Cold Open?: So they start with Destiny Man already in the ring? Either they were running late or they just have so much to pack into the Supershow with the added talent. So he doesn’t do his signature ‘My name is’ line anymore? I actually liked it when he would say it. Stop making fun of him? Is this a middle school playground? Is Hitman showing up just cause we’re in Canada? For a second I thought it was Natalya, given their similar entrance music. Their was a split second shot of Ricardo doing an old person with a walker impression, which was worth a laugh. If there’s anyone left asleep after this Bret promo, I’m sure they’ll enjoy the rest of the show. It wouldn’t be an opening segment on RAW without a corny promo from John Cena. I know the picture has nothing to do with this segment, but it’s just plain hilarious.

Vickie Management Inc: So she’s trying to get Swagger and Ziggler to work together? The obvious outcome would be the two fighting over Vickie, but perhaps it could turn into a heel group all managed by Vickie? The ending to the match certainly doesn’t point to the heel group outcome as Ziggler watched Riley pin Swagger. Plus, what was she wearing? It looked like a few pieces of cloth, somehow sewn together? The other outcome to this story could be a US title match between Ziggler and Swagger at NOC, and with Swagger getting shafted so far, maybe they’ll even turn him face. That’s much more likely then them actually announcing the US Title match at NOC before the event itself.

Truly Awesome: I like this name better then Awesome Truth, as it just sounds better. The walking-through-backstage promo kinda reminded of the ones Miz used to do when he was US champ, such as the ‘career’ one that started outside the WWE locker room. For any of the heels down at FCW wondering how to really get the crowd to hate them, they should watch Miz and Truth’s promo from a few weeks ago. It was great, but lately they haven’t been that enjoying, which makes it seem a waste of their mic skills. There is a matchup between Miz and Kingston, which is decent, but was used more as a way to build for the tag title match at NOC.

Mr McGillicuty & Lawyer Otunga: I suppose it’s something that they were given mic time even if it was brief. Touting their ‘credentials’ as it were is actually a good step in establishing their personalities. Lawler’s lame sling at Otunga for his lack of charisma actually has me rooting for the former Tag champs. That is until The Pale One is revealed as King’s partner, who predictably plows through the opposition. I was mildly surprised that JR and Cole were actually able to get along on commentary. I thought Cole would be sniping at JR and Lawler the entire time, but it was actually civil.

SuperTag Match: I suppose it could be called that with Cena and Hart teaming up. Though Hart hobbling down the ramp after Cena does his usual opening sprint doesn’t bode well. I suppose this means the H-Punk Face Off will be in the main event slot. It had better have something extraordinary happen or the slot will seem squandered on another talk segment. Cena mocking Ricardo on by using his red shirt like a bullfighter cape was low class and disrespectful to say the least. I mean that’s the best they could come up with? Bret winning with a Sharpshooter on Ricardo was very predictable and makes the whole match a waste of time.

Kelly v Vickie: Bathroom break time! If you had done so, you would’ve missed some prime soap opera acting as the match was really just to further the ‘feud’ between Ziggler and Swagger who were at ringside. There was a run in by Beth Phoenix, who thankfully wasn’t wearing her schoolgirl jacket/blouse/shirt.

Champ v Champ: Didn’t we just see this a few days ago? Even if this is a RAW SuperShow, shouldn’t the matches involve those from RAW? I really hope Emperor PalpiCody gets the win, though I wouldn’t be surprised if Uber-Face #2 won. I also hope Cody isn’t buried by the Orton-Henry angle like he seemed to be on Smackdown. However, it seems that is the case as Henry sits on a chair on the top of the ramp and most of the commentary is centered on Henry and Orton. While Orton is dsitracted by Henry, Rhodes gets a sneak hit on Randall with his mask and after CrossRhodes, gets the win. Not surprising, except for the fact that Cody took the mask off completely to use it as a weapon. Don’t think we’ve seen that on TV in months.

Face Off: Every time they plugged this throughout the show, the Nicholas Cage and John Travolta movie of the same name came to mind. Punk goes straight for the jugular and blasts HHH and Vince for their bodybuilder main event fetish. Probably one of the main gripes about the booking in the WWE today. H answers with names like Mysterio, Michaels and Foley to counter the muscle bias. His contention that the only thing Punk needs to do is get over with the fans is true in a way, but there are countless examples of such talents who’ve done just that bit never get pushed or pushed fully, i.e. Zack Ryder orĀ  John Morrison. I certainly would get WWE Ice Cream Bars if they were available, so Punk was right in bringing them up as an example of listening to the audience. We get more doses of the so-called Reality Era with the story of Punk’s PPV debut at Survivor Series 2006. This is one example of why more people are interested in the WWE these days. It’s not the same old cliched stories being told. It’s something fresh and unexpected. Punk even refers to himself as Phil Brooks and HHH as Paul Levesque, further breaking the 4th wall, that is if it’s still standing. Punk having a mic cut off on him twice was a nice touch. Overall this was another good exchange between these two and I agree with both of them on certain points. That might have the been the motive all along, to further blur the lines between who the good guy or bad guy is in this story.

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