Mark Henry: Alot of people have been talking about how much a push R Truth has gotten since his heel turn, though Henry’s push should not be overlooked. His character is much more interesting then the one that was teaming with Evan Bourne. He’s now in the Smackdown main event, though putting the WHC on him now would be a mistake as he needs time. Beating up the audio guy and his equipment certainly drives home his angry nature. However, if they keep having Henry do these kinds of things, it could get old really quick.

Daniel Bryan: Smackdown is getting the R Truth entrance treatment from now on, as it they are selling the audio tech injury. I do enjoy watching Bryan wrestle and if he develops a personality beyond his mat skills, he can have a much more successful career. He is adding some high flying moves and if he shows some aggressiveness, it could really help him. Speaking of which, DiBiase is sure showing some in this match. But of course given his little pre-match vignette, he taps out to an interesting submission by Bryan.

Christian: Yes he has turned heel as most had anticipated, but I’m not as big a fan of the turn as some. Christian has an obsessive gimmick with the World Heavyweight Championship and he’s starting to come off as a whiner. If he keeps going that route, he runs the risk of becoming stale. If they do give him the WHC soon, then that could make his character much more interesting. He is getting a Miz treatment from Michael Cole, who’s now only slightly less annoying then when he was feuding with Kerry Lawler.

Cody Rhodes: Modern day Phantom of The Opera? Really Cole? Maybe if he starts singing like the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. Pretty sweet move by Rhodes to escape under the ring to fool Big Zeke. More wrestlers should appear from underneath the ring, and I don’t mean Hornswoggle. With the win, this should put Rhodes in the IC Title picture. An IC Title reign for Cody would keep him on his ascent and would be prudent, as I’m sure WWE doesn’t want to Sheamus any other stars, or rush their pushes.

Kane: How long do you think he wants to get this kind of in-limbo mid card treatment? I know they gave him that lengthy WHC reign last year, but soon after that ended they essentially turned him face. Just like Orton, Kane is a much more compelling character when he’s a heel. Some of the promos he cut during his title reign were intriguing and sold into his crazed, demented gimmick. Now it seems like he’s a lesser version of the happy-go-lucky Big Show. After all the years he’s been in the business, it would be nice to have a dignified sendoff when he finally does retire.

Contract Signing: In-ring contract signings are usually reserved for the most heated of feuds it seems. Thus it is curious to me that they would have one for Orton v Christian. It just hasn’t reached that level to me right now. The one for the Batista-Mysterio match from last year was appropriate. The emotion and history were there and someone usually goes through the table that the contract was just signed on. Though Christian did put plenty of emotion into it, and on the heels (pun totally intended) of Punk’s promo on RAW, he referenced Orton being the WWE brass’ golden boy. Didn’t expect Sheamus to show up and lay out both Orton and Christian. Where has he been lately? Does this mean he’ll be in the WHC match at Money in The Bank?