#xmasinnovember: So the fans are treated to a rare sight tonight, in that Smackdown is live on Tuesday, instead of being taped and shown on Fridays, to kick off the holiday season. So all the smarks haven’t had time to dissect the spoilers. Plus there’s Mick Foley in a Santa costume!

#jollysaintmick: So it’s ‘snowing’ inside the arena, or at least in the area around the entrance ramp, as Foley makes his way to the ring. Did Josh Mathews just make a fat joke about ‘Saint Mick’? That was unexpected. Saying ‘let’s see what in St Mick’s bag of goodies’ could be seen as not very PG. Oh there’s a WHC match in there, well I guess that’s alright. There’s also a Miracle on 34th Street Fight and I wonder which genius on Creative came up with that one. Unfortunately, Santa can’t fulfill his No Cole promise, but has his come out in a reindeer costume, which in some ways is even better. Unfortunately this means his ranting will be up by a factor of 42 all night. Josh looks equally as ridiculous in his elf costume. Next is Booka Clause, as in Booker T in a Santa costume. WWE shows its tolerance to its Jewish viewers by having Booker make like a dreidel and do a spin-a-rooni, on an a set dripping with Christmas decorations. Perfect. Finally we’re saved from the absurdity by…

#smokingmirror: Rhodes saying because he no longer has the mask he’s seeing things a little more clearly is a nice touch and a small attempt to differentiate his current persona from his masked one. The way he moves his head as he speaks is still there and makes him unique in how he delivers his promos. Cody insulting Booker by constantly referring to him as ‘announcer’ reinforces Booker’s role and makes the impending match or matches that much more different. Foley jumps in and makes that very match, though Booker doesn’t look too happy. Though later Rhodes attacks Booker backstage, ostensibly postponing their match.

#santaslittlehelper: Cue obligatory holiday Divas match with then all in appropriate costume. Jolly Mick says its a mistletoe match where to win a Divas must climb a pole to retrieve the mistletoe. It’s as if they’re trying to compete somehow with the travesty on TNA puled on the Knockouts, if only slightly less tasteful. The winner can ‘cash in’ in the mistletoe at anytime until Xmas. This probably alludes to AJ winning so she can ‘cash in’ on her almost-boyfriend Daniel Bryan. Though surprisingly one the Bellas grabs it after using the other one as a step. Talk about throwing someone under the bus.

#capetownwerewolf: Josh claims that’s how Justin Gabriel’s Twitter followers refer to him. Luckily Jindar Mahal is out to yell at the crowd about what sounds like Christmas. I wonder how you say ‘What?’ in Punjabi or Hindi. At least he’s speaking in English as well so people can understand him. I wonder if DiBiase will make an appearance in order to further their feud. As soon as that sentence is typed, Ted’s music hits and he comes out with a Santa hat and a bag of gifts to hand out to fans. He got a pretty big pop when he came out, so that’s good for him. Gabriel uses the distraction to hit the 450 splash for the win.

#holidaycheer: The only reason I’m mentioning the ‘holiday party’ segment backstage is because Dusty Rhodes makes an appearance. This allows Goldust to make his triumphant return in a terrific Christmas sweater and do his signature breathe in and chomp the air or whatever it’s called. Of course David Otunga shows up to ruin everyone’s fun. Foley responds by placing him in the aforementioned Street Fight with Randy Orton. His Harvard law degree won’t help him there.

#halfpennytitle: So it’s Kofi facing Tyson Kidd. The only thing that could make this interesting is if they somehow address Bourne’s absence and the fact that the Penny Titles have completely been ignored. Not that it would be any different then how they’re treated normally. At least Kidd has normal hair and not just that little bit from his Hart Dynasty days.

#miraclestreetfight: Somehow I don’t think all the holiday cheer will change the blank look on Orton’s face. Maybe the fact that he has to face someone as green as Otunga will cheer him up. He looks pretty pleased with himself after sending David through a few of the Christmas trees at ringside. He even yelled ‘ho, ho, ho’ at one point. I think the most complex move that Otunga performed throughout the match was a basic suplex. Of course he didn’t get much offense in as he got manhandled by Randall, or manrandalled if you will. Wade the Grinch comes out to ruin the fun, aiding Otunga, but Orton still kicks out. I’m surprised Barrett didn’t run back in after Orton survived the ambush attempt. I’m also surprised they didn’t mention that both Barrett and Otunga were both in Nexus together. Since the show is filled with holiday cheer, Orton hits an RKO for the win.

#battleroyale: Interesting that they let Hunico come out to his music on TV, right before Sheamus did. Does it mean anything? I mean he was perhaps headed to an extended feud with Sin Cara before Cara got injured. At least Hornswoggle came out and immediately crawled underneath the ring. He’ll make an appearance later, which he does later by crawling out and pulling Tyson Kidd to the floor, eliminating him. There was a pretty sweet staredown between Sheamus and Ezekiel Jackson, which The Great White got the better of, eliminating Big Zeke. So it’s down to Sheamus and 4 heels and the action for some reason spills out to the floor, but no one was eliminated since they didn’t go over the top rope. Mahal pulls Hornswoggle out and throws him in the ring to begin the ‘bullying’. Sheamus comes back in and cleans house. However, Hornswoggle is still left and Sheamus tells him to leave before getting tricked into being eliminated. Well that went on for far too long and accomplished nothing. In a later backstage segment, Hornswoggle gets his wish granted and can now talk!

#raginacage: Bryan saying he knows 17 different submissions he can apply to Henry’s injured ankle is as clear an indication of Bryan’s technical prowess as anything. There hasn’t really been a wrestler with that level of submission skill pushed as much lately. I remember back in the day they had a ton of submisson guys and matches, like the Benoit-Angle Ultimate Submisson match at Backlash in 2001. I like they did wrestler introductions inside the ring, as it gives a big fight feel. This is a match certainly suited to Henry as the cage is really an extension of the punishment he can dish out to Bryan. The American Dragon turns the tables, or the cage in this instance, and goes straight for Henry’s injured ankle and Mark sells like a champ. Bryan gets the LaBell Lock in, Henry powers out, Bryan counters into an Ankle Lock, but Henry rolls through and kicks away Bryan. Wow, that was an awesome sequence. At least they move to the drama of having one wrestler on top of the cage and the other trying to keep him in. That’s where some of the best spots of this type of match happen. That very thing happens a Henry hits a WSS on Bryan from the top rope for the win. A great match that ended as expected, since WWE wants to continue Henry’s reign and Bryan still has the MITB ready for Wrestlemania, if he doesn’t cash in earlier then that.