I’ve maybe missed an episode or two, but I’ve seen almost the entire Smallville series, and so the finale is quite a big deal to me – a life-long Superman fan. It has been a fun and interesting ride, at times frustrating for a variety of reasons, and I look forward to seeing how they put things to rest (or set things into longer-term motion, if you will).

Finale time! For anyone who missed it, I came up with the 5 questions I had going into the finale, and even though there’s an entire article written up with my thoughts and analysis on it, here are the questions for your review:

1. Will Clark and Lois actually get married?

2. Will we finally see Darkseid in a more solid form?

3. Which of the lovely ladies are returning?

4.  Can Oliver Queen’s arm survive the finale?

5. For what portion of the finale will Clark finally put on the signature costume and make the cape flap in the wind as someone (anyone) calls him Superman instead of “The Blur”?

(for the full article, go here: http://www.guysnation.com/smallville-prophecy-recap-5-questions-before-finale)

Let’s get to the episode!

Things start off strong with a glimpse into the future. Chloe, sitting in her child’s bed, has a SMALLVILLE comic she’s reading to her young son, starting to tell the tale of how a superhero was born of a place right there in Kansas, a very nice tip of the cap to the fact that this whole series stems from a comic book character. Then they do the “seven years earlier” bit and we see a burning planet making its way through our galaxy, and one can only think that it’s harboring Darkseid… though my Superman mythology sucks and I have to look up the name of his planet… Apokolips.

Title sequence time!

After the first commercial break, it’s time to head to the Daily Planet, and Clark is ignoring the fact that Lois is trying to cancel their wedding (if you missed it last week, she feels guilty about taking up his time… so she’d rather he be lonely in his spare time and be a work-a-holic).

Clark says he wants her by his side, and he intends to be waiting for her at the alter. (interesting foreshadowing, be sure to re-read the article after you’ve seen the episode)

Chloe and Oliver Queen are working to fix up the church for the wedding, and they agree that they would’ve gotten married during the Hangover-style episode even if Zatanna hadn’t tricked them into the ultimate forgettable night.

Oh and the Darkseid has poisoned the Holy Water at the church when Oliver touches it, so something tells me this isn’t going to go off without a hitch.

Granny makes her appearance in Luthor Mansion, creeping out Tess Mercer like the old days at the orphanage. She says that Tess’ ultimate destiny is with the darkness no matter how much she tries to work towards the light.

First mention of APOKOLIPS! Granny says it’s coming, and apparently the whole “Lucifer” story is just a misrepresentation of Darkseid. Granny has the power to stop Tess from leaving… but she won’t.

Again we see the planet and again it leads way to the ultimate evil… the commercial. My TiVo deserves a Superman symbol on it.

Clark goes back home to finish packing, and his mom is there to find out that Clark is selling the house… and apparently Martha Kent isn’t happy about the sale. D’oh! Kal El’s got some explaining to do… and he says that he’s trying to build a new life in Metropolis.

Martha says he’s forgetting his Smallville roots. Clark says he’s not forgetting what has happened, but he’s putting it behind him… and Martha isn’t happy about it… and that’s causing her to see the ghost of her husband passed. The look on his face says he’s not happy either.

Chloe tracks down Lois and says that Clark needs Lois to help ground him when he’s not soaring to make the save. Lois gets to read his vows, and it inspires her… and the fickel Lois Lane who doesn’t lose faith in Clark even when he’s in the Phantom Zone for two weeks but then decides to not marry him a day before the wedding just because she knows how many cries for help he’s constantly hearing, she decides once and for all to marry him.  There’s still a few hours worth of storyline time for them, so she might still change her mind.

Tess gets to Watch-Tower, and apparently all the systems are offline and she doesn’t have the necessary permissions to change things. Oliver Queen is behind the Watch-Tower shutdown, with Darkseid wreaking havoc.

She does get to boot up a satellite thanks to things apparently set in motion by Martian Manhunter prior to his death, so she gets a glimpse at APOKOLIPS.

The Darkseid trio have a trick up their sleeve… apparently they welded a wedding ring for Clark to wear made out of gold Kryptonite. Should’ve seen that one coming…

John Schneider gets a good role in the finale, walking around as a ghost, having soliloquies while characters around him have their own dialogue. Johnathan Kent doesn’t get to interact with people directly, but the moments are very poignant.

Clark has second thoughts, thinking that maybe Lois was right, and maybe he needs to make his own path. Oliver isn’t effective with his speech, and the Darkseid folks are going to be muy pissed if Clark doesn’t end up wearing the ring they welded for him.

Lois gives Clark her vows to read, and she tries to persuade him that they make each other better people by being together. Clark reads Lois’ vows about how being with Clark is all she can imagine of her future, and then they share a moment… through a door.

Apparently the wedding will happen!

