Triple H: He starts out doing the McMahon strut down the ramp, but thinks better of it.  If I was the new ‘COO’, I would probably wear a tie that is more festive, or at least has a pattern of some sort. Booker and Josh are excited, but everyone’s favorite announcer, Mitchell Cole is obviously not, which is fine by me. For someone who just interrupted The Game, Christian got a fair amount of cheers when his music hit. For all the talk of Chrisitan’s ‘title win’, I gotta give it to him, he laid a trap for Randy and it worked perfectly. So we get a Christian/Randy No Holds Barred match at Summerslam. Hopefully, this will end this feud that has gotten a bit stale.

Morrison: I’m sure all the John Morrison marks out there are thrilled now that he’s back, but I’m more inclined to roll my eyes. Now the calls for his main event push will commence and Morrison’s sub par mic skills, spot monkeyness and Starship Botch will no do nothing for such an upwards move. Yes he is entertaining in the ring, but very few people can make it to the top just by what they do in the ring.

Wade Barrett: I really hope they do something of substance with him, he’s got all the tools to main event, he even has that smarmy tone to his voice as if he’s constantly talking down to people. Having him immediately tap to the LaBell Lock does nothing for that. No Sheamus showing up? I thought that’s the feud they were going for? Or was this segment to set up something further down the line?

Justin Gabriel: I liked the little Homecoming vignette they showed. Not only does it give the audience a chance to learn about Gabriel, it gives the man himself time to show off who he is as a person. He even gets some time to talk. These kinds of segments can do wonders for building up the character of a wrestler and should be used more often.

Natalya & Her Girls: Oh finally there’s a ‘Diva’ that actually knows what she’s doing in the ring. I mean Natalya of course, although that Samoan Drop from Tamina was pretty impressive. I wonder how many nicknames Booker T has for AJ? Spitfire, Sparkplug, etc. Unfortunately we got no real wrestling from Natalya as the action spills outside the ring and ‘Sparkfire’ is left to fend for herself.

Mark Henry: I don’t believe demolishing local guys like that skinny, local guy Bobby Howard does much for keeping Henry’s path of destruction streak. I mean 3 Howards couldn’t weigh as much as one Henry. What kind of name is Bobby Howard anyway? For that matter what’s with the guy’s hair.

Sheamus: Well it seems the face turn is complete. I think this actually could work out, Sheamus could use ‘Fella’ as a sort of catchphrase in a mocking sort of way. Plus he could tell more of those Irish stories. He has the charisma to pull it off and the crowd got a big Sheamus chant going. Smackdown needs more faces and the only other option seemed to be to bring over ones from RAW. Besides Wade Barrett, Sheamus was the most likely heel to not only turn face, but make it believable.

Tag Titles: Zzzzzzzzzzz Wait, did the Usos win them? No? Ok well back to my nap.

Main Event: Speaking of sleep inducing, we have the usual Orton match. He gives the Orton Stare a few times, the demented smile as he hits the Rope Hung DDT and the ground pounding but thankfully Truth rolls outside. How is a bottle of water supposed to knock out Orton? I didn’t know the combination of 2 Hydrogen molecules and 1 Oxygen can be so damaging. At least when he used the announce table monitor it was more believeable and so was the RKO on top of the announce table. So the only reason Truth was even on Smackdown was to sell how dangerous Orton will be in the NHB match at Summerslam. Great way to bury Truth WWE, good job.