Welcome to the latest edition of Smackdown Wrestling Wisdom. In case you’ve never read one of my Wrestling Wisdoms for SD or RAW, I basically type what is going through my head as I watch the show. It’s not a straight recap like Rob’s column, it’s more opinion and analysis.

Randell: Cold open on the Viper in the ring, sitting in the chair. Why does he keep telling us what his name is? We already know, and he isn’t Alberto Del Rio, so it seems like a cheap way to get a pop from the crowd. Are we getting the RAW Rebound from Randell? Does this mean 5 minutes of action won’t be wasted on a recap? On second thought, probably not. Whining about his loss does nothing for his WHC chances, Christian found Orton’s weakness and exploited it fully. Orton can pout, but it was a great tactical decision. I like how Christian implies that Orton is being ‘protected’ by people in the back. Perhaps a bit of RAW’s kayfabe-breaking leaking over to Smackdown?

Booker T: So when watching Smackdown, every time Booker says something incomprehensible or hyperbolic, take a shot. Granted, you might not make it beyond the first match, but I’m sure you’ll have some fun.

Champ v Champ: With the power disadvantage of Christian being mentioned like 42 times, he does what makes sense, wears Zeke down. Taking out the knee, a sleeper hold and finally a Killswitch for the win. They’re trying to make Captain Charisma into more of a intelligent wrestler, using his mind in and out of the ring, kind of like Edge. I’m surprised no one mentioned the fact that Zeke beat Christian to become the final ECW champion. It would have made for a nice talking point during the match.

The Undashing One: Pretty sweet video promo for Cody, especially from a cinematography standpoint. The fading in and out during the ‘undashing’ portion, the change in music and the choice of footage, among others, made for a compelling promo. Now if they could only do this for feuds.

American Dragon: Cole must’ve loved introducing Bryan as the MITB winner. I actually think using Cole would be a good way to get a attitude change Bryan needs. He can’t be all goody goody, he needs some anger, a bit of an edge and a ton more mic time to become a main eventer.Cole can taunt and goad him into this new persona. If he’s going to hold off on cashing in until Wrestlemania 28, he had better win, otherwise the win and subsequent buildup will go to waste. On the other hand, there is plenty of time for said buildup. Normally I would start to feel nauseated when Health Slater gets mic time, but he does cut a decent promo, bringing up his and Bryan’s history on NXT and in Nexus.

RAW Rebound: So much for the Orton version of the ‘Bound. This might be a good time for a bathroom break. We already saw this whole thing before and I for one would much rather watch more Smackdown material, matches or otherwise. They also wasted time in presenting the recap as actual footage, not as a vignette like they usually do. Though they are trying very hard to garner sympathy for the Ex-Chairman.

Sheamus: I was pleasantly surprised by the positive reaction Sheamus got from the crowd. Someone even had a sign version of his celtic cross. If JR were here, and he should be, he would call this match a ‘slobberknocker’. Telling stories about how someone was bullied or got their lunch money stolen in school is not the best way to start turning someone face, if they are indeed going¬† for that very thing. That’s quite some attitude from the ref. With the double countout finish and the pop the Pale One got after a Brogue Kick, I would think this will become a feud that might result in a match at Summerslam.

Street Fight: I really hope they make this a full fledged Street Fight and not do a watered down, free TV version of the real thing or dance around the edges of making it a real one, like the ‘Ladder Match’ that was on Impact last night. Speaking of ambiguity, what about Kane? In his pre-match promo, he used his ‘Devil’s Favorite Demon’ moniker, which he hadn’t mentioned since his feuds with Undertaker and Kane when he was a heel. He seems to be floating in tweener land with no clear direction. I dont”t think Orton’s leg falling into the monitor slot on the announce table was supposed to happen. He does do a nice job of walking it off, even giving a finger wag, which I’m assuming was directed at pain in his leg? The commentators are playing up the crazed change in Orton, so could this be a new character direction for the Viper? Or maybe the great look of disbelief on his face when Kane¬†kicked out after an RKO is that indicator.This is actually a really good match, with a ton of time devoted to it and some surprising kick outs and an even more surprising handshake at the end. Not to mention an even more surprising Mark Henry appearance. I guess destroying two giants in less then a week is supposed to make him a dominating force?