Liz Drabick has to keep her eyes on a variety of sports on a daily basis, reporting the news on the radio with her summaries of multiple stories in a very short span of time. Rob from GuysNation took a few moments of her time to get a sports round-up. (the majority of this interview took place on Wednesday)

Rob: How about last night’s draft lottery? Happy for the Cavs? Does it make you a believer in sports karma?

Liz Drabick: Last night’s draft lottery was the NBA at it’s fixed-est. Harkens back to the days of Patrick Ewing and the tainted envelope.

Rob: For the here-and-now NBA, which conference r u more interested in, Chicago/Miami or OKCity/Dallas? And how about those Memphis Grizzlies?

Drabick: Mostly I just miss saying THUNDERNUGGETS. LeBron is fascinating for his villification; Durant for his white swan-ness.

Rob: Now that the Caps aren’t involved, are you still checking in on the Stanley Cup Playoffs?

Drabick: I’m aware that hockeys playoffs are ongoing but that’s my job’s fault. A pair of Caps early exits and I’m off the postseason reservation.

Rob: A quarter of the way through the MLB season, anything jumping out at you?

Drabick: The Indians, pitching, pitching, the Yankees Bronx Zoo 2.0, pitching and how terrible Joe Buck is when interviewing Sara Silverman.

Rob: How are you liking your NASCAR season so far? Some fairly wild finishes the past few months…

Drabick: Whenever a driver punches another driver through the window, that’s a banner year of race-watching.

Rob: Is anything interesting happening with PGA golf, other than Tiger Woods going limp and having to pull-out early? (see what i did there?)

Drabick: Cleverly done. General answer: No. My answer: The Euro’s and young guns are spectacular to watch. (I’m a sucker for white belts.) Plus the US Open will be played in our backyard! I’ll be on a golf stakeout.

Rob: When do you think the NFL lockout will be over?

Drabick: I hope the lockout’s over 3 weeks into the schedule when they can still catch up. Otherwise I think it’ll be a completely lost season.

Rob: Who do you think the Wizards will draft?

Drabick: The Wizards will draft someone we’ve never heard of and just this side or Mr. Irrelevant unless they can package their picks and trade up.

Rob: How cool are those new Wizards uniforms?

Drabick: Those Wizards unis are bad. Ass. Too bad it’s just a setup for renaming them the Monuments. Blech.

Rob: Better chance of keeping his job: Bruce Boudreau or Alex Semin?

Drabick: Ooh, I’d pay to see Boudreau vs. Semin in a cage match. Should be Semin who’s let go first. Emphasis on should.

Rob: Will Albert Haynesworth or Donovan McNabb be a Washington Redskin when the second game of the season hits?

Drabick: No. No, no, no, no, no. Do not want either of them a Redskin when the season starts. Which means they’ll both be on the roster.

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