#bigredmenace: One thing I don’t get is why they changed Kane’s entrance when he came back. The fire goes off, we wait for a moment and then his music hits to bring him out. I liked it better when the pyro would go off out of nowhere and Kane would walk out just then. Now it seems to take away all the surprise. Still his music is suitably terrifying. Why do they keep wondering why he’s attacking Cena? I thought he laid it out pretty well a few weeks ago when he got everyone to chant ‘Cena Sucks!’. He sees Cena’s goody-two-shoes image and knows there’s a darker side to him, which he’s trying to force to the surface. That’s what he’s basically out in the ring to talk about and he does it rather eloquently, even tying Zach Ryder into it at one point. Cena comes out and thankfully we don’t get his usual promo, but he goes straight for Kane. A brawl erupts with it spilling into the backstage area and a loading dock with Kane getting a vast majority of the offense. This feud and everything it contains being settled in the ring wouldn’t do it justice. That’s why brawls like these get straight to the raw brutality and emotions involved.

#mizguard: So it seems Miz is scared of R Truth and complaining to Johnny Ace again. I’m concerned that they’re making Miz too much of a cowardly heel to the point where he won’t have much credibility as a main event challenger. He can be scared of Truth, but all the extra complaining and petitioning Ace for security is a bit much. At least Ace continues to say Miz brought this on himself. Funkman let a bit of personality through when said Miz might be afraid of Little Jimmy, but he was Big Johnny. David Otunga’s Travel Mug nodded approval.

#randomtagmatch: I get that they’re using this tag match to further the Wade-Sheamus feud, but was adding Jindar Mahal to Wade’s side and Santino to Sheamus’ really necessary? I suppose it was since they don’t want to give away Barrett-Sheamus right away. I can’t believe I’m about to come to Cole’s defense, but I am. He’s explaining the background behind the turban Mahal is wearing and Jerry basically asks him if he has a point. Really, Jerry? It’s rather refreshing to get more insight into the wrestlers and to know more about them. It makes them more then a bland character. Having Jerry rag on that is not a very good move. Plus it’s one of the rare instances where Cole is bearable, so Jerry should be encouraging that if anything. I do hope they put Sheamus into more serious matches then letting Santino get the pin after The Cobra. The Pale One used to be a force and now he’s losing that luster the longer he is involved with Santino.

#halloffame: So the first inductee into the Hall Of Fame Class of 2012 is the Rated R Superstar, Edge. No complaints here, as he had an incredibly decorated career, not to mention the great matches and angles he’s been involved in. He could play a villainous heel as well as he could play a heroic face, a rare trait in today’s wrestlers.

#champvchamp: Well this was a letdown of a champion versus champion match. It’s the awkward heel Daniel Bryan versus Penny Champ Kofi Kingston. It lasts all of about 90 seconds with Bryan eventually getting Kofi to tap to the LaBell Lock. Interestingly, Cole continues to berate Bryan even though he’s starting to show heelish tendencies. I wonder how Cole would treat him if he went full heel. So that’s why the match was so short, so they could have a Show-Bryan mic confrontation in the ring. What comes out of it is Bryan giving Show a WHC match whenever he wants, but apparently Teddy Long got to it first, setting up a No-DQ, No-Countout WHC match Friday on Smackdown, as Show informs us. Not only is Bryan expanding his mic skills with this new sarcastic edge, but Teddy Long is making matches that aren’t random tag ones.

#WTF: This is what they’ve held Brodus Clay’s re-debut off so long for? For him to come out in a red tracksuit to funky music, with dancers and look totally uncomfortable mouthing the lyrics? It doesn’t matter that he squashed Curt Hawkins in about a minute, I’m still trying to figure out what the hell is going on. I don’t think I can properly put it into words.

#buriedchamp: Well Punk isn’t getting buried really, but he’s stuck in a somewhat meaningless match in the middle of the show. Yes it’s tied into the build to Punk-Ziggler at the Rumble with Swagger having Dolph at ringside. Still they could be booking the WWE Champ in a better way. If Cena was the champ, I guarantee you he wouldn’t be put in the same spot as Punk is now. Big Johnny comes out and attempts to prove his impartiality by stating that if Punk can beat Swagger, then Jack and Vickie are banned from ringside for the title match. Guess it’s not meaningless after all. Punk as usual puts on a good match, but what makes it more exciting is that Big Johnny is standing by the announce table texting. Mr Excitement indeed. Swagger goes for the Ankle Lock at one point, but Punk is able to counter. I’m sure Kurt Angle was frothing at the mouth about ‘his’ move being stolen when he saw that. After a match dominated by mat wrestling and Vickie screeching in the background, Swagger appears to get his shoulder up before the 3rd count, but the ref signals for the bell. I figured Big Johnny would overturn it at that point, but he doesn’t. Interesting decision here, as it appears Swagger did not technically get pinned and I’m sure they’ll be follow-up on this next week.

#mizguarded: So Miz has Ricardo call out Truth for him and then jump him from behind? That gives new meaning to ‘cowardly’ heel. The segment between Ricardo and Truth went on for far too long and why would they have Ricardo on anyways? Just so we don’t forget about Del Rio? As good as Truth’s crazed persona was as a heel, I actually think it works better as a face. That invisible Little Jimmy is still there, but now he has all the Jimmies in the crowd.

#breakthewallsdown: I wonder if he’ll actually speak this time. He does the same lights go out entrance as last time, but at least he’s wearing the extra sparkly vest again. Maybe it’s where he’s getting all this extra energy from. It’s the same as last week with Jericho playing to the crowd that goes on for far too long, but then he pulls a Kharma and starts to cry for a few minutes before walking to the back. Well that was certainly unexpected. Then again did anyone really expect him to do something conventional as a followup to last week?

#maineventdolph: This Dolph-Cena match was booked by Big Johnny right before the Punk-Swagger match. I can also say Kane will make his presence felt in some way, whether it’s interfering or continuing to stalk Ryder like he’s been doing throughout the show. Either way, this match probably won’t end clean. Doing a headstand while keeping Cena in a side headlock is certainly in keeping with his Show Off gimmick. He even does sit ups at one point, channeling his inner Scott Steiner. So much for the match as Kane attacks Ryder while he’s changing a flat tire on his car. Cena’s attention was on the Tron long enough for Ziggler to get a sleeper locked in. After Kane chokeslams Ryder off the loading dock, Cena gives chase, seemingly ending the match. But of course this plays right into Kane’s hands as he ambushes Cena and chokes him out yet again to end the show.