World’s Smallest Violin: That’s exactly what I hear whenever Christian starts talking, because you know he’ll get around to complaining about how he isn’t WHC or he deserves one more match. He interrupts Teddy Long’s in ring address in order to say he’s dominated Smackdown lately and how ‘resilient’ he’s been. Well yeah if by resilient he means thick headed. Speaking of resilience, CM Punk comes out! Punk is nothing if not resilient in his anti-authority quest. So it seems that this Supershow concept isn’t restricted to RAW anymore. Punk’s comment about SD having competent leadership leads to a funny exchange involving Punk comparing Long to FDR and calling Christian ‘Rusty Bird’. Basically it comes down to Punk mocking Christian for his bitching and moaning and he says it like 42 more times. He even goes for the comedy gag of interrupting when he throws in another bitching right when Christian is about to speak. It culminates in Punk challenging Christian to a match which Teddy confirms. When Punk was talking about Teddy earlier I kept flashing back to when Punk was WHC and feuding with ‘Taker and how Mr Long got involved in all of that.

Rap Time: Oh? I guess not? I suppose we’ve grown accustomed to hearing TruMiz rap about awesomeness and Little Jimmies everytime they come out. At least AirBoom has their own entrance music and not some lame mashup of their individual themes. Truth’s uber-aggressiveness in the beginning of the match was kind of funny, with his usual bug eyed look completing it. TruMiz evantually get the win with truth hitting his Little Jimmy finisher at the same time Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale. So they call it the Little Jimmy Finale? I suppose that works more then any other combo of their finisher’s names. Either way, it looked pretty impressive as they showed the replay a handful of times. The post-match promo is dedicated to promoting their recent victories in tag action and harsh words trying to undermine the fragile Cena-Rock ‘alliance’.

Aksana: If you didn’t know she was back, then the jazz music and light changes in the back certainly tipped you off and Teddy asks to ‘discuss this’ in his ‘office’. What’s the point of this whole Aksana angle? Are they trying to infuse some raunchiness into a PG product? It’s confusing more then anything because it doesn’t seem to have a clear direction.

Barrett Barrage: I like Barrett Barrage better then Uprising or whatever he called it last week. At least he’s getting constant exposure and a storyline to work on. He’s impressive in the ring, money on the mic and really has the makings of a future world champion. He just needs to keep brawling his way to the crowded main event scene. I’d much rather see him in a match for the WHC then Big Show or Christian. The Barrage draws perennial jobber Trent Barreta, who falls to a thunderous Wasteland. Now hopefully this will go somewhere and not just be him beating up jobbers week after week.

Randall the #2: I wonder how Randall feels about being pushed down the card in favor of Henry and Show. He was drafted to Smackdown to be its uber-face, the one that defined the brand. Funny how the ratings weren’t all that different during his summer feud with Christian, but interest picked up when Henry began his Hall of Pain angle. He is in a fued with a mid-carder in IC Champ Cody Rhodes and now faces the other mid-card champion in Dolph Ziggler. Rhodes does come out for commentary and the way he says ‘thank you gentlemen’ is pretty damn hilarious. Of course this means the commentary will focus on the Orton-Rhodes feud thus marginalizing the actual match, while also further marginalizing Ziggler and the US Title. Which is a shame since Ziggler is actually putting on a pretty good match as usual. Rhodes even puts over Ziggler a bit, mentioning his US Title and how he went back-to-back at Vengeance. He even points out how the commentators’ banter is taking away from how well Ziggler is doing. Of course Ziggler eats a RKO to hand the victory to Orton.

The ‘Other’ Cara: There was alot of Spanish in the promo from the former Sin Cara Negro, but understanding what he said really wasn’t all that necessary. You could see the shame and anger he felt at being unmasked through his body language and facial expressions. Hopefully this isn’t the last we see of him.

Bryan Danielson: Since WWE is not shy about promoting their own products on their own programming, a commerical for the Michaels-Hart DVD is used as fuel for a match between Bryan and Tyson Kidd. It’s actually a feud that could work given that Bryan was trained by Michaels and Kidd by Hart. Of course the reason WWE did it was to tie in the DVD promotion. So Cole rags on Bryan for saying where and when he’ll cash in his MITB, but RVD did the same thing against Cena in 2006 and look how that turned out. Kidd goes for the Sharpshooter, but Bryan reverses it into the LaBell Lock, forcing Kidd to tap out. Because Bryan is not a priority, they immediately cut to a recap of the Cena-TruMiz match from RAW and I’m not surprised in the least, which is kind of depressing.

Total Disgrace: That’s what this whole Michael Cole Challenge angle is becoming. JR is a Hall of Famer and a legend, but he’s somehow getting mocked and humiliated by a tool of a man in Michael Cole. Beyond all the questionable things WWE does with its product, this is the one thing that frustrates me more then anything. I just don’t get it. WWE has to know the quality of the commentating goes through the roof when JR is there and it plummets to the depths of Hades when Cole is talking. Here’s hoping JR wins on Monday and Cole actually quits.

#HallOfPain: So if the WWE ring has been inducted into the Hall Of Pain along with Big Show after Vengeance, does it get its own special area? I mean will there be a special wing be built for inanimate objects? So Big Show is out to talk but gets interrupted by Sexual Chocolate and both men are selling the carnage from Sunday. It looks like Henry and Show are about to go at it, but Henry ‘magically’ starts to feel pain as he tries to get in the ring. He starts to walk up the ramp and it cuts to commercial, which was an odd ending.

Cult of Personality: With Punk in the main event against Christian, I assume they’ll be talking about Punk’s interaction with Funkman on RAW, thus taking away more from Smackdown. Early highlight of the match is on commentary with Cole calling Booker T the Herman Cain of Smackdown. Like the RAW main event, this one doesn’t go long before there’s an interruption. This one comes courtesy of ADR, allowing Christian to hit Edge’s Impaler DDT. Punk does kick out, but ADR and Ricardo are ringside. Even with the extra audience members, the match still keeps up its high quality with the back-and-forth picking up in the second half. The ending starts to go as expected, with interference giving Christian the opportunity to set up a Spear. But Sheamus shows up, Christian gets spooked and turns right into a match ending GTS.