It’s the first week of build towards the Survivor Series, and as it’s Friday Night, it’s time for Smackdown!

The Undertaker was buried alive by Kane… will he miraculously make his return?  Will Kane find a new challenger?

Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre are no longer Unified World Tag Team Champions.  What’s next for them?  Do they keep up their alliance?  Will one of them turn on the other?  The singles championships on Smackdown are held by heels, so it wouldn’t make sense for either of them to go after Kane or Ziggler.

Smackdown is getting started… let’s get to it!

To open the show we get an interesting little video where The Undertaker walks through a dark hallway and opens a door, the hallway is flooded with light… and I suppose we’re to assume they’re saying he’s OFFICIALLY the Dead Man?

So Kane says the Undertaker is never coming back because he buried him… did he learn nothing from the other times The Undertaker lost a Buried Alive match?  This isn’t his first time having the dirt thrown on him to end a fight.

If Kane and The Undertaker are both associating themselves with Satan, why would The Undertaker worry about being laid to live enveloped in the darkside?  Why would he shy away from living an eternity of agony, and why would Kane think it’s a good idea to put him there?

Alberto Del Rio interrupts Kane… and I think a lot of people find themselves enjoying him a little more.  The announcers play it off as though he was interrupting a moment of silence for The Undertaker, but I’m not seeing it that way.  Anyone else?

Now Del Rio is standing up to Kane, clamoring on about a title shot, attacking Kane… which one of those guys are we supposed to dislike here?

Why would Rey Mysterio show up to protect Kane?  Didn’t Kane frame Rey for the attack on the Undertaker and then make his life a living hell for the month to follow?

Doesn’t Rey look a little less wholesome as he attacked a helpless Paul Bearer, who to my knowledge never did anything to Mysterio?  That’s one 6-1-9 he should’ve kept to himself.

Edge shows up and spears Kane… and I think it’s fairly obvious who’s going to end up getting the title shot at Survivor Series… especially if the ppv title match ends up in a one-on-one.  It could be a four-way, but Smackdown doesn’t typically roll that way.

Alberto Del Rio complains to Teddy Long about what just happens, and Teddy Long makes a triple threat for the main event, with the winner getting the #1 contenders spot.  I suppose if there’s no winner we’d get a ppv four-way, but I’m not betting on it.

Ziggler is going to be competing in the first contest of the night, and I need to clean my eyes out with some bleach as I was expecting to see some Kaitlyn… only to be met with an eyefull of Vickie Guerrero wearing a skin-tight cheetah / leopard suit.

Match – Dolph Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan (Danielson)

So again it looks like Dolph Ziggler can only have matches if he’s going to compete against that person week after week, show after show.  First it was Kofi, now it’s Daniel Bryan.  I was excited about Bragging Rights because of this match, and now I’ve gotten to see it twice this week on free tv.  Why buy a ppv?

Did we really need the announcers to tell us that Vickie Guerrero was dressed in a costume because Halloween is less than two days away?  Could we not make that connection ourselves?  Sometimes I want to watch this on mute.  Don’t tempt me, Smackdown, I did it to RAW back when it was Don West teaming up with Mike Tenay on commentary.  (I enjoy Tazz, so that problem doesn’t persist)

Why would Dolph Ziggler ever go for the sleeperhold?  He could get the Zig-Zag almost as easily and it’s far more effective for him.

Outcome – Daniel Bryan (Danielson) gets the win after hitting a big kick to the head (Back Brain Kick from NES “Pro Wrestling” anyone?) while Dolph Ziggler is distracted as Vickie Guerrero tries to figure out why Ziggler didn’t win the match.

You’d think after Vickie Guerrero had been involved in the wrestling business so long she’d know that the match isn’t over until the referee makes the three-count.  Why is she so upset with the referee over the fact that he was knocked out

Maybe if Josh Matthews had been more practiced at his “rear view” he wouldn’t have been snuck up on by Kane.  He’s gotta earn that nickname.

I’m not going to cover the “Stand Up For WWE” segment, but should we be surprised that Cody Rhodes never wanted to be anything other than a WWE wrestler?  Actually, I’m thinking that at some point he wanted to be in WCW, since that’s where his dad was treated with respect, but who knows, maybe Cody digs the yellow polka dotted outfit that Dusty Rhodes used to wear.

With the mirror on his jacket, why does cody Rhodes need to share a mirror with Kelly Kelly?  He’s not trying to hit on her (quite the opposite, actually).

Cody Rhodes basically challenges Big show to a tag team match, since he doesn’t want to have a singles match.  Did Cody Rhodes actually think that Big Show would have trouble finding a tag team partner?  Show has held the World Tag titles with two different partners in the past 18 months (Jericho and Miz).  The odds are in his favor.

Match – Jack Swagger vs Kaval

The last time we saw Kaval, he lasted 5 minutes with Big Show in the ring, and then idiotically let Tyler Recks have a match with him, resulting in Kaval not being able to go to the match at Bragging Rights.  How will he fare this time around?  I’m guessing if he does win, it won’t be convincingly.

The announcer saying “you can’t teach POWER” spits in the face of all of the Physics teachers I ever had.

Laugh at that last comment if you want to, I know what the announcer was saying.  If you don’t know what I was saying, just keep moving along, there’s nothing to see here aside from a somewhat lame science joke.

