It seems that Steve Harvey is having problems with his ex-wife.  She wasn’t feeling the closure, and now that he has the strength to share her side of the story with the world… and she picked YouTube as the venue.

Not that this is particularly newsworthy, and Steve Harvey isn’t exactly a huge name in the world of showbiz (unless you’re a Family Feud fan, and let’s be honest, isn’t everyone?), but I found it interesting that she would call out the relationship like this.

There are three videos.  Fifteen minutes worth (or thereabouts).  It gets good in the third video.  At the end of the article, there’s a special Haiku, written by Shad From DC, a friend of GuysNation and regular contributor of Haikus.

Follows into video #2…

Third part.

And now for the big finish: the news of Steve Harvey’s ex-wife airing their dirty laundry on YouTube, and be forewarned, it contains a hint of Shakespeare.

Love torn asunder
And she wants her pound of flesh.
It’s she said, she said…

Wait, so there’s more?  A video follow up from  Think about this like it’s an additional thing during the credits of a movie you enjoyed so much that you’re still sitting in your seat even after all the names go by.

Steve Harvey:  Sounds like one heck of a guy!