Twice The GM: I never realized how short Teddy was until he was standing next to Johnny Ace on stage. You could make a drinking game out of how many times he says his EVP title. Of course you might not make it to the end of the show. Battle Royale? For a title shot? At least the lower card wrestlers get some time in the ring, even if they’ll get eliminated quickly. I bet most of the crowd were watching and couldn’t name half the guys because they weren’t any of the big names, which I guess is alright, but then again maybe not.

Largest Battle Royale EVAR: So with all of em in the ring, it looks like there’s not much room to move. Surprisingly, Cody Rhodes is the first one eliminated, so no jobber? Usually that’s the first to go. On second thought, Johnny Curtis is out so everything is back to normal. Wait, since when is Matt Striker a ‘wrestler’? I mean since I don’t follow NXT, did I miss something? He gets eliminated quickly, but it was still surprising to see him in the ring again. John Morrison’s burial continues as he’s the 6th or so one to be tossed out. The commentators sure are doing their best to bring drama to an otherwise bland match. Guys are fighting, but so much is going on, it’s hard to follow and there are no big spots. Sheamus eliminates Christian to further their rivalry. Punk tosses out Truth, and is subsequently tossed out by Miz, furthering their rivalry as well. Jack Swagger, Jindar Mahal and Wade Barrett are surprises in the Final 5. However, SuperRandy proceeds to eliminate them in quick succession. Miz had rolled under the bottom rope earlier, so he’s still in it, and tries to eliminate Randall, playing the role of the surprise comeback. I do like how its come down to these two, as they have feuded before and Miz’s main event status began on that MITB cash in on Orton almost a year ago. At least they give it a unique ending with both men on the apron after having gone over the top rope and Orton RKOing Miz on the apron. The refs argue over who hit the floor first, but the replay clearly shows it was Miz, so Randall is the winner. He then chooses Henry to face later in the night, as if there was any doubt.

Spiked Divas: Well Beth and Natalya do wear those shoulder things with spikes on them. Kelly Kelly doesn’t get as big a pop as I thought she would, even given the fact that she panders to the Dallas crowd by wearing a midriff-missing Stars jersey. WWE seems intent on pushing this aggressive Kelly angle as Cole talks it up, saying she needs anger management. Kelly and aggressive just don’t go together. She’s the bright, cheery Barbie doll Diva. The only she could make aggressive work for her is if she turns heel. She does manages to hit a sweet Tornado DDT on Beth, but it’s all for naught with Beth hitting her Glam Slam for the win.

‘Sin Cara’ Time: Or not since he doesn’t show up on stage and the camera cuts to Black Cara beating him up in the back. He even manages to rip off Blue’s mask, though the face is not shown. There is nice shot of Black from behind as he takes off his mask, looks at both of the Cara masks and puts on Blue’s. A very nice twist to the feud and very symbolic. He then faces Justin Gabriel, who finally gets some airtime, but gets beat by ‘Sin Cara’. A shame since Gabriel is a young talent that is over with the fans and could be a decent mid-carder.

Mexico v Ireland: Or Del Rio v Sheamus if you’d so prefer. Cole of course whines about how unfair it is that Del Rio has to compete tonight. At least Cole’s whininess is balanced out by the absurdity of Booker T’s commentary. Right off, Sheamus goes for his signature 10 count strikes. Del Rio does try to weaken Sheamus’ arm for the CAB later, with ring psychology being something I always enjoy seeing. Del Rio does pick up the win after interference from Christian, who hits him with  2 Spears afterwards. With all this effort being put into these two guys, they’d better have a match at Vengeance scheduled.

WooBoom: Zack Ryder teams with Kofi Kingston since Evan Bourne is still injured from RAW. This whole Swagger/Ziggler partnership and the pursuit of the Tag Titles could make one forget that Dolph is the US Champ. Dolph might as well be wearing construction paper around his waist, as it would have as much prestige as the US Title seems to have right now. Most of the commentary is spent on Cole complaining and mocking Zack Ryder which, while it is to be expected does nothing for anyone watching the show. I understand Cole’s role as a heel commentator, but as usual he take it too far. Not much of note, other then Ryder pinning Ziggler yet again.

Smackdown Makes History: Apparently, Smackdown is the 2nd longest running weekly episodic television show in history. It’s been hyped throughout the show as well as this ‘landmark’ episode being historic. It sure doesn’t feel that way as it’s been a normal episode of Smackdown and nothing earth-shattering has happened yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if the show ends with some ‘controversial’ ending that happens all the time, instead of something ‘historic’.

Storytime with Sheamus: This time it’s some story about a troll biting someone’s arse and there is a bull involved somehow. I couldn’t quite follow, but it was quite amusing. Matt Striker, who was interviewing Sheamus, found it amusing as well, since he was trying not to laugh most of the time.

WHC Main Event: Any fan with at least some smarts knows that there is no way Orton is going to win, given the scheduled Henry-Show title match at Vengeance. They don’t randomly change storylines so dramatically as having Orton win would. So Henry will retain, probably by DQ from either interference or Henry laying into Orton and the ref DQing him for not letting up. It was a decent match, but Cody Rhodes runs in to cause the DQ and beat on Orton. Big Show comes in for the save and the show ends with a Henry-Show staredown.