Five nights after Survivor Series, so it’s time for Smackdown.  If you’re new to my articles, each week on my site – – I do an article where I give my perspective on RAW and Smackdown in the form of Questions, Comments and Analysis.  Some people find it funny.  Some people don’t.  Bleacher Report considers it SATIRE, which I guess is alright by me.  Let’s get down to business.

What’s in store tonight?

There’s gotta be the fall-out from the Survivor Series match, right?  Expect to hear about it from Alberto Del Rio, Big Show and Rey Mysterio at the very least.

We’ve heard that the King Of The Ring is going to happen on Monday, so we need to find out who the four Blue Show qualifiers are going to be.  Will they go the regular route of four one-on-one matches?  They don’t have to do it that way…. but they’re not always creative enough to do things in unconventional ways.

What about Dolph Ziggler and his Intercontinental Title?  Will he still be feuding with Kaval, or will someone else get to step up?

There were wrestlers released from WWE recently, including several individuals related to the tag team “division”.  Will any new teams form tonight?  Am I the only one who cares about the tag division?

Let’s see what they’ve got.

So Smackdown begins, and Kane comes to the ring, still wearing the World Heavyweight Championship because he and Edge tied at Survivor Series.  Any chance that either of them mention the addage that a tie “is like kissing your sister”?  I can only imagine who WWE would pick to be the sister for Kane and The Undertaker.

With Kane speaking in the ring, not saying anything which would immediately cause someone to show up (he wasn’t trashing anyone, and there were no open challenges), so why does the director keep switching the camera to show the stage?  Do we really need to see Kane on the Titan Tron?  Are we really expecting someone before Kane is done talking?  If they want to tease Edge showing up, that’s fine, but why are half of the fans watching the stage?

Hey Kane, you can’t call yourself the Devil’s Favorite Demon one week and then talk about how you’re a “warm, caring human being” the next.  And to say you love Christmas?  I don’t like this version of Kane, and I wish Edge would’ve shown up sooner.  Any chance Edge will add this to his “Tour To Stop Stupidity In The WWE”?  I was disappointed to see that aspect of his character cast aside.

Now that John Cena is “GONE” from WWE, is Edge taking his spot with the young fans?  He sounds more like a pre-school teacher in this opening segment than he does like a “Rated-R” Superstar.  All this talk of making Kane say “PLEASE” because it’s the magic word?  Let’s make that TWO characters I’m liking less tonight.

King of the Ring (KotR) Qualifier Match – Jack Swagger vs Kofi Kingston

I’m glad to see that Jack Swagger is still being accompanied to the ring by the bald eagle mascot, not just because my elementary school mascot was the Eagle (truth), but also because it’s a great aspect of his character.  What are the odds that the mascot will ever be demasked so we can officially find out who it is?

The announcers on RAW and now on Smackdown have both mentioned that SIX Hall of Famers have won King of the Ring.  Why haven’t they mentioned the names?  I know who they are, but some fans might appreciate hearing who won it.  They don’t have to mention Mabel or Booker T, but talking about Bret Hart and Owen Hart in addition to Austin and Triple H would be a good thing.  Also, I realize that Owen Hart isn’t in the Hall Of Fame yet, but I think most people consider him a legend.

Bonus poll:

Back to the article, which will be updated as I make my way through the show!

Does anyone else hope that this “Swags” nickname doesn’t catch on for Jack Swagger?  Just hearing it makes me cringe.

Why should we be surprised that Kofi’s “Boom Drop” didn’t work to pin Jack Swagger?  Has it ever worked before?  Not that I remember…. though the one time when he did it through a production table against Randy Orton, it probably would’ve.

Outcome – Kofi Kingston gets the win with his Trouble In Paradise kick.  Did anyone else think that was going to go a different direction?

Am I the only one who thought it was a bit too much for Paul Bearer to start chanting “bastard! bastard! bastard!”?  Totally unnecessary.

So Kane finally finds the bathroom Edge drove Bearer into… and the sign reads “Gone Fishin'”?  Why would Edge leave the wheel-chair?  Now he has to walk around with Paul Bearer over his shoulder, or pushing him along.

Now we get a promo backstage where Alberto Del Rio talks to Josh Matthews.  Did anyone else think that ADR was going to be facing Rey Mysterio in a qualifier match?  I’m a little surprised they put him in against Big Show.  I’d be surprised if ADR doesn’t make it into the brackets somehow, and I fully expect that sometime next Monday, he’ll have a match with Rey Mysterio, because that’s how WWE likes to do things.

Just a quick note on the promo for the book chronicling the WWE Championship… out of all the options they had to choose from, why would they choose the Spinner Belt to put on the cover?

KotR Qualifier – Alberto Del Rio vs Big Show

What kind of car is it this week?  Oh, just another Rolls Royce.  Anyone else still impressed?  Yeah, I thought so.  I’d be surprised if anyone who ever reads this article will ever own a Rolls Royce that nice.  No offense, I’d be surprised if I ever own one either.

The announcers mentioned that Alberto Del Rio was attacking Big Show’s knee, why didn’t they sell the idea that ADR is working over Big Show’s arm?  That’s the more psychological item in this match, given Big Show’s punch, chokeslam, and ADR’s cross arm breaker.

