I’m tired of all the DC sportsfans clamoring on about how the Nationals should bring Stephen Strasburg up to the major leagues just because their frustrations with the Redskins, Wizards (and now Capitals)leaves them wanting something great this summer.

He’s not great.  Not yet anyways.

He probably will be, but give him some time.

Has he looked impressive in his first three professional starts?  Yeah, he HAD an ERA of around a half run, but that’s DOUBLE A.  Not even tripe A.  The guys he’s pitching to most likely won’t EVER make it to the big leagues.  And what happened today?

3 earned runs in 4.5 innings.  That’s an ERA of 6.


Ask the Detroit Tigers how happy they are with one-time “phenom” Dontrell Willis.  Better yet, ask Florida how happy they are to have traded Willis before the implosion.

Give Strasburg some time to learn some lessons in double A and triple A.  Let him learn how to rebound from losses like this.  It’s being reported on ESPN, so he’ll feel the heat.  His high school and college friends all heard about today’s game.  So did his family.  So did all the other teams he will face in the next 12 months.  Chances are that when he wakes up tomorrow and has to lick his wounds, there won’t be reporters from SportsIllustrated, the Washington Post, the Washington Times, USA Today, Leesburg Today and ESPN knocking down his door asking what went wrong.

He’ll win games for this city – God willing maybe even a pennant.  Just let him grow into his greatness before you expect it from him.