Usually when a fumble happens during a non-special teams play or an interception is thrown, the Quarterback on the field tries to make a play to keep the defense from scoring a touchdown, but mainly they try not to get hurt. This usually involves an attempt at forcing the defensive player to go out of bounds while keeping an eye on the other defensive players on the field looking to make a block. During that part of the play, it’s perfectly legal for a defender to propel themselves into the QB in hopes of not only keeping him from ending the play with a tackle or push-out, but the potential to injure the quarterback and force the opposition to switch to a lesser-quality backup is an added bonus.

I guess someone forgot to tell Stanford Quarterback Andrew Luck, who stands 6 foot 4, 235 pounds.

As you’ll see from the video posted below, when the Stanford running back fumbled the ball and it was picked up by USC defender Shareece Wright, Andrew Luck sprung into action and not only tried to end the play, but he laid a really good hit into Wright.  Given the quality of hit Wright gets from Luck, I had to share this.  I was just as surprised as the announcers.