Meanwhile, elsewhere, Tess Mercer is driving fast, trying to track someone down but her cell phone isn’t working because of the Apokolips interference. Baddies in black trucks show up all Government Official like and stop her in place. She won’t be at the wedding.

Ceremony time!

Lois is wearing a different white dress than she was on the other side of that door… and Clark isn’t at the alter.

Nope, instead, he’s going to walk her up the isle. (Maybe that’s a Kryptonian tradition.)

Glad to see John Schneider got to attend the ceremony. He was one of the stronger parts of the series.

We heard the vows once before, but they repeat them again, and I keep wondering if they’re going to interrupt the ceremony with something from Oliver Queen or someone else…

Chloe sees the Gold Kryptonite ring and she knows something’s not right… so she bats it away to keep it from being put on Clark. Oliver’s eyes turn black and Clark knows something is wrong too.. and Oliver starts throwing people around the church… first Clark, then Lois (who is then saved by Clark so as not to ruin her wedding day).

Oliver goes full-on DarkSeid, and somebody’s going to be losing an arm… and if this wedding does happen, it’ll have to be somewhere else, because they’re tearing up this church. Despite all the bad guys they’ve had in this series, Clark and Oliver have some of the best fights…

Clark stops the fight and says he believes that Oliver wouldn’t hurt him intentionally, and Oliver fights through the darkness and crushes the gold Kryptonite ring, which pushes the Darkseid out of Green Arrow once and for all. Bonus for Ollie, both arms are still in tact.

Only at that point do they finally see the planet-size APOKOLIPS coming towards them.

Is Clark going to get decked out in his red-caped tights before battling a planet? We’ll have to wait until after the commercial to find out.

And seriously, what are the wedding guests thinking about all of this?

Everyone’s finally preoccupied with the APOKOLIPS situation.

Before she goes to Star City to check out her database, Chloe and Clark hug, and it’s possibly the last time they’ll ever see each other (in the series). We know she doesn’t die, given the first part of the episode.

Clark’s seeing visions of his dad again, and he owns up to the fact that it was a mistake to leave his dad behind. Clark gets a pep-talk, and apparently it’s Jor-El who needs to give Clark his final guidance.

After a Smallville Family Kent Trio hug, he gets one last kick in the pants, telling him it’s time to go… and Clark rushes off to the great white north to get the Kryptonian advisement so he can stop Apokolips and Darkseid.

We’re very early into the second hour, and I’m thinking it’s going to be very soon that we finally get him wearing his signature outfit!

Tess Mercer and Lionel Luther are in a lab somewhere, and Lionel acknowledges the true power of Superman, that Kal-El isn’t going to need anyone’s help to put an end to the problem.

Lionel then mentions that Lex made a Franken-stein style clone of himself, built up from various pieces of various different clones… but he needs a heart. Lionel says that Tess needs to be the one to donate the heart… and then we get a look at the Lex Prime monster, which apparently is hooked up to a heartbeat monitor despite not having a heart.

With Tess strapped to a table, Lionel mentions Conner Kent, who Lionel would’ve used if he had the opportunity, but Tess hid him, so that’s not possible. That brings up a good point, but I’ll mention it later.

Tess goes bad-ass and not only takes out the would-be surgeons, but she shoots Lionel Luthor as well.

With his dying breaths, Lionel crawls into the room where Lex is on life support, and Darkseid creeps in, telling Lionel to reconsider his offer to work together, and Lionel gives a deal of his own: Darkseid can take his soul if he gives Lex the Luthor heart.

Darkseid’s voice is a little “off”, but it’s nice to see the character show up in the live-action show.

Here’s that question… if Connor is around somewhere, why not have him help out?

Michael Rosenbaum is back, and his character is now off of life support!

Apparently the Man Of Steel hit a detour. Clark, despite being the only person who can stop Apokolips, he’s playing reporter detective looking for Tess. Lois gets on the other computer and they track down where Lionel might’ve taken Tess… Luthor mansion.

Would it really kill them to have Clark go talk to his father and change into the signature uniform before doing anything else?

Lois tries to tell the reporter covering the President’s visit to send a message for her… but she won’t, so Lois knocks her out and usurps the story.

Clark and Lex meet up in the crumbled mansion. Clark tries to tell Lex to make the most of his second chance. Lex isn’t upset about the fact that Clark is a better man with a greater destiny, he’s just upset that Clark doesn’t embrace his destiny. Lex says that their destinies are intertwined, calls Clark by his birth name, Kal-El, and tells his nemesis that Darkseid needs to be stopped if they’re going to have a future together. Instead of one final battle… Lex Luthor gives Clark a big pep-talk… and this is how Clark is going to become Superman.

Oliver Queen goes back and tries to setup Watch-Tower, gets the systems online and then gets his Green Arrow gear.

The Darkseid Trio is warming up the Omega Alter, and they’re not happy that Oliver is there to stop them… and he’s no longer wearing the dark mark.

Three arrows, one shot, the trio are over and done with… and that battle was a bit underwhelming.

