It’s Friday night, and with 48 hours left before Survivor Series, WWE has one more shot to set up one of their four biggest pay per views of the year.  This is my partially humorous attempt at giving you my perspective on what transpired on the November 19th edition of Smackdown.

Wow, can anyone els ebelieve this is the 24th anniversary of Survivor Series?  I’m guessing not, since most of the people in attendance for Smackdown aren’t quite 24 years old yet.  In fact, a large percentage of them aren’t old enough to drive yet.

After all these years, I don’t know why this just occurred to me.  The WWE provides a spanish announce team to help folks who don’t understand English.  Why not at least have subtitles whenever someone speaks in Spanish?

When “Team Del Rio” shows up at Survivor Series, is there any chance that they all show up in the same car?  Wouldn’t it be great if someone replaced Del Rio’s Range Rover or Escalade with a Mini-Van?  WWE needs to make that happen.  If Team Del Rio walks to the ring individually and Del Rio is the only one who uses a car, it’s a big failure on their part.

So now Alberto Del Rio can make matches?  I guess the WWE front office considers him legendary, or at least special.  And didn’t MVP hear the announcement that tonight was going to feature Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio as one of its main event matches?  Open your ears, MVP, and keep yourself from some disappointment.

When exactly was MVP inches away of achieving all of his dreams he’s worked for his entire WWE career?  I don’t remember him being in a World Title match lately, and he’s held the United States title before.  Hyperbole is annoying, announce team.

Someone should tell Matt Stryker that a Charles Oakley reference isn’t timely.  Maybe they could mention that the VCU basketball team has made it to the NCAA tournament recently.  If they’re going to reference a player, they should at least hype the guy up as “The Legendary New York Knick” Charles Oakley.

Is anyone surprised that MVP beat Drew McIntyre?  MVP has won a bunch of matches the past month or two, and I can’t remember the last time Drew McIntyre won a match.

Why did they make a new “Rated R” shirt and logo for Edge?  With WWE being TV PG, it really makes very little sense.

If Edge doesn’t want anyone to know where he and Paul Bearer are located, maybe he shouldn’t have brought along a camera crew?

Is anyone else surprised that Kane is smart enough that he knew to go after Teddy Long to find out where Edge took Paul Bearer?  Next, he should go tear up the production truck or a road agent.  They’re actually more likely to know.

How many injuries and DUI arrests and suspensions did it take for Chris Masters to not only start getting matches back on Smackdown, but to actually be placed into the traditional Survivor Series match?  I can’t recall the last time he was actually on pay per view.  At least now we know who’s going to be the first person eliminated from that match.

How does Dolph Ziggler not laugh when he says he’s got a hot girlfriend – Vickie Guerrero?  Good actor.

Unless maybe I’m mistaken, it seems like Chris Masters is involved in a Survivor Series match and Kaval isn’t.  How did that happen?  Couldn’t Kaval take his place?  Since the last time Masters was involved on a WWE PPV in a meaningful match, Kaval won and lost the TNA X Division Championship.

Kaval gets the win and decides to cash in his guaranteed pay per view title shot by challenging Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Title at Survivor Series.  I guess this is why Kaval isn’t in the Traditional Survivor Series match.

Is anyone surprised that he didn’t save that opportunity to take on the World Champ at some point?  I like what they’re doing, but I’m a little surprised by it.  This sets a good precedent.

Suddenly I’m getting a flashback of sorts to a past Wrestlemania.  If Kaval wins the Intercontinental Championship at Survivor Series, could he and Daniel Bryan (Danielson) have a Guerrero / Benoit moment where they’re both holding their championships, celebrating that they FINALLY got the credit they deserve?

Am I the only one who was excited for Kofi Kingston vs Cody Rhodes?  Two young competitors who could play a big role in the future of the WWE.

Whoa, Cody throwing a temper tantrum outside the ring after Kofi hit Cody in the face?  That’s a nice bit of character development they’ve got going.

Does anyone wish Kofi would get that upset over people messing with his hair?  It’ll take YEARS before a WWE developed video game gets his hair right, the least they could do is to keep people from tugging on it.

Hey Kofi, I don’t think I’ve EVER seen a time where your cross body block from the top rope ended with a pin… why even try?  If a guy’s on his last leg, just go for the Trouble In Paradise Kick.

I don’t know why, but I’m almost shocked that Cody Rhodes defeated Kofi Kingston here.  I’m almost expecting that Kofi will be eliminating Cody from the Traditional Survivor Series match.

Why would Rosa Mendes let herself get into a position where she’s outside the building with only Kane there?  I bet she wishes she didn’t take smoke breaks anymore…

Is anyone else surprised that Natalya and Kelly Kelly are the same height?  I always thought Kelly Kelly was taller than that.  Or maybe I thought Natalya was just shorter than that.  Whatever the case, I’m having a moment of height confusion.  Anyone else?

Yet again we get a Diva’s Tag Match where only one member of the non-LayCool team gets into the ring.

If Edge wasn’t expecting company, why did he order an entire pizza, a couple dozen wings, bread sticks, and a big batch of brownies?  And to think, that pitcher of iced tea (because it surely can’t be beer) is left on the counter, totally unused.  Out of all the things Edge hit Paul Bearer with, he could’ve at least dumped it over Paul’s head.

Have they ever explained why Tyler Reks has bedazzled hair?  Does anyone else think Tyler’s lucky to be getting any offense in this match?

Did Big Show even need to hook the leg when he made the cover after that chokeslam?  He probably could’ve just put a pinky finger down.  Tyler wasn’t kicking out.

If anyone was counting backstage the wins for Team Del Rio and Team Mysterio, why would they wait until main event time to bring it up?  Why not run some graphics?  Why not push the concept a little more throughout the show?  Granted I don’t hear everything the announcers mention so I might’ve missed it, but I wouldn’t have missed it if there were various references and a graphic and the idea got pushed a bit.

If Edge didn’t want people (namely Kane) to know where he and Paul Bearer were, then why would he show up in the arena before the end of the show?  Doesn’t that basically make that pointless?

So the main event devolves into a crazy scuffle featuring all the guys from Team Del Rio and Team Mysterio rushing the ring… and is anyone else happy that Teddy Long didn’t just let that happen – turing the main event into a Battle Royal?

Spoiler alert:  guys aren’t going to eliminate guys from their Survivor Series team until there’s no one left from the other team… but it won’t come to that.

So Big Show and Rey Mysterio win the Battle Royal, not even trying to see who the final entrant would be, and did anyone have any doubt that Big Show wouldn’t be eliminated?

So Smackdown pushes its matches for the pay per view well.  The Intercontinental Championship gets a pay per view match (and more importantly a feud).  The World Championship feud continues towards the pay per view without getting stale with any retredding.  Nice work, Smackdown Creative Team.