#indierules: Two products of the indie wrestling scene hold WWE’s two world titles. They are not products of the ‘system’, but rather made it on their own through various promotions. Cynics never thought Vince would never thought Vince would let anyone who didn’t personally create be successful in this business, but let’s all savor the moment. Plus there was no Cena at TLC, which in and of itself is refreshing, but was really a test to see how Punk could carry a PPV main event. He certainly exceeded expectations, didn’t he? On a somewhat related note, Zack Ryder is the US Champ and though he didn’t get gain fame in the indies before WWE, he certainly built up his own popularity enough that WWE had to take notice and are finally giving him the push he deserves.

#stillwwechamp: There’s no greater sight then seeing Punk holding the WWE Title. It’s enough to bring joy to people if they’ve had a bad day. You have to wonder if his repeated insults of Johnny Ace will ever get to Funkman, or maybe his texting is his way of challenging anger? Punk goes on to talk how unlikely some thought it would be for him to hold the WWE Title and then proceeds to bring out two former unlikely-to-be champs in Zack Ryder and Daniel Bryan. If you thought seeing Punk with the WWE Title over his shoulder was great, seeing all 3 of them standing in the same ring with their titles was truly a great moment. Punk is gracious enough to give the new champs a bit of mic time before Miz, Ziggler and Del Rio show up onstage and proceed to walk to the ring. If this was Smackdown, Teddy Long would show up and a make a tag match between the 6 men, which is about the only thing he does anymore. Instead, it’s Mr Boring John Laurinaitis who pulls a Teddy and makes the match.

#rematchalready: So why do they book a Orton/Barrett rematch for the night after their Tables match? I can understand from a storyline perspective of Barrett wanting revenge, but if this feud is going to continue, as it seem to be, then wouldn’t they hold off a week or two for any kind of rematch? I mean we just saw them fight last night, so tonight will more or less the same moves. Well the ending certainly was different, with Barrett getting DQed after a thumb to Orton’s eye. According to Cole, Barrett calls his Black Hole Slam-esque move ‘The Winds Of Change’, which I think is a great name, given Barrett’s character and stated aims. That’s not all as Barrett does what he wanted to do last night, as he Wastelands Orton through a table.

#divasdoomed: I was about to write something about the Beth-Alicia match, but before I could it was over, so I must’ve blinked or something. Alicia did pin Beth cleanly so I guess that makes her the #1 contender? So much for Beth and Natalya being dominating.

#sheamusfalling: So are Sheamus and Jindar Mahal in an actual feud or does Creative not have anything for The Pale One right now? Instead of coming out and speaking in his native tongue, Mahal comes out wearing a turban and speaking in his native tongue. At least he’s changing it up a bit. Sheamus pretty much squashes him in a matter of minutes. How bad of a finisher is the Celtic Cross? I mean when he was holding Mahal on his shoulders/back, it looks like Jindar could’ve just slipped off. Plus, being tossed onto the mat like that doesn’t seem like it would hurt enough for a pin.

#sameoldcena: After being left out a PPV main event, let alone a whole PPV, for the first time in ages, you’d think something would be different for Cena. However, he’s unfortunately the same jolly, hustle-loyalty-respect guy he’s ever been, even when talking about Kane. It’s basically the same we-have-business-to-settle promo he cuts everytime he’s attacked by another wrestler. Instead of Kane, the formerly World’s Strongest Champion comes out and the crowd even starts up a ‘Sexual Chocolate’ chant. He starts to whine about how his injury is the reason he lost the WHC, but The Red Mask saves us from that. He stares down Henry before turning his attenton to Cena. Despite Superman’s best efforts, he gets a Big Red Beatdown from the Big Red Monster. Choosing Cena as his target is a better move then going for Henry. If WWE wants to establish him as a monster heel, then going after another heel won’t work. So it’s better to go after Cena, an uber-face.

#dormanttagdivision: It’s a sad sign when the longest tenured tag team in WWE are the Usos and they’ve only been a team for like a year and a half. You’d expect them to have either hold or have held the Tag titles by this point, but alas that is not the case. I do think it was a good idea not to put the titles on Primo and Epico last night as they need to establish themselves better. Beating the Usos just now will help, but Lawler calling Primo ‘Carlito’ is not a good sign.

#stilldashing: Not only is Cody Rhodes a future World Champ, he’s also on his way to becoming one of the best mic workers in the company. It’s not just that he can deliver his lines well, it’s how he does it. Listen to his recent promos and notice how he changes the tone, pitch and cadence of his voice and how it fits with what he’s saying at the moment. He beats Santino as expected, but did have a gaffe courtesy of Production. When he came out, his music played, but the video on the Tron was actually Santino’s. Oops.

#teddylongspecial: Seriously does Teddy do anything besides make random tag matches and talk to Aksana? Not much of an authority figure. Emotional interview with Show earlier about getting cashed in by Bryan after only holding the WHC for a few minutes. Good for Josh Mathews was pushing the matter, saying Show ‘isn’t that nice’. Anyways onto the match itself. Miz doesn’t even make it to the ring before Dolph’s music hits. Alberto’s entrance is interrupted by another 1/2/2012 video featuring those two creepy kids. Continuing the string of unusual entrances, Ryder, Bryan and Punk come to the ring through the crowd. This obviously does not sit well with WWE’s Mr Grinch, Michael Cole, and that’s just fine by me. What’s not fine by me is Vickie, who is at ringside, being loud enough to almost drown out Cole and Lawler. I mean she doesn’t even have a mic. Team Champion dominate in the beginning, including several nifty aerial takedowns on the outside. Did Cole say that Punk dresses like a bum and should be living under a bridge? I mean everyone already hates you Cole, so you don’t need to keep upping the hate. Punk does lock in the Anaconda Vise on Miz and soon after puts him to sleep. But that’s not the end of the match. Bryan has the LaBell Lock on Del Rio, Cole is going crazy, imploring Alberto not to tap, but when he does, Cole absolutely loses it. Having the three champs hold their titles high with Cole ranting as the show goes off the air could not be any better of an ending.