Welcome to the often imitated but, never duplicated, STATE OF THE ‘E! I’ve got nothing important to say at the beginning here so, lets get into this!

Sorry to say the name of a famous Linkin Park song there as the headline of my post but, I had to bring you in, right? That’s what a good entertainer does, they bring you into the midst of it all, make you feel like you’re part of the show, like you’re doing something big to help out. You’re not. It was planned that way. You’re tagging along like they want you to. You’re doing what they want you to do for a pre-determined ending to an awesome show.

Last night proved it.

See, I went to bed after the Royal Rumble an angry and bitter man. But, as I lied in bed, I realized what THE ‘E were doing. They’re playing us like puppets and we’re falling into the trap just like they want. And it’s a good thing. See… when I woke up this morning, everything I thought about last night had been confirmed. By the WWE themselves no less.

You don’t think contracted stars are going to voice their opinion like that right? No. They’re all in on the big thing. They know what they’re doing. Push them down to see them rise. It’s been a formula in a ton of movies, it happened in Roman times, it’s a fact of life. The more the good guy gets pushed down, more people want to see him rise from the abuse, the torture, the frustration. More and more are following. Not the buzzards but, Daniel Bryan.


That right there. That simple little thing is something the WWE polished up overnight. It’s funny, I read an article yesterday about Triple H not wanting Daniel Bryan anywhere near the Royal Rumble because of the plans they have in place for him. Now, the words in that article have been re-arranged and Daniel Bryan is saying they didn’t want him anywhere near it because of them pushing him down. Hmm.

Then you have someone who just re-newed a deal with THE ‘E in Mick Foley, he’s not getting a “Legends Contract” anymore but, he’s still getting money from them… all of a sudden he goes on Facebook and Twitter rampages? Brie Bella, Dolph Ziggler and many, many more are coming to bat for Daniel Bryan? In a company that’s backstage politics got rid of Mr. Anderson because of a supposed botched backdrop, (We all know at the time Randall felt threatened and wanted him gone.), we’re supposed to think they’re FREELY saying these things against the WWE?

They’re not. No one is. Since the #YESmovement truly began while DB was WHC, they’ve been testing the waters with him. They’ve been doing things to elevate him, to nurture him. To groom him to become the new guy. But the way they’re doing it is unconventional. They’re doing it in spite of us. See, we’re all being led to believe that they’re pushing him down, making him work harder, making him suffer. He’s not. This is the best time of his life. He’s in one of the biggest WWE storylines in almost 10 years and he’s getting the world behind him. How is any of this… bad for business?

It’s not. They’re making a mint off of it and we’re doing what they want us to do. We’re buying the merchandise, we’re chanting it everywhere, we’re screaming YES! YES! YES! And DANIEL BRYAN! At the top of our lungs to a seemingly clueless regime of inept goobers. But, we’re the goobers. It’s not just happening with Daniel Bryan neither. Secretly, if you look around, a lot more people continuously get pushed down. But, are on our TV every week trying to triumph. CM Punk, The Uso’s, Natalya, Dolph Ziggler, and many more are being “pushed down” by the man. Well, let me ask you this… if they’re truly being pushed down, why are they on TV every week?

THE ‘E currently employs over 140 wrestlers. All ranging from NXT to RAW… they’ve been building people for a few years now. They’ve been testing the water to see what they can and can’t do. If nothing sticks, how can they use it? They can’t. They need to build and keep building. They have a ton of great talent on the way from NXT but right now they don’t have their next breakout star, right? I mean, there’s no one that can take over John Cena, there’s no one selling more merchandise consistently, no one ready for the spotlight. Right?

Unless you count John Cena’s co-star in “TOTAL DIVAS” of course. Wait, who’s that again? So just sit back and relax while the #YESmovement keeps us all entertained.(01) NOBODY'S LISTENING

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