Outcome– Big Show lives up to his “knucklehead” name as he gets counted out of the match with no other reason than being distracted and wanting to punch ADR’s personal ring announcer.

Did Big Show really care so little about this match that he didn’t think to listen to the referee as he was being counted out?

So Edge is shown with Paul Bearer inside the arena bowl… how many wheelchairs does he have?  One was left in that bathroom, and Bearer is still tied to this one.

The people are cheering Edge threatening to throw Paul Bearer down the steps…. really?!  I’d be not sympathetic for Edge ever again if he shoved Bearer down the steps.  What kind of a backwards place is Smackdown hailing from this week where the people overwhelmingly cheer to shove Bearer down the concrete arena steps.

Another location, and yet again another empty wheelchair.  There’s no chance Edge actually untied Paul Bearer that quickly and hauled him off without a wheelchair.

KotR Qualifier Match – MVP vs Drew McIntyre

Let’s see if trend analysis works at all here.  Drew McIntyre hasn’t won a match in a while, and MVP has been on a hot streak, got new theme music and new attire.  Also, MVP came out to pyro, McIntyre did not.  All the signs point to MVP, right?

Drew McIntyre works the arm, and could this be?  Is MVP actually selling an injury really well?

Outcome – Drew McIntyre qualifies for King Of The Ring after hitting his Future Shock DDT, an opportunity made possible because of MVP’s hurt arm.

Did WWE just have Hornswoggle shoot the mascot with a bow and arrow so he could eat him for Thanksgiving?  If the killing of the individual under the suit went to court, could Rosa Mendes be charged with accessory to murder because she burnt the original turkey?

So LayCool shows up and complains about being thrown out of RAW… and did they really call Natalya “unshaven”?  That’s a bit too much information.

After all the negative press the city of Jacksonville got a couple years ago when they hosted the Super Bowl, is anyone else surprised Michelle McCool is from there?

Diva Action – Michelle McCool vs Kelly Kelly

Did they just make mention that BOTH of these Divas are from Jacksonville?  Is that why one of the announcers earlier mentioned that one of the women in the front row looked like Kelly Kelly?

Outcome – Kelly Kelly wins with a crazy looking roll-up

LayCool looks for the beatdown, and Beth Phoenix charges the ring to save Kelly Kelly and get some retribution for putting Beth on the shelf a few months ago.

Another RAW Rebound which won’t be reciprocated for the Blue Show once Monday rolls around.  This is like a bad relationship.  I wouldn’t say there’s abuse involved, but Smackdown shows WAY more love to RAW than is returned to it.

After an hour of commercials, we’re now down to the last 15 minutes of the show, meaning the next match is the last.

When a pay per view is sponsored by WWE’s own video game, is that really a sponsorship at all?  That’s a bad sign if you ask me.

KotR Qualifier – Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes

Dashing Cody Rhodes has his own shirt?  Talk about a non-seller.

Why would anyone be surprised that Alberto Del Rio is showing up to watch Rey Mysterio’s match in person?

How great is it that Cody Rhodes continues to amp up his “don’t hit me in the face” gimmick, to the point where Mysterio NEARLY kicked him in the head and Cody had to leave the ring for a moment to check his face in the mirror on the back of his jacket?  Then he cowers in fear to avoid being hit in the face a minute later.  Adding cowardly and vain to arrogant just helps Cody Rhodes build up more reasons to consider him one of the top heels on Smackdown.  Does anyone else think it’s only a matter of time before Cody Rhodes wins the World Title?

Hopefully no one’s surprised that Alberto Del Rio got physically involved in the match.  I mean, he was still wearing his wrestling tights, that should’ve been a strong first clue.

Outcome – Cody Rhodes wins the match and qualifies for King of the Ring after hitting Cross Rhodes on Mysterio.

Whoa, easy, Stryker.  Posing questions to be answered at a later time is sorta my gig…

After hiding in a bathroom, then in the arena bowl, and then failing to be waiting near the hot dog stand, is anyone else not surprised that Edge was waiting outside?  Is anyone else not surprised that Edge had yet ANOTHER wheelchair to use?

What part of the stuffing falling out of the Paul Bearer manequin dummy was supposed to fool Kane into thinking Bearer had been hit by a car?

So now Smackdown has its four qualifiers – Kofi Kingston, Alberto Del Rio, Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes.  Poll time, focused on the Smackdown Qualifiers chances to win King Of The Ring!

The questions which remain are basically concerning the King Of The Ring.  Will there be a Smackdown portion of the bracket separate from the RAW portion, or will the qualifiers be randomly matched up so that RAW guys face Smackdown guys?  Maybe a mix?

Will any of the other folks from Smackdown be in attendance at RAW?  Might they get involved at all with the tag team championships?

Is this the first time in a while we didn’t see Dolph Ziggler and/or Vickie Guerrero on an episode of Smackdown?

It was an interesting episode which could’ve been better, but they were a bit limited by having to have four qualifier matches and the continuation of an underwhelming angle in the main event.

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