Hitman: Since he’s the guest GM, what does that leave for Teddy Long? More time with Aksana? So it appears Henry will get his shot at Orton on the live Smackdown or maybe not with what Christian said. What I’m anticipating more is how Booker T handles a live broadcast and what comes out of his mouth. What’s with Hitman’s gravelly voice? Christian rips on him for not being able to let their relevance go and while Hitman isn’t pulling a Sting or Flair, Mr Peeps has a point. As much as past stars can be great to see again, the focus should be on the younger guys. Speaking of older guys, what the hell is going on at TNA? Why do they think re-doing the main event of the last Nitro will be any good? Most of what Flair says now is incoherent babbling and Sting is no better.

American Dragon: That was a pretty sweet vignette they showed prior to his match versus Christian. It’s an important step if the WWE is really intent on building him up properly for his MITB cash-in at WM28. Bryan needs to show some anger, not necessarily anything heelish, but make the viewers understand what this Wrestlemania World Title really means for Bryan, maybe show him a little bit desperate or uncertain. Why would Booker say Christian is more a ‘professor in the ring’? Do years and years in the Indies not count?

Wade Barrett: I don’t think reminding people of all the ‘earth-shaking’ things he’s done in the past is a good move, considering how far out of relevance he seems to have fallen. Then he walks out of a supposed match against some random due with horrible facial hair? The whole segment seemed odd.

RAW Rebound: It never occurred to me until I just watched the Rebound, but the finish to the Punk-Cena match was almost exactly like the end to their match at MITB, only with the roles reversed. Someone from the outside provides a distraction and the distracted wrestler turns around and walks right into the other’s finisher and then gets pinned.

‘Sin Cara’: Well that was short. Reports are out that this wasn’t even the first match of the night between him and Slater. They botched it so badly, they had to re-tape it and that was so bad, they had to do it a third time. I can’t imagine what those first two looked like, but I’m sure it was almost unbearable to watch.

Legacy Reunion?: That is certainly a new way to walk to the ring. Why would he be cradling the WHC like that? He certainly doesn’t feel insecure about losing it. Cody Rhodes’ character has been great, but what makes it even more impressive is if you go back and watch him during his Legacy days and the ensuing journey to his Undashiing persona. It really makes Rhodes’ talent with the gimmicks he’s given, and how he’s able to handle the transition between them, stand out. As he suggests, it will be a miracle if he is able to resurrect the IC title, given how little it means to the WWE brass. After that series of clotheslines to DiBiase, I thought he would go for the Scoop Slam, but instead does an awkward looking Thesz Press. He makes up for it by transitioning from a slide to the outside, right into his ground-pounding RKO tease to Rhodes seamlessly. Repeatedly saying Ted beating Randy would be a big upset does nothing for Ted’s credibility. DiBiase was impressive, even though he lost after an RKO. He also gets a Cross Rhodes and a bag on the face from Rhodes for his effort.

Natalya: That started off as a decent promo but ended horribly with that ‘I don’t play with dolls’ comment. Despite limited mic time, Natalya has decent skills in that department and with more practice to go along with her good mat ability, she can be at the top of the women’s division for a long time.

Main Event: They could’ve given more time to the actual event then the pre-match vignette about Henry’s path of destruction. I mean it was well done and sells his dominance, but after awhile it can wear thin. As JR would say, this a slobberknocker! No top rope attacks, though still some nifty moves, such as when Sheamus countered a slam from Henry into a DDT and Brogue Kicking Hnery over the announce table. The match ends in a countout in a Summerslam repeat and while it evens the score and puts the two on equal footing, it seems a bit of a letdown given the hype. The post match beatdown might have lasted as long as the actual match. Getting the WSS onto the steel steps has to hurt.