Lois is now on an airplane, ready to meet with the President, and Secret Service isn’t happy that she wants to get to the PotUS.

She weasels her way into the decision room and tells the guys that the big planet-size thing is actually a planet-size thing… and they already knew that. Her dad is a General, and she has that low of an opinion of the intelligence community’s ability to look up into the sky?

Lois brings up the Superman alternative. The decision makers seem wary, and they give him five minutes.  The episode has 25 minutes, so that should be enough.

Clark goes home, gets the Jor-El crystal and then finds that Darkseid is there to do battle… in the form of Lionel Luthor… looking like a near zombie.

As Darkseid throws Clark through the barn, he realizes that Jor-El once told him that he has always had the power within himself to do super things… we get a nice video montage from seasons passed where he realizes that he can be Superman if he wants to be… and for crap’s sake, can’t he just put on the damn suit already?

Oh yeah, Clark realizes that he’s not being thrown, he’s floating… or flying… and he zooms through Darkseid and turns him right into dust.

And instead of an interesting battle… we got to commercial after some small sparks fly.

Tess and Lex get to share a scene… since she didn’t show up on Smallville until after Lex was blown up, this would be the first time. The siblings share a hug… right before Lex stabs her in the stomach. He doesn’t want her to turn evil.

In her dying moment, Tess puts some sort of chemical onto Lex which will destroy any memories he currently has of the world prior to that very moment… so I guess this is how they keep him from knowing the truth about Superman’s true identity.

I’m glad Rosenbaum signed on for this episode… I can’t imagine this finale without him.

Clark goes to the Fortress Of Solitude, honoring his father by embracing his Kryptonian side. NOW it should be time for Kal-El to put on the suit.

Come on….

The ground is breaking free… Something’s rising… It’s the suit Martha Kent made for him… and FINALLY he’s going to put it on!

With 8 minutes left in the show, Kal-El flies up through the roof of the Fortress Of Solitude, suit in hand, and he somehow puts it on while flying.

Coming back from commercial, Air Force One is in trouble, and where have we seen this before? Superman I and Superman Returns. I’m okay with the nod to those versions, but all he does is help steer for a moment.

Superman and Lois share a moment together through the window on Air Force One, then Supes flies off to deal with Apokolips while Lois gets her story.

The people of Earth get to watch on as Clark flies up into the planet… which suddenly just starts changing direction, giving people hope and taking away their Omega dark marks.

After shoving Apokolips off into the outer reaches of the galaxy, away from Earth, Superman remains out in space for a moment, cape flapping in the wind, and I don’t believe we ever got a real true look at Tom Welling wearing the Superman outfit… just from afar.

After we jump back seven years into the “now”, Chloe finishes reading her son the comic, referencing the character as Superman once and for all, and she tucks him in and leaves the room. If you noticed, the kid had a super hero on his pajamas who looked very similar to Superman… but with a distinctly different costume on. We get a little hint at the fact that the father to Chloe’s son is Oliver Queen as the kid is apparently allowed to have a compound bow & arrow set in his room.

Flash over to the Daily Planet. Jimmy Olson’s brother is there to act as the Daily Planet photographer. Perry White is the Editor In Chief. On the television we see that Lex is the President elect.

And as the series ends, Clark is on the roof going to deal with a bomb in some building , after telling Lois that he’ll be a little late for their wedding ceremony (which was 7 years in the making). He tosses his jacket aside and rips open his shirt to reveal his Superman costume and we go emblazen to the emblem, then cut to credits!

Questions Answered:

1. Will Clark and Lois actually get married?

– yes, but apparently in a post-finale ceremony

2. Will we finally see Darkseid in a more solid form?

– sort of. I’d almost count the form he was in when he was making a deal with Lionel for the elder Luthor’s soul. I’m not inclined to count the zombie-Luthor version as Darkseid.

3. Which of the lovely ladies are returning?

– No Lana, no Zatanna, and no members of the Justice League… which begs the question: what happened with the plot Toy Man set in motion to attack the Justice League? Clark crushed his phone last episode, but that doesn’t necessarily put an end to the plot. TV movie? I wouldn’t bet on it.

4.  Can Oliver Queen’s arm survive the finale?

– yep, it does, and the fight between he and Clark fizzles out after a strong beginning.

5. For what portion of the finale will Clark finally put on the signature costume and make the cape flap in the wind as someone (anyone) calls him Superman instead of “The Blur”?

– very, very little… and he isn’t “Superman” until 7 years later.

Check back to GuysNation over the next week, as we’ll have at least two more Smallville related articles – one on the facts (fun AND frustrating) from the entire series, and also a proosed alteration to the Smallville timeline which I’m sure a lot of people would prefer to the way Smallville played out. Eventually I’d like to do a review of each season of Smallville, but that’ll take a little longer than a week. It won’t be an article like this for each episode, but I do have an idea in mind.

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