#rosterburial: I know this is just a sort of one off thing, bringing back past Legends for a special night, but it’s kind of symptomatic of the inability of WWE to develop or even trust young talent. They don’t think Punk can carry RAW, so they push him to the middle of the card and bring back Lesnar. This is even true of Rock and Jericho to a certain extent. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy seeing the stars of the past, but wish WWE would devote more to its young talent, even giving more time to the Foley-Moxley ‘feud’ that’s developing. Going against a legend like Foley would certainly help Jon Moxley get started in the big leagues. I refer to him by his indy name mainly because the WWE one is lame.

#publicapology: So Mean Gene is out to introduce Sheamus who begins with an apology for his actions last week. I know it makes storyline sense for him to apologize, but it does sort of take away from his intimidation factor. Heel Sheamus did that kind of ‘disrespectful’ stuff and it only added to his persona, while Face Sheamus apologizing for it takes away and he doesn’t seem like he’s that threatening. Then the perfect way to get the angry Sheamus back comes out in the form of Mr Excitement to make him apologize to the ref he Brogue Kicked. Didn’t he just do that? Stoking The Pale One’s anger by making him apologize multiple times doesn’t seem like a smart move, though I wouldn’t put it by Johnny to strip the WHC off him  for pure spite. He does put Sheamus on probation with the stipulation that if he touches a ref he’s fired. That certainly ups the stakes in the Smackdown main event picture.

#changeneeded: I thought Punk had it bad, but Orton is now in the opening match tonight against Henry and that can’t be good. Maybe it’s because Creative realizes they’ve done all they can with a face Orton. His feud with Kane wasn’t all that exciting, besides not making much sense. It’s time for a change as face Orton has run his course. If he is going to become relevant again, he needs to turn heel. He was a great in that role, from the Legend Killer to Evolution to Legacy. I was skeptical he could be a successful face and while he did pull it off for a time, it’s starting to become bland and uninteresting. Speaking of which, Kane’s pyro ‘shockingly’ interrupts the match and the man himself shows up on the Tron to taunt Randall before the camera pans to a knocked Cowboy Bob Orton. Not did Kane’s taunts seem like he was wanting Orton to ’embrace the hate’ like he did with Cena, but he’s going after family members like Jericho is doing on RAW. As if this isn’t cliche enough already, Randall runs to the back only to be attacked from behind by Kane. Oh well, at least they found a way to keep this feud going.

#jobbercrusher: Introducing Ryback back to the audience by having him bowl overs jobbers is a good move, since they want to establish his dominance, but not at the expense of any of its own talents. So for the second week in a row, Ryback demolishes an unknown guy with an even lamer name then Dean Ambrose. That clothesline at the beginning of the match that flipped the jobber completely over looked pretty impressive.

#tagteamrevival: Having the ultimate jobber Heath Slater team up with an apparently face Tyson Kidd to square off against The Usos is as good a place as any to start a revival of the tag team division. Though like many storylines Creative comes up with, they’ll just let this one disappear and ignore it next week. At least The Mouth of The South Jimmy Hart is out there as the one time only manager of Slater and Kidd to provide some comedy with his megaphone. Of course that takes the focus off the match and so does Mick Foley chasing him away with Mr Socko. Oh The Usos won by the way, but that really doesn’t matter right now.

#piedpiper: So Bryan goes from his lady’s man gimmick a while back to dumping AJ on TV. At least he’s more interesting this time around. He could come out and explain his actions, but having that happen in Piper’s Pit is just so much more entertaining. I forgot to mention this last week, but Bryan turning his back to AJ as she walked out of the ring was a great move as it spoke volumes about Bryan’s contempt for her at that moment. It wouldn’t be Piper’s Pit without some controversy and Hot Rod inviting AJ down to the ring to face Bryan certainly would qualify. It backfires on him as AJ takes all the blame for what happened at Mania and wants to make up with Bryan. With the sudden popularity of his Yes chant, the WWE had the problem of a heel getting a face reaction for the fans. The subsequent breakup with AJ and Piper’s involvement in furthering that angle ensure Bryan remains a heel, so a potentially big problem was avoided. Slapping a Hall of Famer like Piper certainly didn’t hurt either.

#mixedtag: The match is Khali-Alicia-Natalya vs McIntyre-Nikkie-Brie. Wait, what? First off, Natalya is a face now? Then Drew walks out of the match after like a minute? Alicia gets the pin soon after and Natalya didn’t even get in the match? Mae Young showing up is no more surreal then anything else in this segment.

#familyreunion: Cody coming out to rant about the old guys taking up time that could be better spent on young talent like himself, only to be interrupted by his father, Dusty Rhodes, fits with the old-better-then-young theme of the evening. The entertaining father-son bonding session is interrupted by Big Show who does not show a Mania clip of Cody, but one of his old Grooming Tip videos. I thought those were funny and quite entertaining in their own right.

#handicapmatch: I know this is technically a tag team match, but Sheamus’ partner is Mean Gene against Sheamus and Bryan, so it’s basically a two on one match. At least Del Rio keeps with the theme of the night, riding out in a throwback car. Bryan and Del Rio actually work well in the beginning, tagging in and out to isolate Sheamus. Those two, along with Ricrado surround and threaten Mean Gene only to have all the legends come out to make the save. Piper distracts Bryan so Sheamus can get the Brogue Kick in for the win. Not much of a match, but it was mainly put on to entertain the fans, so I guess we can’t complain too much.