#haveaniceday: At least RAW didn’t open with a Cena promo. Instead we get Mick Foley and I’m really hoping this promo is better then This Is Cena’s Life. At least the crowd boos it when Foley brings that segment up. He starts a Christian-esque One More Match spiel about wanting a match at Wrestlemania and that he’ll be in the Rumble. Really? I’d imagine he’d only last a few minutes and then if his WM28 match does happen, it’ll stem from whomever eliminated him. Vicky and Dolph interrupt and Mr Show Off actually makes a good point in that Foley would be taking the spot of some young star. I’m gonna state the obvious and say how much of a disaster it would be if Foley actually won the Rumble. Still great emotion from Ziggler when he’s berating Foley. Of course Punk has to come out and respond and lays out the usual solid promo, but I’m more excited when Big Johnny comes out on stage. He’s become such a caricature of himself that it’s entertaining to watch him.

#pennymatch: So apparently AirBoom lost the Tag Titles to Epico & Primo at a live event last night. That’s not a big deal since the titles are basically meaningless, at least that’s how WWE views them. AB get their rematch tonight and if they somehow win, that’ll devalue them even further. If that’s possible at all. Luckily, E&P retain, though the crowd didn’t have much of a reaction. I do wonder what will happen to the team of AirBourne now, will they split up? Will the loss spark some anger in the two?

#backstage: Normally I don’t mention backstage segments, especially ones where John Boy is texting. However, this one did have a shot of David Otunga’s Travel Mug and a reveal that Jericho will team up with Punk & Bryan to take on Ziggler-Henry-Otunga. Jericho’s response is to turn off the lights and show off his sparkly vest. Even though he’s on the face team, there’s no way that match will end well. Vince will notice the ratings aren’t that high and will order Cena to run out and do his thing so people will watch.

#ryderdefense: I might be mistaken, but I believe this is Ryder’s first defense of his title since winning it. Anyway, all of the pre-match hyper is on Ryder’s condition after he was attacked by Kane last week. So I’m pretty sure he’ll pull a Cena and retain through extraordinary means. Swagger smartly goes right for the injured back of Ryder, who is selling it very well throughout the match. It takes three gutwrench powerbombs, but Swagger finally pins Ryder. Looks like I was wrong about the match result, but I have a feeling the ‘not medically cleared’ card could be played later.

#perezhilton: So he’s out to be the special guest ring announcer for the Kelly-Alicia vs The Bellas tag match. The fact that he does a terrible job at ‘announcing’ fits well with the fact that this is another terrible Divas match. To makes things worse he gets involved, but at least the whole thing was over quickly. Still a waste of time no matter how you look at it.

#truthis: For a moment there, I thought Truth for gonna for his old ‘(city, state) What’s Up?’ opener, but Barrett’s music hits. He runs his mouth about how he’s going to win the Rumble and Truth responds by showing his slideshow of his visit to Disneyland, which is certainly a unique response. Truth uses Pinocchio and his nose to illustrate how Wade’s claim to winning the Rumble is a lie. It was entertaining and location-specific. What follows is not so entertaining. Miz attacks Truth, Wade joins in, Sheamus runs out, everyone brawls, so this can only mean one thing! Teddy Long comes out and makes a tag match? Not a chance. He throws a swerve by making a very-mini Rumble between the 4 men which Truth ends up winning.

#angrycena: So Mr EVP books Cena in a match against Swagger as a way of making up for sending Ryder out when he was injured? Of course Cole is beside himself, but luckily he can’t do anything about it. No jumping around on stage for Cena, he marches out and lays into Swagger, who is a stand-in for Kane in this instance. Plus, the bell hasn’t even rung yet. Cena uses his fists, feet, the announce table and the steel steps to decimate the All-American American. Of course this all plays right into Kane’s hands, because the more he gives into his anger, the closer he comes to crossing to The Dark Side.

#callyourmomma: So I still think Brodus Clay’s new gimmick is bit out there, but it is growing on me. If you take it for what it’s supposed to be, entertaining and funny, then it’s not so bad. Though he does run the risk of becoming a purely comedic act and I’m not sure how he could shake that label if he decides to get serious.

#danielisserious: So the AJ injury angle is turning out to be a stroke of genius. Bryan is using this as fodder to ridicule Show for what he did. He shows more emotion in this promo then I think he has in all his time before winning the WHC. The still-not-imminent Bryan heel turn is progressing nicely, which is how it should be. If he did a complete 180 and suddenly became a heel it wouldn’t really work. The slow conversion gives the crowd a chance to despise Bryan, who has been presented as a classic babyface. The biggest question related to the turn that I have is how will Cole handle it? His heel announcer statis pretty much started with his hating on Bryan during the first season of NXT.

#HUGEmainevent: So Bryan is already out and is followed by Jericho who does the usual routine and when they come back from commercial, the heel team is already out and he’s still at it! Perhaps an homage to his 1,004 Holds promo? So the action goes back and forth with Punk spending a majority of the time in the ring. The crowd is kind of flat, that is until Punk tags in Jericho, then they go nuts. True to form, he prances in the ring before tagging Bryan and walking up the ramp and to the back. I wonder when the audience will wise up to his act? So looks like the faces are in trouble. Punk is left to himself when Henry starts beating on Bryan as he tries to make it to the back. All is not lost since Foley comes out and apparently joins the match on Punk’s side. He’s finally tagged in and unloads on Otunga, even pulling out Socko for the Mandible Claw which is enough for the victory. Big Johnny does not approve and reverses the decision. This ticks off Punk who cuts a scathing promo on Funkman, insulting him for about 2 or 3 minutes straight. If it wasn’t before, now it’s official that this Punk-Johnny spat is trying to recapture the dram of the Austin-McMahon feud. After Punk walks out, Ace finally shows some emotion when Foley confronts him. Although it comes across as a bit whiny, we finally get to understand his character and some of his motivations. I’m actually interested to see the fallout next week.