Yeah so I’m changing the name to Insight. Due to the column’s format as being whatever pops into my head when I’m watching the shows, I figured it was better then wisdom.

Sheamus: Well he comes out to a huge pop. I mean people are getting up out of their seats to cheer him. One chick was even holding up a sign that said “You can’t blame us for loving Sheamus”. So it seems as if the face turn is succeeding so far. I’m certainly a fan of the turn and think it could be a refreshing change for the Celtic Warrior. He doesn’t need to be babyface, he can just go after heels and not necessarily pander to the crowd. That ‘I’m coming for ya fella’ line from the hype video at the top of the show could turn into a decent catchphrase. He could even tell more Irish tales like last week. Taking on Khali is a good way to prepare for a bigman like Henry. Why do they even mention Khali’s WHC reign? It was lame, to say the least. Watching him in the ring is like watching a car wreck about to happen in slow motion. Sheamus fighting out of the Vice Grip was very Cena-esque, so please don’t make it a weekly thing.

Mentor v Mentee: I guess you could call Natalya vs AJ a master and apprentice type confrontation, though not quite the level of Obi Wan and Vader. AJ shows some skill, keeping that side headlock locked in even while running up the turnbuckle and throws in some submissions as well, but falls victim to the Sharpshooter. So they’re trying to recreate Beth’s heel turn in doing the same with Natalya? Nattie was a heel since she debuted, only turning face when Bret came back into the picture. She did pretty good heel work in The Hart Dynasty.

D-Bry: Hey! He got some new music! It’s better then his last one, and while Wagner’s ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ is a good piece of music, it really has no place as a wrestler’s entrance theme. Dolph Ziggler’s brown haircut has been superseded by Tyson Kidd new’s new hairdo, or in this case lack thereof. Kidd just looks…odd. They’re obviously building up the Bryan-Barrett feud, but if they’re going to make it a Summerslam match, why not tonight? Or are they going to wait till next week?

State of The Showski: The concept is actually a good idea, but Big Zeke interrupts, followed by The Duo Formerly Known As Priceless. Cody says Zeke makes the IC Title look bad? I mean how much more prestige can it lose? Well I suppose the lowest it could go would be Hornswoggle and I just threw up in my mouth typing that. With Cody saying he’ll win the IC title and Zeke telling DiBiase he’s being used, how much do you wanna bet we’ll see Cody v Ted for the IC sometime soon? I like how Teddy Long showed up to put Zach in his place. Cole is right, Ryder is like a glorified secretary and maybe that power struggle is a future storyline. Woo Woo Woo You Know It!

Sheamus Promo: He did well establishing the whole he won’t be broken by Henry thing, though overstating that would be treading in Cena territory. Then he does what I think is another good move, using his Irishness, a  horseshoe and Shamu to mock Henry. I mean a feud isn’t as great if each guy is all ‘I will beat you’, ‘No I cannot be beat, I will destroy you’. It adds some spice to the feud. Granted we won’t see this kind of thing from Henry, but it does accomplish the goal of getting Sheamus over with the crowd.

Usos: That war dance thing they do at the top of the ramp before each match is something very different and new, but the crowd doesn’t seem to be too in to it, no real reaction from them. At least it’s not as painful as watching Otunga wrestle.

Main Event: I’m not really gonna spend alot of time on this as there really isn’t anything worth analyzing. Cole bickers with Booker and Josh for most of the match with little focus on the actual match. Christian does get the win by pinning Orton, though you can be sure he’ll eat a few RKOs at Summerslam.