Something Rotten in The State of WWE: Rotten because there’s a shadowy figure manipulating things from behind the scences, all for the express purpose of ousting Triple H. Well we have the main proponents of this walkout angle in the ring and Otunga is looking more and more like a lawyer, with the sweater and yet another bow tie. Everyone knows the reason why all these heels dislike the way Triple H has acted as COO is because he doesn’t do things the way they’d like and the more they complain about him, the more it’s clear it becomes. I wonder when someone will point this out by saying this whole walkout idea has nothing to do with how good or bad HHH is as COO, but is purely motivated by personal feelings and them not getting their way. At least Wade Barrett is given time on the mic and to remind everyone how great his skills are in that area.

The Leader Emerges!: Del Rio is the leader? Is it really because he’s the WWE Champion? I get the idea that with the title comes influence, but I’m not totally convinced he can be a leader of a group yet. He has the potential of course, so time will tell. Speaking of leaders, Teddy Long comes out and makes a few matches, including Del Rio in the next one. I’m a little bit stumped as to why they keep booking the world champions in the first match of the show. Being the top guy on the show should mean you’re in the main event, right?

A Tale of Two Caras: I was reading the results of the Cara v Cara match at HIAC and thought WWE left something out. Since the real Cara won, shouldn’t there be a scene where he absorbs the essence and power of the Faux Cara? After all there can be only one. His match against Del Rio is actually pretty good and I’m sure they’re trying it out for the upcoming Mexican tour. Alberto gives Cara an Angle-like German suplex with Cara looking like he lands right on his head. They show a replay of it twice, so it must be a highlight. In a rare moment, Booker makes an astute observation that Del Rio is focusing on Cara’s head after that landing, making it good match psychology. Though that Tornado DDT looked more like Del Rio was performing it, rather then Cara, who the crowd was ostensibly supposed to take as the move performer. After Cara taps to the CAB, Faux Cara comes out for a beatdown.

AirBoom: Bourne actually gets some mic time in the pre-match backstage promo, which was surprising. For someone who doesn’t talk alot on TV, he sounds like he can hold his own. The Tag champs were scheduled to face Ziggler and Swagger, but they get jumped by them before they’re even to the ring. Interesting shot of Vickie watching it all with the US Title over her shoulder. Bourne is out after a nasty Zig Zag on the outside, so Kofi is on his own to start out the match. Even does make a comeback, a valiant effort until he gets pinned by Swagger. The initial beatdown was in keeping with the chaos of the current walkout storyline, so it’s a nice touch in that respect. However, it does take away from the actual action in the ring.

Glamatalya: Another name for the Divas of Doom? Even though Beth is the champ, Natalya helps her hold up the title when both are standing on the apron. It’s an interesting move that suggests solidarity between the two, along with the matching color scheme of their outfits. Hopefully they don’t turn this into each of them carrying a piece of the title a la LayCool. Alicia Fox is Beth’s opponent? Even more surprising was Josh mentioning that Alicia beat Booker at gold recently. Cole of course goes for the ‘You got beat by a girl?’ line before laughing like a hyena. The match is over in less then a minute in another Glam Slam-aided squash. Though the real action is post-match where Natalya puts Alicia in her pretzel-ish submission while Beth mocks her on the mic.

Return of The Show: Has it really been 4 months since Show was taken out? It seems longer somehow. At least we get The Gentle Giant back. He gets pretty emotional in explaining how the injury affected his life. It’s corny, but Show does some good acting in conveying the pain and sadness, right down to the tone of his voice. Predictably, he proclaims he’ll take the WHC from Henry. Mark uses the ‘only on my time’ line so we’ll see if the match comes to pass, though it’s clear that’s what they’re building towards.

Action Jackson: Even Big Zeke is tired of Jinder Mahal running his mouth in his native tongue. After trying to shush him, Zeke goes right at it. At least we get to see him do 100 powerslams in a row before locking in the Torture Rack for the win.

Oh No: Hornswoggle is back? Why? Did they need to lighten the mood given all the turmoil? He brings Booker into the ring so he can did his signature Spinarooni before doing one of his own. The segment made no sense whatsoever and is something I’d expect from TNA.

Main Event Time: It was a year ago the Orton and Sheamus were battling for the WWE Title at HIAC inside the titular structure. Now they’re tag partners? The interview with Randy earlier in the show would have been the perfect time for Sheamus to walk in for a staredown or mention of their past. Unfortunately that did not happen. Sheamus’ thing where he stands his opponent on the apron and repeatedly smacks them in the chest could turn out to a new edition of the 10 count punch sequence. I can see people getting behind and counting the smacks or whatever they are called. When he gets tagged in, the voices in Randy’s head tell him to clothesline Christian again and again, just about the amount of times Zeke powerslammed Mahal in their match. Speaking of the 10 count punch, Orton is able to get it in on Christian, then giving Cole the opportunity to say ‘Vintage!’ with a rope hung DDT on Mr Whines. Orton eventually RKOs Cody for the win and gets to pose on the turnbuckle with Sheamus for the fans. I will say that Christian is getting on my nerves. His whole whiner gimmick was already really old a few months ago. Is it the only way he can be a main event player? All he has are two paper title reigns to show for it. In regards to getting some actual success, it seems like he’s caught in a catch 22 and that is my 3rd literary reference of the article. See if you can spot the other two, kind of like finding Waldo. Or Not.

The Answer: No Allen Iverson did not show up, it is instead Mark Henry who comes out to answer Big Show’s earlier challenge. He gives a ‘no’ as a response before getting attacked by Show who is then restrained by like 15 security dudes. Not satisfied with just beating up Henry, Show proceeds to decimate all the security. Henry hightails it and interestingly has a shocked and/or scared expression on his face. Show brings him back to ringside, eventually chokeslamming him through the announce table. Teddy comes out to say Show has his match with Henry, but that is more or less irrelevant compared to the actual beatdown. Even though this is a promo/fight in the ‘main event’ slot, it does a good job of setting up Show as a legit threat to Henry. The only thing that can take down the behemoth that is Mark Henry, is another behemoth, or so it would seem.