#anticipation: This is the most highly anticipated RAW in a long time. We have a huge WWE Title match in which Ziggler has the chance to prove if he truly belongs in the main event, also the fallout from that Kane-Cena promo from last week. But of course everyone is tuning in to see who is behind the ItBegins videos. Never before have so many people been afraid of kids reading in school. Of course the Internets has been rife with speculation, and there have been some interesting theories, such as Chris Jericho and Undertaker, to far out ones, like Brodus Clay.

#riseabovekane: That was what a crowd sign said last week and I thought it was a bit funny as well as clever. Of course WWE has to start its year just like it ended the last one, with the focus squarely on Cena. Oh and they have to throw in the usual pandering and lame humor speech he always gives. John for everyone’s sanity, I hope you aren’t serious when you say you won’t change who you are. The signs are all pointing towards your heel turn, but I’m sure Vince will keep you the happy-go-lucky face just to spite us all. At least Kane’s music plays to interrupt. He doesn’t show up, which is a good choice since Kane is supposed to be trying to get inside Cena’s head and this only helps that.

#rainoncolesparade: Cole sure started off the show in a good mood. However, Daniel Bryan comes out and Cole goes back to the bitter, whiny commentator we all know. He draws The New Legend Killer, Cody Rhodes and don’t even get me started about how a match between two Smackdown wrestlers is the first match of the year on a RAW show. Is this there was of kind of ending the brand extension, but not at the same time? Of course since Cole is in his usual sour mood and Bryan is out in the ring, he spends almost the entire match ripping on the WHC. I’m not even surprised that he completely ignores a decent match. Bryan wins with a surprise small package and then proceeds to grab his title and stand on the announce table to celebrate. Rubbing it in Cole’s face is always a good thing.

#trulyawesome: Pretty funny exchange between Miz and Funkman. Miz is all concerned when he shows up in Ace’s office. While Johnny appears to agree with Miz he also shows him footage of Miz attacking Truth from a while back to remind him why Truth attacked him last week. After he puts Miz in a match against Sheamus, he says being a sitting duck is better then being a lame one. Funny, but also a bit of a face move by Mr EVP, which was interesting. Icing on the cake is Truth’s duck impression as Miz walks off in the distance.

#stairmaster: That could perhaps be Wade Barrett’s new nickname since he tossed Orton down those stairs on Smackdown. He cuts his usual excellent promo before moving on to claim he’s going to win the Royal Rumble. Now at this point I expect someone else to come out and say the same thing, which would lead to a match. But that sinking feeling I have is confirmed when Santino comes out and talks about how ‘long’ he lasted in last year’s Rumble. I think I’m going to be sick. At least Barrett takes care of him in their match fairly quickly, this time hitting the Winds of Change for the win.

#awesomelytrue: They could have just had Miz come out for his match with Sheamus, but the backstage segment before the commerical break where he walks around checking around corners was a great addition. It really plays up how weary of Truth he actually is, not to mention him looking over his shoulder as he walks out on the stage. To perhaps get Truth out of his mind, Miz attacks Sheamus before the bell even rings. The Pale One makes a comeback before Miz hightails it into the crowd. So much for the match. Truth immediately comes on over the mic and Miz frantically looks around before spotting him farther up the stairs. Pulling out his ‘talking to an invisible Little Jimmy’ is great as it was one of my favorite parts about Truth’s crazy persona. Miz’s escape attempt is foiled by Sheamus’ boot connecting with his face. He then gets The Water Bottle Of Doom hit from his former tag partner. Truth’s newfound face status is now confirmed.

#walkingsurplus: That’s what Dolph just called himself in an excellent promo where he insulted this country for being in debt, its kids being fat and lagging behind Japan in test scores among other things. His surplus of talent will certainly carry him to the main event, but I don’t think he’ll be champ tonight. The promo wasn’t even the best part of that segment, it was Dolph standing on his head as Josh introduced him. Not the usual way to start an interview and it fits in nicely with his showoff gimmick.

#wwwyki: ‘Hey Swagger, just because both our last names end in -er, doesn’t mean that I’m not going to send you to the ER!’ Words cannot describe how hilarious that line from Ryder was, plus the way he delivered it was awesome, so I’ll leave it at that. Of course, Ace shows up to spoil the fun and announce a Ryder-Show-Cena vs Swagger-Henry-Kane tag match for later.

#questionable: That’s what I think of putting the WWE title match in the middle of the show. This is the premier title in the premier wrestling organization in the world, so it should always be the main event. Then again, this is around the time all the kiddies have to go to bed, so WWE can’t keep their most cherished demographic from seeing the match. At least they did introductions  with both men in the ring. I always think that’s a good thing, since it give the match that big fight feel. Dolph tries to take charge early by showing off his amateur wrestling skills and I always like when they mention that, since it creates a story and gives the audience background that they might not necessarily get through an interview. Punk does take a nasty looking bump when he head ricochets off the rope after a flapjack from Ziggler. He comes back soon after with a sweet roundhouse kick that sends Dolph to the outside. The match is as advertised, with several quick counters and incredibly close near falls, some that had you actually believing that Dolph could win. After a GTS signal, J-Funk comes out like week to distract while Punk has Dolph tapping to the Anaconda Vise. Avoiding a repeat of last week, Punk avoids Ziggler sneak attack and sends him crashing into Laurinaitis, who hangs on and helps Dolph send Punk over the top rope. This leads to him being counted out, handing the victory, but not the title, to Ziggler. That doesn’t stop him from grabbing the belt and celebrating. Later in Funky’s office, he informs Punk he’ll defend the title against Ziggler at the Rumble and the special ref will be Mr EVP himself. That certainly won’t have a controversial finish.

#divastagmatch: ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz………….

#itbegins: New clip is shown pronouncing the end will began now. Cut to view of the crowd and the camera is shaking, giving you the sense of an earthquake which leads to a cut of the lights and a loud Y2J chant. Nice use of the ‘shaking’ since if this is as earth-shattering as WWE wants us to believe, then it fits in. On the other hand, they do like to go over the top for these kind of things, so that could be it instead. Despite what he’s been saying all along, it is indeed Jericho with a shiny vest like last time. He has been sorely missed, because no one can captivate the crowd quite like him. I won’t recap the whole thing, because it’s worth watching yourself and I have no idea what just happened.

#6packtag: Ok first of all, Kane’s big in-ring return is in a 6 man elimination tag match? That seems kind of wasted. That’s still not as ridiculous as Swagger being in a main event or Kane tagging with Henry who was the one who took him out. When Kane’s music and pyro hit, it’s David Otunga’s Travel Mug that comes out, accompanied of course by David Otunga. He informs the ref that Kane will not be participating, so that’s an interesting twist. You can bet Kane will still come out later and beat up Cena, perhaps Ryder as well. It won’t be Show since he just got eliminated for hitting Henry with a chair. So why does Henry get eliminated as well? Because he grabbed the chair originally? At least Ryder wasn’t able to hit the Rough Ryder, which is basically a flying attack using the crotch. That’s because Swagger was able to counter into the Ankle Lock. Ryder is able to tag in Cena who goes wild and gets the pin on Swagger. That is the signal for the pyro to hit and Kane to emerge right through the mat. He knocks out Ryder before trying to choke out Cena again. He then turns back to Ryder and starts to pull him back through the hole in the mat. SuperCena saves the day by pulling Ryder back. The show ends with the hole erupting into flame. Probably the best ending to a WWE show in a very long time.