#riseaboveacting: I want this whole Cena-Kane angle to be over if only for Eve’s bad acting to stop, not to mention that it won’t turn Cena heel. I mean her ‘crying’ from last week was on the level of Ric Flair overselling a bump or Rock overselling a Stunner from Austin. I mean I thought they coached these men and women to at least give some semblance of acting skills. At least we know Eve doesn’t have a post-wrestling acting career in the future. Speaking of overselling, during the opening promo when Kane says someone will leave in ‘this’ he motions to an ambulance and opens the doors to show everyone. That’s a bit much don’t you think? As if showing the inside of it would make a difference. I’m pretty sure the average person recognizes an ambulance from the outside and what it symbolizes in this particular instance.

#wrassledebate: I’ll give WWE points for trying something new with all 6 EC wrestlers in the ring for a ‘debate’, but it didn’t really accomplish anything. Ostensibly, it was supposed to hype the RAW EC match, but all it turned out to be a bashfest. Not that it wasn’t entertaining, but if the debate was supposed to center on the Chamber, then they should’ve at least had most of the focus on it. Jericho at least talked about his history in the match and brought up his WHC win inside it 2 years ago. The segment can be summed up in Dolph ripping Truth, Truth talking about spiders, Kofi playing the sleeper card, Punk ripping Jericho, Miz ripping Jericho and the triumphant return of Y2J’s ‘Do you Understand…’ catchphrase. The only other takeaway is a Kofi-Jericho, Dolph-Truth and Punk-Miz series of singles matches.

#newbeginning: After Kofi claimed during the debate that he wouldn’t be an afterthought and that he would play the spoiler role in the Chamber, I’m hoping this could be the beginning of a new Kofi or at least somewhat of a new attitude as he moves on from the Penny Titles. If it is then this wasn’t a good start as Jericho caught him with a Codebreaker for the win, although he did show heart by making it to the ropes to break the Walls of Jericho.

#angermanagement: That’s probably what Orton and Big Show need after their confrontation on Smackdown. It has lead to this match between the two on RAW. I still don’t see why they had this on RAW instead of saving it for Smackdown, you know the show both of them are actually on. I understand it’s because of the SuperShow concept, but I always imagined it to mean RAW wrestlers would face ones from Smackdown. The match ends as expected when Bryan, who was at ringside, knocks out both Orton and Show with the WHC belt. Certainly sends a message, but I found Orton botching his first RKO attempt more interesting. I also found Cole alternating praise and criticism for Bryan, sometimes in the same sentence, a bit over the top.

#theshowstopper: What would Wrestlemania season be without Mr Wrestlemania himself? I do wonder if they’ll be trotting him out when he’s in his 70s though. The gist of his reason for being there is that he wants to hear H accept Taker’s challenge, though I have a feeling it won’t be as simple as that. It isn’t as H reiterates his denial, though HBK seems to think it’s all part of getting into Taker’s head. Of course Michaels doesn’t believe it and the atmosphere gets a bit chilly when he calls Hunter a sell-out and a coward. Now there’s trouble in River City. H goes all ‘I have responsibilities’ on Michaels and how it’s so hard for him. I do like how HHH mentions that this is the end of an era and is a very strong indicator that they’re legit about perhaps really letting go of the past and moving onto a new generation of wrestlers. Then again it could be all for show. HBK leaves in a very different mood then when he entered after HHH looks him in the eye and denies the challenge yet again. At least we get another Taker video promo where he’s in his giant scrapbook room although it gets decidedly weird when he starts to cut his hair.

#heel: First Dolph incorporates the heel phrase into his ring tights and now he’s wearing some weird jacket thing with feathers? Is he trying to compete with Vickie for best dressed? Mr Show Off shows off a bit too much as Truth gets a surprise roll up while Dolph is doing sit ups, in what was a forgettable match.

#bathroombreak: It must be since there’s a Divas match going on. At least they’re doing some buildup to the Beth-Tamina match this Sunday for the Divas title, with Tamina wrestling one of those Bellas with Beth at ringside. Other then that nothing to say except how odd it is that they are suddenly referring to Tamina as ‘Tamina Snuka. Still this is just a placeholder until Kharma comes back to save the division.

#riseabovedrama: So have the honor of hearing Cena’s ‘reaction’ to Rock’s latest entry into the Rock-Cena video promo series. The CeNation is devastated when their hero is distracted by a screaming Eve who is chased into an ambulance by Kane. SuperCena of course rescues her, who rewards her knight in red, white, blue and black armor with an lip lock. Of course this already mirroring a soap opera episode, Ryder witnesses it and storms off in his wheelchair making angry faces on the level of Cena from a few weeks ago.

#chatterboxes: Two of WWE’s best mic guys are now letting their wrestling skills do all the talking for them. Or in Miz’s case lack of wrestling, but if there’s anyone who can make him look good, it’s Punk. It’s not even a few minutes into the match and Punk’s carefully slicked back hair is already sticking out of place. It’s alright because we get the signal that it’s bed time soon after. To his credit, Miz slips out of the GTS and does it again later, going for the SCF, but Punk counters that into the Anaconda Vice to which Miz taps out soon after. That was a nice bit of chain wrestling and it was great to see Punk pull out the submission. However, it didn’t really feel like a main event match and not a good send off on the final RAW before the PPV. I take that back since after a commercial break Cena is out in the ring. Great, what a way to bury the most prestigious title in the industry.

#brokenrecord: Cena tries to apologize for what he did earlier, but no one is buying it, especially since a loud chat of ‘we all hate you’ start up. He gives us the same tired SuperCena speech about overcoming the odds and how he’ll never change, blah, blah. Thankfully Ryder comes out, awesome neck cast and all to save us. A big slap to Cena and a staredown ensues. It really did nothing besides teasing that Cena would attack Ryder for the heel turn, so I die a little inside.