Dear loyal SCJ readers…

Due to heavy storms in the Chicago area Tuesday night and into Wednesday, coupled with my wife holding a garage sale this weekend, and FURTHER coupled with me switching internet providers at my house which means I gots me no service til Comcast gets turned on…the perfect storm is in place for me to take a week off.

No worries, though, I’ll be back NEXT week to discuss numerous issues, including the coolness of my hometown hero CM Punk announcing his intention to retire the WWE belt when his contract is done next month, they funniness of Ultimate Warrior telling the internetz that Hogan has “cooties,” and the over learn-ed-ness involved behind the always epic “rule of three.”

So, sorry about the one week hiatus, but consider this my very rare vacation.


(as always, Squared-Circle Jerk can be reached at the following email address [spelled out to deter spammers]: scj at guysnation dot com)