Funkman: So if Ace is getting a more prominent role, shouldn’t at least have some sort of entrance music? Maybe something that embodies his corporate stoogeness? Mentioned his EVP title, so that’s the first in my ‘Johnny Ace Title Tracker’ for the night. Let’s see how many times he can say it in one night. He immediately heels on the crowd in Mexico City by saying Mysterio is going to be on RAW, but then swerves it and mentions that Rey is in San Diego. A nice little bit that shows he has some personality beyond his corporate title. When he goes to the back, he might want to grab some hair gel ’cause he has some hairs standing up on the back of his head. His first official order of business is to bring back JR, saying he listened to the fans. I don’t know which is better, actually having JR back or listening to Cole’s reaction. Though it’s not what everyone thinks and Ace sets up a main event of Del Rio-Cole vs Cena-JR. Is ‘fatboy’ really the best insult Cole can come up with for JR? I mean making fun of Vickie for her weight was in poor taste and this isn’t any better.

Obligatory Multi Man Tag Match: Orton-Sheamus-Morrison vs Henry-Christian-Rhodes. I say obligatory because WWE likes to do the multi man tag match before a PPV and throw a bunch of feuds into one match. Also to get as many wrestlers as much screen time as possible. The black sheep in all this is Morrison, who isn’t really doing much of anything right now and is in the match ostensibly because of last week’s match against Christian. At least they made an Orton-Rhodes match at Vengeance and since it’s non title, one can assume this is not just a one-off angle. The focus shifts to those two at one point as Orton goes to town on Rhodes on the outside and chases him up the entrance ramp and to the back, leaving us with a regular tag match. Morrison then gets a chance to pull off his obligatory spot with a standing moonsault side slam on Christian, though he did get some nice, tight rotation on the move. After Henry beats on Morrison for a bit, Sheamus and Christian start battling on the outside and it spills into the crowd. The ‘upset’ never happens as a thunderous WSS does Morrison in.

Divas Match: Beth defending the Divas title against Eve at Vengeance? At least it’s not another Beth-Kelly match. Though Eve getting the spotlight might cause some friction between her and Kelly. If Beth takes care of Eve, who’s next? If they don’t build up other legit contenders, like that will ever happen, then the division is in even more trouble then it already is at this point. The only other possible one would be Natalya, but that might distract the whole anti-Barbie message. Oh and Eve pins Natalya after a moonsault.

Punk-Miz: Punk gets an incredibly big ovation as he makes his entrance. A noteworthy moment would have been Punk shouting his signature ‘It’s clobberin’ time’ line in Spanish, though Miz does throw out an insult in Spanish as he walks out. Miz and Truth cut a promo on Punk in the ring and it’s great to hear Miz on the mic again, but unfortunately we didn’t get to play The Really Game. HHH comes down to the ring to even the odds.  The match itself has been quite enjoyable as Miz and Punk work well together, and Miz focused on Punk’s neck, yet another example of good ring psychology. The crowd also seemed invested in the match, cheering and jeering at the appropriate times. After Miz tosses Punk to the outside, Truth hits his signature Water Bottle Smash. This is a move that can take a man down in one shot! As HHH chases Truth up the ramp, Funkman comes out, says to stop the match and gets H to walk out becuase of some immigration issue. Ace denies any knowledge but then is seen standing with Otunga, giving it all away. Meanwhile, the match is still going on with Punk on the offensive. A Randy Savage elbow drop and the GTS signal comes out. Truth jumps up on the apron, leading to a sequence that ends with Punk getting the rollup on Miz for the victory. The usual beatdown by the heels begins afterwards and in a surprising swerve, the refs make the save and try to force Miz and Truth to the back, but it’s no use as they get to hit their finishers on Punk in the middle of the ring. Typical heels standing tall that not-so-subtlely hints at a face victory at Vengeance.

Spanish Announce Team: The Spanish announcers get a shout out and some time on camera. Sincet there’s a Spanish announce table at ringside, does this mean we’ll see a nostalgic breaking of said Spanish announce table at some point tonight? I think the last time a Spanish announce table was mentioned was by Punk during his commentary stint. Though I’m probably missing some other mention.

Swaggler: Though it’s just Swagger competing he’s accompanied by Ziggler and Vickie, who’s wearing a dress that’s much better then what she usually wears. A promo is cut where Vickie says her men have a match against AirBoom at Vengeance and Ziggler heels on the Mexican crowd saying some of them want to leave for the USA and never come back. Treading on thin ice there WWE., better be careful. During that part, Ziggler starts talking like he has been on Z! True Long Island Story. Speaking of which, when are they going to mention the excellent work Ryder and Ziggler are doing on there? It adds layers to the feud that regular TV viewers are missing out on. Ryder interrupts Swagger’s singing of the US national anthem to get the actual match started. Ryder gets the win in under a minute for the squash. #areyouseriousbro

Batistwo: Ziggler and Swagger try to corner Ryder for a beatdown but Mason Ryan interrupts to force them up the ramp. However, it looks like Ziggler has a match with Ryan, who says as much when he grabs a mic. Decent work, but he did only have a few lines. The match is pretty much a showcase of Ryan’s power, like when he tosses Ziggler into a corner and Dolph flops like a fish over the rope. Some great selling, no? Speaking of which, Ryan gets that crazed look in his eyes after Vickie slaps him. Being the chivalrous guy he is, he doesn’t take it out on Vickie but proceeds to lay into Ziggler and get DQed. The finish was a decent way of showing how aggressive Ryan can be, but we kind of already knew that.

Commentators and Wrestlers: So apparently the winner of this match gets to decide the stipulation for the WWE Title match at Vengeance. Cole gets an introduction from Ricardo Rodriguez, comes out in his wrestling ‘gear’, and we get a shot of his absurd tattoos. Ugh. Cole runs his mouth before getting socked by JR and backpedaling into a tag to Del Rio, which brings in Cena. Alberto actually gets some support from his home crowd, but they pop more for Cena of course. This is essentially a singles match with two other guys standing on the apron. That’s fine since no one really wants to see JR and Cole ‘wrestle’. Del Rio beats on Cena for most of the match, as usual, including a move from the top rope that looked like he jumped off thinking to do one move, but changed it to a double axehandle in mid-air. Cena makes his comeback and starts the 5 Moves of Doom before Alberto bails and tags in Cole. Cole crawls backward while pleading with Cena but gets an AA for his efforts. Jr wants in and gets the tag and immediately goes for the Ankle Lock, with Cole tapping immediately. So Cena gets to make the stipulation, but not before giving Del Rio on AA on the floor. He then grabs a mic and starts slowly counting to 10 indicating he’s chosen a Last Man Standing match. Interesting choice to say the least. For one it’s the kind of stipulation for a blow off match to a feud. It also tells us the match will end in one of two ways. Either Cena wins or Del Rio somehow wins dirty, because does anyone honestly think Cena would lose in a match designed to test endurance and willpower?