I don’t have the time nor the energy to write up a big article on just one subject, but I did find a few things that caught my eye that I’d like to vent about for a moment.

Starlet Stupidity

Lindsay Lohan can’t seem to stop herself from getting in trouble with the law.  she’s on probation after serving jail time, and what does she do?  She fails a drug test.  Somebody needs to grab that girl and set her straight before she flushes the rest of her career down the toilet.  I’ve heard from several sources that she’s a real professional on the set, but it seems like she can’t figure out how to live life on the straight and narrow when there’s no script in front of her.  Maybe Casey Affleck needs to do a second documentary, this time focused on Lohan.  Maybe it won’t be as entertaining as the mockumentary “I’m Still Here” with Joaquin Phoenix (or maybe it would be), but if Affleck could set up some guidelines for her, it just might save Lohan’s life.

Republican Witchcraft

I try not to get too caught up in politics and I certainly don’t have a particular affiliation, but people of Delaware, let me ask you this simple question:  Christine O’Donnell?   Last Tuesday the people of Delaware voted in a GOP primary for a Senate seat, and the woman who won that election – Christine O’Donnell, is being accused of some serious allegations, including tax evasion, falsifying documents submitted to the Federal government and campaign fund misappropriation.  What’s more, now she is not only claiming to have taken part in Satanic rituals a decade ago, but is also angering members of the Wiccan community with her comments – so reports CBS news.

Way to pick a winner, Delaware.

Quick Bits

NFL Runningback Brandon Jacobs isn’t happy with how things are going for him this season.  He’s not featured as prominently with the New York Giants anymore – replaced by the more versatile Ahmad Bradshaw.   Last night when the Giants were getting badly beaten by Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts in a highly publicized, prime-time game, Jacobs reportedly threw not only a hissy fit, but his helmet – INTO THE STANDS!  Now  there are reports that Jacobs wants to leave the New York Giants?  That’s probably for the best, but I hope he has a backup plan, because this looks like the beginning of the end for a guy once considered one of the best runningbacks in the league.

Dancing With The Stars is moving in a direction which leads me to think that they might want to change their show’s name to “Dancing With The Somewhat Famous”.  I’d call Kurt Warner famous, given that he was one of the most notable football players in the NFL the past few years.  Florence Henderson, Brandy, Rick Fox, Margaret Cho and Michael Bolton are all famous as well.  I’ll even give Audrina Patridge (The Hills) and Mike Sorrentino (Jersey Shore) a little bit of credit for being stars of their respective shows.  But what exactly qualifies Bristol Palin as a star?   She’s less famous than Ashley Hamilton, and that’s saying something!