Randall: Orton is champ again. Yawn. To say it’s a bad booking decision is an understatement. Since Cena doesn’t have the WWE Title, the company had to put the WHC on Orton, because the WWE will fall apart without a world title on one of the Terrible Two. He says his name is Randy Orton, but didn’t we already know that? Finally they have Orton has an interaction with Rhodes and DIBiase! Rhodes even mentions its Legacy reunited in the ring. Rhodes teases a future feud with Orton over the WHC, which would make for some great watching. I thought Ted was going to contribute something to the conversation, but gets RKOed. I wonder when they won’t use him as fodder for someone else.

IC Title: Why is Cole ranting about how this is unfair? I mean besides the fact that he complains about everything. Big Zeke has a rematch clause after all. Once they get this out of the way, hopefully Rhodes can restore the former glory of the title. Cole banters on about that’s what Rhodes wants to do and it will sure be a boost to Cody, the title, and Smackdown. But of course, there is that little bit of doubt that WWE can actually pull this off, given how little they have cared for it in the past. So I’m cautiously optimistic about the future of the IC Title.

Aksana: Well this isn’t exactly PG material. Her comparison of Teddy and Long was some not-so-subtle sexual innuendo. I’m kind of interested in how this plays out as it seems a move towards PG-13?

Justin Gabriel: After showing that Homecoming vignette for a few weeks, Gabriel finally gets some in ring action. He gets a pretty decent reaction from the crowd, hopefully this is the beginning of a push. At least he’s finally a face as he always seemed a bit awkward while trying to be all evil in The Nexus. His hairdo is better then that slicked down style from his NXT days. Speaking of hair, Tyson Kidd still looks a bit ridiculous. Gabriel gets a bigger pop when he gets the win then when he entered.

Del Rioooooooo: Why is he even here? He’s on RAW isn’t he? Basically he comes out, talks and shows footage of his title defense on Monday against Rey Rey. So will this be the RAW Rebound? Why not just devote the airtime to Smackdown segments? Oh no Daniel Bryan mic time! Cover your ears, people! Why is he complaining about the way ADR cashed in MITB, like Cena did? That’s why they created MITB, for spontaneous, dramatic moments like Del Rio’s, Punk’s or Edge’s. This is not the right kind of mic work to give Bryan if they want to build him up. Despite Cole’s verbal burying of Bryan, as if you expected anything else, it’s the usual good match by Bryan and Del Rio. We all know Bryan can wrestle, but I would like you to turn your attention to the picture at the right. There are a ton of wrestlers in WWE who could benefit from a Cruiserweight division.

Natalya: She was a decent face, but her power and technical game are better suited for a heel. The way she walked to the ring was great, stony stare, no real show of emotion. The way she carried herself in the ring just added to her new persona. Of course the match is ruined when Kelly puts the Stinkface on Alicia Fox. With the faces winning the match, at least Natalya didn’t take the pin as that would have diminished any credibility she might have had going. The post match beatdown she put on Fox was something I don’t think I’ve seen from the Divas in years.

Battle Royal: Interesting that they give ‘Sin Cara’ and Wade Barrett’s entrances TV time with the rest already in the ring when SD comes back from commercial. Barrett even wore that suit jacket he used to wear back in NXT Season 1. At least Khali is protecting Mahal and not wrestling, as people don’t have to witness the debacle of him ‘wrestle’. When he and Henry were staring each other down, who do you think the crowd was favoring? The final four left is to be expected with Sheamus, Henry and Barrett, but the surprise is ‘Sin Cara’. Even more surprising is ‘Cara’ makes it to the final two, but is of course manhandled by Henry, who gets the win. Interesting they would give ‘Cara’ some time at the very end. Could they be testing the waters for when the real Sin Cara returns and we have a Cara v Cara feud?

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