After a few years of obscurity, the St. Louis Rams are now over .500 for the first time in 93 games (2006) and are starting to make their way back to being a relevant team in the NFL. It all started with defense. The last few years, the Rams D had started coming around, but still had some big holes. In comes Jeff Fisher, who builds on what Steve Spagnuolo tried to start.

After Spags started on a D-line to build the pass rush, Fisher & the front office comes in to build up the secondary by pulling a top tier CB that Fisher built up and taught in Tennessee with Cortland Finnegan. Then, they draft solid man CBs in Janoris Jenkins & Trumaine Johnson to learn the system to be the future. One of the two biggest needs were the middle of the D-line and OLB. The Rams go out and draft Michael Brockers & pick up Trevor Laws & Kendall Langford to fill the holes at DT. Then, go get tackling machine Free Agents Jo-Lonn Dunbar & Rockey McIntosh to put around the “Ram Warrior” James Lauranaitis. With those additions, StL finds themselves as one of the stronger defenses in the NFL…and Arizona found that out first hand last night.

I already thought that Arizona was shaky on offense, but St. Louis found every gapping hole they have and bored those deeper. After sacking Kevin Kolb nine times, the line gave Ryan Williams no room to run and actually tackled him for a loss a few times before knocking him out of the game…& did that by literally knocking him out. I tweeted that IF Kevin Kolb was able to sleep last night, that he was having nightmares of the hands & eyes of Chris Long & Robert Quinn coming at him to rip him apart. Not that the Rams offense looked a ton better, but they had two big plays that set them up for the first TD and got them the second. Had those not happened, it would’ve been a FG war…and my money would have been on Greg Zuerlein, aka: Young GZ, Greg the Leg, Legatron.

Arizona started finding a little success when Long & Quinn came from the end and Kolb was able to step up and run to the outside to buy time for his WRs to get open. If StL does that next week against Miami, then Tannehill will take off running & put up a bunch of yards rushing. I think next week the Rams will have to crash from the outside at times, but look to contain a lot to not allow Tannehill or Bush to take off. The Rams found themselves susceptible to the Cardinals dropping off screen passes to the RBs and Bush is still one of the most dangerous RBs catching the ball in the open field looking to make big plays. The Rams are going to have to tighten the screws in those areas if they want to stop the Dolphins offense.

St Louis Rams Danny Amendola and Arizona Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald

Danny Amendola and Larry Fitzgerald (Scott Rovak – US Presswire)

On the other side of the ball, Steve Smith is going to have to be a factor now with the injury of Danny Amendola. After last night’s MRI was inconclusive if Amendola’s collarbone is broke or not, according to Adam Schefter, then someone will have to step in and be Bradford’s security blanket. Amendola has been Bradford’s favorite target, without a doubt, and now he’s going to have to rely on someone else. I think this is where Smith, the recent offseason FA signing, and TE Lance Kendricks comes in. They will have to be big if the Rams want to continue on their winning ways. As for the offensive line, the Rams will be much better when Roger Saffold & Scott Wells come back from injuries. The Rams have yet to score a rushing TD, making them one of two not to do so yet (Tennessee is the other). When these two major pieces come back, I think it will help them move the ball downfield better & especially in the red zone.

I do know that St. Louis has been a very exciting city this week with the Rams beating rival Seattle on Sunday, the Cardinals clinching a playoff spot Tuesday night, the Rams hammering Arizona Thursday and the Cardinals playing the one game playoff in Atlanta today. Things are looking up in the Gateway City and for Rams fans they’re saying, “It’s about time!”