Before it gets too late in the match, let me state that I’m happy to see that the Bald Eagle mascott is still there for Jack Swagger.  Managers are under-rated in WWE, and even if the Eagle doesn’t say anything, he still adds something.

Outcome – Unsurprisingly, Jack Swagger gets the win with the ankle lock.

Oh good, a Diva’s Halloween Costume Contest is coming up.  Seriously, that’s a bright spot in the evening.  Hot ladies likely decked out in creative, sparsely clothed costumes – works for me.

Bella Twins in Batman / Robin outfits… works for me.  Nice comment by one of the announcers saying they wanted to spend a Dark Knight with them.  Points for the pun.

Kelly Kelly as Little Bo Peep, essentially the same outfit she had been wearing earlier, only now she’s got a little hat and a shepherd staff.

Rosa Mendes in a Leprechaun outfit.  Decently hot.

Melina with a Spider-woman outfit which doesn’t show nearly enough skin.  Very little interest in that.

LayCool dresses up as Lady Gaga and Beyonce (who I believe did a duet in 2010, though I don’t remember which one).  Good costumes by LayCool, but they’re not very revealing, which means they’re not winners in my book.

The crowd speaks, and who wins?  I’d think probably Kelly Kelly… and apparently we’re getting an 8 diva tag match.

Props to Layla for her Beyonce dance impression.  Why are the announers talking all about the cast of the old Adam West Batman series?  Not that the fans need the analysis of this match to pass the time, but still…

Why do big Divas matches always devolve into chaos?

Outcome – Kelly Kelly fights through the chaos and hits a standing guillotine legdrop over the throat of Rosa Mendes for the win.

Does anyone else think it’s a little cheap to use The Rock to help try to sell the Smackdown 2010 DVD?  The Rock was only on one episode for like 2 minutes.  It wasn’t exactly a return, and it definitely wasn’t live.

Apparently McIntyre & Rhodes want to get the tag titles back, and I have to wonder if they potentially lose their championship rematch if they lose to Big Show and whomever his tag team partner is going to be.

OH!  That’s a big step right there towards getting the tag titles back.  Apparently McIntyre & Rhodes now have a tag team name, which is essential to being taken seriously.  They’re “The Dashing Ones”.

Match – The Dashing Ones vs Big Show & Kofi Kingston

If Show & Kofi are going to be a tag team more than just tonight, can we just call them “Big Energy”?  Maybe “ShowK’s”?  That last option sounds better when you say it, making it sound like “Showcase”.  Still not a great option.  Maybe “Big K”?  They could have an instant sponsor by one of the bigger competitors for Walmart.

Did anyone else laugh when Big Show quieted the crowd down so they could hear him use the big palm strike onto Drew McIntyre’s chest?

I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate on the announcer’s assertion.  Why are Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel “obviously” out there watching somewhere?  Maybe they’re part of the huge portion of the WWE Universe who just prefer RAW.  Nexus has been avoiding Smackdown.

Outcome – Big Show covers Cody Rhodes for the pinfall after a chokeslam.

How about Drew McIntyre leaving the ring when he could’ve helped Cody avoid getting pinned?  Maybe this a sign that he doesn’t like the tag team name Cody came up with?  I’m not convinced “The Dashing Ones” is a Hall Of Fame worthy name.

And as quickly as The Dashing Ones got a tag team name… Cody just disbanded their team.

Main Event Time!

Match – Number One Contenders Match – Alberto Del Rio vs Edge vs Rey Mysterio

Sidenote on the announcement for Fan Apperciation Day – is it any surprise that HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT is getting Fan Appreciation Day just three days before the state of Connecticut votes in an election in which Linda McMahon is a candidate?  If she’s not in attendance, I’d be surprised.

Should we be at all surprised that this match begins with Rey Mysterio attacking Alberto Del Rio?  I’d be surprised if anyone else expected something different.  Shouldn’t Edge just let it happen?  So long as no one gets pinned and no one submits, he stands to gain.

Did anyone else really like the combination where Del Rio locked in the cross armbreaker and then Edge hit the elbow drop off the top rope onto ADR?  Clever.

Wow, how many false finishes is this match going to have?  There have been a half dozen times where I thought the match was going to end.

Is anyone else surprised that when Rey setup for two 6-1-9 opportunities at the same time, he didn’t get to hit either of them?

Outcome – Edge hits the spear on Alberto Del Rio (who had Mysterio in the Electric Chair Drop position at the time) to get the pinfall victory.

So what did we learn?

Edge gets the title shot against Kane, leaving the door open for Rey Mysterio to answer The Miz’s challenge.  If a Survivor Series match develops there, which I think we all expect, would Alberto Del Rio join The Miz’s team?  Seems likely.

Daniel Bryan (Danielson) is showing some dominance over Dolph Ziggler, so are we going to get the fourth match in the series on RAW?  That would make 4 straight shows (not counting whatever WWE Superstars show might still be on Thursdays which I’ve NEVER watched).  WWe wouldn’t dare think of unifying the Us & Intercontinental Championships, would they?  That would be a HUGE blow to the mid-card on whichever show loses it.

The Dashing Ones are no longer a team, so does this mean that we’re going to see a Cody Rhodes / Drew McIntyre feud?  I can’t imagine either of those guys being a “face” once this is all over with.  Could one of them end up back in a tag team with a different partner?

Will Kofi Kingston and Jack Swagger and MvP ever stop spinning their wheels and gain some traction in WWE?  Tons of talent, short on opportunity.