#oneortheother: The fact that the show opening video recap focuses on Punk-Bryan-AJ could one of two things. Either they’re doing their best to hype their match at MITB or just trying to get it out of the way so the can focus on Cena. They will most definitely put on a great match Sunday, but if you didn’t know any better, you’d think this is a regular singles feud and not for the most prestigious prize in the company. The love triangle part of the feud is still entertaining and AJ gets nuttier every week. If Punk or Bryan continue to ignore her, who knows what crazy things she’ll do? Speaking of nutty AJs, how absurd is that Styles baby daddy thing? Like a lot of things in TNA, it just doesn’t make sense.

#speakingofwhich: AJ bounces out to the ring to start the actual show, gets emotional and then introduces Punk. Just to screw with her, he waits a bit before his music hits and AJ is all smiles again. She moons over Punk and says she’s ‘in complete control of her mental faculties’. It’s at this time the crowd starts to chant ‘AJs crazy’. She proceeds to contradict herself by actually getting down on one knee and proposing to Punk. Cole’s laughter and Punk’s look of utter shock pretty much sums this segment up. Not content to sit in the back, Bryan comes out with a marriage proposal of his own to AJ. That’s when the unthinkable happens, as we hear the familiar computer beeping sound signalling the triumphant return of the Anonymous GM. By triumphant I mean it earns groans from the crowd. Cole slips back into his mouthpiece role like he never left it announces the GM’s decision to make it Punk-AJ vs Bryan-Eve. Normally I’d question the wisdom of making that match, but not when WWE went in a overly-absurd-like-TNA direction with the dueling marriage proposals.

#flyingby: Maybe it’s because Creative invested too much of their ‘creative abilities’ in that opening, but they probably spent all of 5 minutes coming up with the first three matches. Sheamus squashes Swagger in about a minute, Ziggler/Tensai beat Christian/Kidd in a slightly longer match and yet another squash from The Funkasaurus of the former Chosen One Drew McIntyre. Between those matches there was maybe 3-4 minutes of actual in-ring time. The tag in particular was surprising, if only because they randomly cut to the ring with all 4 men in it without so much as an introduction. Oh and somewhere in there, the Anonymous GM chimed in to say we’d get another round of Lawler vs Cole. The crowd seemed to want it, but I can only shake my head at the thought of those two ‘wrestling’.

#finally: No Dwayne hasn’t made a surprise appearance to talk about Cena’s lady parts, but it’s for my relief that we get to an actual match in Cena-Kane vs the briefly reuniting Jeri-Show. Nice backstage segment before the match with those two discussing their history as a tag team. Having them team up is a a decent booking decision. Cena and Kane doing so is not. I mean wasn’t it just a few months ago that Kane was tormenting Cena. Wasn’t it a few weeks ago that Kane was telling AJ how much of a monster he is? So is he stuck in that non-face/non-heel purgatory? The match was actually decent for what it was, considering Jericho has more talent in the ring then the other three guys combined. The ref apparently throws the match out after Show pulls Cena out of the ring when he’s making a cover on Jericho. That certainly stretches the rules a bit. Since this was to hype their MITB match, the post-match shenanigans involved ladders. Since this is also the WWE, Cena has to stand tall at the end. I really hope he doesn’t win on Sunday, but I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that he will.

#botchtime: So we have a Smackdown MITB qualifying match on RAW. Where’s the logic in that? Botch Cara beats Heath Slater, not that anyone was really paying that much attention. Slater’s latest defeat at the hands of a legend afterwards, this time Bob Backlund, got more of a pop.

#travesty: That’s what this Lawler-Cole was from the outset and it stayed the course. Booker and Josh Mathews took over commentary, but the 5 TIME! 5 TIME! 5 TIME WCW CHAMPION making sure Cole didn’t run away caused the GM to chime in via Josh that Cole got the win. The post match segment is just too bizarre and awful to mention and makes you wonder what Creative is really thinking.

#entertainment: That’s what WWE was concerned with in this main event. The match only goes on for a few minutes before Bryan bails on Eve which allows AJ to get the roll up pin. Now we can get on to the marriage drama. Bryan claimed he bailed because AJ is more important than any match to him. Without caring if it’ll cost him the title Sunday, Punk says no to marrying AJ. That earned him a slap from that crazy chick, much to Bryan’s amusement. He got a slap of his own from AJ before she happily skipped to the back. Going from tearing up to care free smiling in such a short amount of time does show her acting ability. Not sure what it says about the state of the WWE Title though.