Hall Of Pain: It seems as if they’re really serious about this Hall of Pain gimmick for Mark Henry. The video promo that aired right before the show started was actually pretty good. By showing all of his previous victims, it lends legitimacy to this Hall idea. It also adds another degree of urgency to his WHC match at NOC. I mean Orton might be in some serious trouble and if WWE can get people to buy into that, then they’ve done the job. Zack Ryder comes out? At least he gets airtime, even if it is to be a sacrificial lamb to Henry.

Big Mark v Big Zeke: Well this won’t be a technical showcase. It’s the antithesis of a Bryan v Punk or other ‘wrestlers’. This was basically a squash match to further put over Henry’s dominance.

‘Sin Cara’: Why does he point at the ring if there’s no one in it? Making sure the trampoline is in place? If he sucker-kicked Bryan last week, then he gets Tyson Kidd this week? Did he botch that crossbody to the outside? Given that Josh doesn’t know Spanish, did Cole really ask him how difficult it could be to ask Cara about his actions last week? Why are they letting Cole mock the Spanish language, especially when they have a big Mexico tour coming up? At least Cole mocks Booker for all his lame announcing cliches.

Cara Mic Time?!: This is a shocker for sure. Then he speaks some English mixed in Spanish, basically putting over his aggression as a sign of him not holding back anymore. He even refers to himself at one point as ‘the real Sin Cara’. They could’ve brought out the actual Cara, but instead it’s Cole’s buddy Daniel Bryan, who runs his mouth for a bit before getting sucker-kicked again by Sin Cara. Cara then puts Bryan in the LaBell Lock! This is great! What was previously a faceless (no pun intended) character who flew around the ring now has some characters and attitude. Even if this is Fake Cara, it’s still a refreshing change of pace.

Divas: Is the fact that I’m actually interested in a Divas storyline a sign of the times? My cynical side says this is all a ploy to get Kelly over, but I hope that’s not the case. The announcers even talked about the controversy over the Divas article on WWE.com and the backlash. I can’t believe the Bellas are actually complaining about that, given that they are basically eye candy and have no real place since the Guest Host idea was axed. Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter on Kelly, but gets reversed into a pin, which I thought was a nice move.

Storytime with Sheamus: I’m really enjoying these stories he tells. Comparing Christian to the runt of the puppy litter was pretty much spot on. That Red Hand story from a while back was just as good. It’s time for the Battle of the British Isles, seeing as there is a Brit and an Irishman in the ring. Wade even wears the same kind of jacket he wore during NXT. Speaking of which, whatever happened to Barrett-Bryan? With the MITB briefcase involved, I thought that could’ve been a great feud that would elevate both men. There is some nice back and forth, before Christian reappears to cause the DQ and subsequent beatdown. Of course The Pale One fights off both men and gets to stand tall in the end. The ensuing staredown between Sheamus and Christian hints at a future feud.

Tag Team Rematch: I’m not too sure how I feel about this brewing angle. On one hand, it’s an actual tag team storyline, which in and of itself is a good thing. On the other hand, I feel Mahal/Khali could develop into a decent tag team, but this focus on their ‘miscommunications’ jeopardizes that. Of course, Khali pushes Mahal into a Trouble In Paradise for the pin. For that matter, what about Miz and Truth? If their match against AirBoom for the tag titles becomes official, then there’s been zero buildup, which would be keeping with WWE tradition. Mahal has a sweet spot where he grabs Bourne’s leg and pulls him off the top turnbuckle into a clothesline, which is sold well by both men.

Legacy Reunion: I really like Rhodes’ Palpatine-esque hood, and how it sells his sinister side. So he wanted to inspire DiBiase when he attacked him 2 weeks ago? I’m sure the forthcoming feud between former Orton lackeys will show just how inspired Ted has become. The usual feeling out phase of the match starts out, followed by what looked like a contest to see who could perform the better dropkick. Cole does banter on and on over the match, but it does allow for Josh Mathews to call him weak-minded. Highlight of the match for me was when Rhodes did a springboard kick to the head of Orton, who was standing on the outside, though that arm/leg lock submission he put on Randy was interesting. The fact that he continued to focus on that arm was good ring psychology, not to mention smart tactics. Booker even sold Rhodes’ ring intelligence as a strength, which I think further elevates the character. The disappointment of Orton winning with an RKO cannot be quantified. The no-show of DiBiase to further his storyline with Cody is not a good thing either.

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