Coming up on Sunday is SummerSlam 2012, which is certainly one of the more high profile events on the WWE calendar. Where would you say it ranks in terms of general prominence?

Jon: Having first watched WWE in the early 90s, it ranks 3rd for me after Wrestlemania and the Royal Rumble. I’m not sure the build-up and card for this year reflect that though.

Rob: I suppose a case could be made for there being three “main events”, with the two title matches and the Lesnar / HHH “fight”. Out of the three, which one had the best build?

Jon: Definitely Lesnar/HHH. While the hype has been brewing for 3 months and we’ve been treated to the same 3 video packages over and over, they at least reveal true motivations for each man to want to destroy the other. The WWE title match has some minor motivations in CM Punk wanting respect and Big Show and Cena wanting to get back on top, but the intensity just isn’t there. Sheamus and Del Rio seems to have been thrown together due to lack of options.

Rob: Having Sheamus defend against Alberto Del Rio in a one-on-one situation two pay per views in a row just screams of a lack in creativity on WWE’s part, and it doesn’t even feel like they’re trying to build on what happened between the two at Money In The Bank. I’m not sure I’ve even heard them reference the fact that this is a rematch.

Jon: I agree. They basically repeated the build-up by having Del Rio win a #1 contender match, but they added a twist with Booker T cancelling the match for a week. Not even referencing Money In The Bank is just strange.

Rob: What are the odds that Alberto Del Rio takes the gold on Sunday?

Jon: I’d say quite low. Sheamus has had the belt too long to lose it cleanly in a match with dubious hype.

Rob: Is there really another heel that you could see WWE putting the belt on at this point?

Jon: I think he loses it to Dolph Ziggler’s cash-in at some point. That could easily happen this Sunday since they’ve kept him away from Sheamus enough for some fans to be surprised when he runs out.

Rob: I’m sure a lot of fans would love to see WWE put the big belt on Dolph Ziggler, but I’m not sure they think he’s ready at this point. I think the feud is going well with Chris Jericho. Do you suppose that Ziggler could cash in the briefcase, win the belt from Sheamus AND keep feuding with Jericho?

Jon: I was thinking he and Jericho might open the night with Dolph going over. Then much later in the night we have the WHC title match and he comes out.

Rob: How about moving forward to September’s Night Of Champions? I’d think that one match between Jericho and Ziggler won’t be enough to end the feud, but do you think WWE would be ready to have Dolph move into a feud with someone different at this point for that pay per view?

Jon: It’s tough to figure out what’s going on with Jericho. It seems like every other day I hear he’s just about to leave again, so I’m not positive the feud continues beyond this PPV. While extending it would be great, I also think the lack of build for Sheamus-Del Rio could be so they can save the surprise for Ziggler and then triple threat them next month.

Rob: So long as we aren’t “treated” to yet another one-on-one between Sheamus and Del Rio next month, that would work for me. Mentioning triple threats, does CM Punk continue his historic run with the spinner belt by retaining against Show & Cena?

Jon: I think it could very well be time for Cena to retake the belt. He’s had a remarkably long streak of one-off feuds and is still clearly the face of the company. They may just have him pin Big Show to build hype for a rematch since Punk won’t have ‘lost’ to Cena.

Rob: Punk would definitely retain his credibility if they went that route, and it has been almost a full year since Cena last held the belt… and that reign only lasted two weeks. I almost feel like Big Show could be the one to win the belt and hold it for a couple months, maybe until Survivor Series.

Jon: Could be, and I wouldn’t have much problem with that. Either way I think Cena gets a reign before the year is out.

Rob: Makes me wonder if they’d be building up to a title defense for John Cena against The Rock at Royal Rumble, but I think that’s part of a much bigger discussion. The biggest question mark on Sunday’s card is whether Brock Lesnar is going to beat Triple H.

Jon: Or whether our intellectual savior will grace us with his most excellent presence. But as for the main event, it seems Lesnar needs to get this win to legitimize him as the disruptive threat he should be.

Rob: I couldn’t agree more (on both items). Lesnar losing to John Cena a couple months ago was a bit of a shock to me, but if he loses to Triple H on Sunday, it just seems like a terrible business decision. Cena’s an active member of the roster, and in Lesnar’s first match back, it’s an understandable “slip up” that Brock wasn’t able to get the win. Given that Lesnar isn’t a month-to-month guy (yet), he didn’t need the momentum by beating Cena. But now that you’ve got Triple H, who by all rights won’t likely have another match between now and WrestleMania, he definitely should put over Lesnar in this battle.

Jon: I agree, and with the roster seemingly thin at the top they need Lesnar to take steps toward the title picture. Like him or not, Lesnar brings a Mike Tyson-esque level of interest every time he steps in the ring.

Rob: Dolph Ziggler has the guaranteed title shot and is very likely to get the belt in the next couple months – possibly even tonight. Does he need a big win over Jericho to make him credible enough to hold the Heavyweight title, or does Jericho’s lack of big victories make it all the more important that he beats Dolph at SummerSlam?

Jon: I think Dolph does need the big win. He’s really not that far removed from being just a Vickie Guerrero stooge with Jack Swagger. I think Jericho’s face turn was set up just for the purpose of getting Ziggler over. As Jericho has already pointed out, his own legacy has already been written and he has nothing else to prove.

Rob: Daniel Bryan is certainly the better wrestler than Kane, more dynamic on the mic and way more popular with the fans. But do you see him beating Kane on Sunday Night?

Jon: This is a true toss-up for me. I think Bryan deserves a solid PPV win after coming up short every month since Wrestlemania, but they could easily want to have him lose and further his ‘going crazy’ storyline. Perhaps with AJ interference.

Rob: Could there be any less build-up to the Intercontinental Championship match between The Miz and Rey Mysterio?

Jon: Well at least they announced it before the PPV, right?

Rob: Rey Mysterio can’t possibly take the belt from The Miz tonight, can he?

Jon: I don’t think he can. This match seems like a perfect filler match to get the IC title on the card, build up the Miz, and show Rey as a strong opponent.

Rob: The United States Championship match has been relegated to the pre-show. Don’t Santino Marella and the US Title deserve better?

Jon: Probably, but I think Mr. Cesaro will be given the chance to win it and bring some intrigue to the dormant belt.

Rob: At this point, doesn’t it seem inevitable that The Prime Time Players are going to take home the tag team championships? And aren’t they more of a “team” than Kofi & R-Truth?

Jon: It does seem inevitable but I’m not sure tonight is the right time for it to change over. They might need another month of work leading to a change at Night of Champions. I’d love to see Reks and Hawkins interfere or otherwise insert themselves into this match. A three-way would work well as Reks and Hawkins are face-heel tweeners at the moment.

Rob: How disappointed are you going to be if Damien Sandow doesn’t get a match against Brodus Clay at SummerSlam?

Jon: Extremely disappointed.  Mr. Sandow has all the tools to be great and I’d like to see him have a real match on a PPV finally.