I generally don’t like anyone who’s in the news, regardless of why they’re in the news.  Most of the people I read about are either despicable human beings or don’t realize just how lucky they are for having whatever position in life they’ve somehow attained.

I’m not jealous of these folks; I have a mostly comfortable life and my career is something that allows me to enjoy getting up in the morning.

My problem is that famous people don’t live in our world, and it’s becoming increasingly apparent to me that the youth of America are looking up to these idiots.  Celebrities – movie and television actrons, politicians, athletes, musicians, reality “stars” and anyone else who might make the news – I’m making it my purpose to find your stupidity and slam you for it.

If you do something that lacks judgment, character, forethought, ethics or common sense, I’m going to let the world know about it.

This is The Society Slam.

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You’ve been warned.

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