bryan did his Yes! Chant despite not being involved in the finish, which only serves to further his heel character. An odd ending to RAW that didn’t have much resolution or big time hype for the PPV outside of The Battle of The Johns.