One of the coolest scenes in the original Star Wars Trilogy involves a chase on speeder bikes, with Luke & Leia trying to battle Imperial Scout troopers.

In the near future, those hovering speeder bikes may very well be a reality.

Although the look is slightly different, a company in California has progressed further in this endeavor than most of the cool gadgets seen in Back To The Future.

Aerofex has created a working version of the tandem-duct aerial vehicle which they state has demonstrated “exceptional stability and control”.

As their website lists the future goals of the project as developing a “gust alleviation system, fail-safe capabilities, and techniques to reduce momentum drag in forward flight” and indicates the purpose of those developments as having uses in “manned craft, as well as UAVs”, it would appear that Aerofex is very serious about this Research & Development effort.


And for anyone thinking it’s a scam because they didn’t see the back of the “bike” in that video…


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