#backtoback: We barely have time to digest all the twists and turns of RAW before a live edition ofSmackdown. They always step up the main event on these live Samckdowns and the last one was that WHC Steel Cage match between Henry and Bryan which was very good.  Tonight should not disappoint either as we have Champ v Champ in Bryan v Punk in a rematch of their bout from a few weeks ago. Given enough time, those two can easily put on a 5 star match. I’m sure the indie smarks are beside themselves.

#stillchamp: The commentators keeps emphasizing that Bryan somehow was able to escape the Chamber on Sunday still the champ. I understand they have to portray him as a somewhat cowardly heel, but they might be going a bit over the top. I mean couldn’t they talk about how cunning he was in surviving instead of squeaking by  and thus deflating the importance of the win? Bryan claiming he’s heading to ‘the main event’ of Mania is somewhat comical since his match will be 4th in importance behind Rock-Cena, Taker-HHH and Punk-Jericho. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it open the show. I can understand why some people do not like Bryan’s new character, but for me it’s a vast improvement over what he was before. He is just more interesting as a character and astronomically better on the mic. Even the way he knits his brows as he talks about Sheamus just adds to his heelness.

#stillawesome: So I was expecting Shemaus or perhaps Punk to come out, but we get a treat in the form of The Miz. Since Bryan is clearly a heel now, it will be interesting to see if Miz gets a face reaction from the crowd. It seems not since he actually congratulates Bryan on his success, claiming he learned all he knows from him and even saying they should form a tag team one day. Now we get a face reaction when Sheamus comes out. He doesn’t even get his own mic, instead taking Miz’s. The look on Miz’s face as he stares at his now empty hand is priceless. Things fall apart quickly after that, as to be expected from a confrontation between the Rumble winner and his choice of champion. All Miz gets for his sucking up is a match against Sheamus that is joined in progress as we return from the commercial break. Mix gets a decent amount of offense in, but it falls short. At least it wasn’t a squash, which would have let us know that Miz is truly in the doghouse with WWE officials.

#depthchart: Well Kofi and Truth are teaming up again so it’s looking like they might be a tag team in the long term. They don’t face the tag champs again but Ziggler and Swagger. Did you know that Swagger is the United States champ? I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t since he has done nothing since winning it from Ryder. As if the title could be devalued anymore then it is right now. Doesn’t matter since Dolph does most of the work in picking up the victory.

#fillermatch: That’s what this Khali-McIntyre match is and the burial of the Sinister Scotsman continues with a squash that didn’t even last a minute. What’s the point? McIntyre has alot more promise in the long run then Khali? It’s just mind boggling why Khali is getting a push at all. It’s also mind boggling that they keep mentioning that he is a former World Champion. I thought WWE liked to forget about its embarrassing moments.

#giantsclash: So the main SD feud of the last few months of 2011 is revisited here tonight in Show-Henry. The commentators seemed more concerned about the Long-Ace authority battle and Cody Rhodes costing Big Show WHC shots then the match itself. It’s not a technical showcase but is plenty physical. Henry gets back some of his monster heelness when he screams at Show when he’s down in the corner. It seems Cody can take no more and comes out to the ramp to berate Show and start his new series, ‘Another Embarrassing Big Show Wrestlemania Moment’ with this installment about his sumo match against Akebono. I still think the Grooming Tips series was better but this new one is just starting so there’s time. Show chases Rhodes to the back to ‘end’ the match.

#authoritybattle: So it’s Travel Mug v Zeke II with basically the same result as in a Mug victory. The result of these matches is largely irrelevant because they’re stand-ins for Ace and Long. Cole and Booker like to say that the two GMs are fighting for control of both shows, but really all it’s been so far is a handful of snide comments and jokes. At least it gives David Otunga’s Travel Mug something to do besides stand around and look like a tool. Now he can wrestle and be a tool at the same time.

#technicalmasters: In a backstage promo before this match, Punk claimed that if Bryan asks AJ to shave her head, he would sue Bryan for copyright infringement. A very nice allusion to Punk’s Straight Edge Society days. Though it’s ruined as both men are coming to the ring and Cole is gushing about the Twitter war between Punk and Chris Brown and how it’s the lead story on TMZ. It’s laughable that TMZ is being used as a legitimate news source, because we all know it is nothing more then a cesspool of filth where celebrities are stalked and their ‘reporters’ will do anything to get a story. Now off the soapbox and back to the match. It’s as you would expect with plenty of quick reversals and counters as well as the technical ability you’d expect from both. Bryan starts to walk up the ramp only to be tossed back in by Sheamus right into a kick from Punk followed by the pin. Fortunately, Ace comes out and restarts the match which saves it from being disappointing. Not to end the controversy, Bryan uses the ropes as leverage to gain a pin. You know who’s coming out now. It is indeed Teddy Long who restarts the match for the second time and no one say that coming (/sarcasm). Though the in ring action is great, it’s ultimately watered down by the inclusion of the GM authority angle. Not to have one of their champions look weak heading into Mania, the match ends when both men pin each other at the same time and the ref doesn’t make a call as to the winner. Teddy and Ace argue over who won and it elevates to both men taking off their jackets. Now it’s time to rumble. Unfortunately, Teddy just walks off as the show ends.