#hollaplaya: The first words we hear from the commentary team is Josh talking about how the Rumble is still trending. Great. At least Teddy is in the ring to start the show, presumably for a preemptive strike for the tag match he’ll announce. He announces D-Bry’s opponents in the Elimination Chamber PPV as Barrett, Show, Rhodes, Henry and Orton. It’s actually a pretty talented lineup and should provide a good match. When Henry comes out to protest his inclusion in the EC match, Teddy actually shows some backbone and stands up to Henry, taking him out of the PPV match and suspending him indefinitely. Does Teddy have a twin brother? Because this is a completely different side of him, beyond making random tag matches. So what does Henry get for all this? A Brogue Kick from Sheamus. The Great White at least says he’s going to wait until after the EC PPV to announce which title he’ll challenge, as if we expected anything else. Not to pass up a moment in the spotlight, Cody cuts his usual excellent promo, with a comparison between Sheamus and the Ultimate Warrior. Which gets him…

#rumbleroyalty:…a match against The Pale One for his bravado. At least they’re keeping Sheamus’ Rumble win fresh in the minds of the fans instead of pushing it to the background like they did on RAW. Did I hear that right? Did Cole actually praise Teddy Long for what he did earlier? Next thing you know he’ll actually complement Daniel Bryan. Meanwhile Cody hits a sweet springboard kick to Sheamus off the barricade on the outside, followed by a moonsault-ish take down from the top rope in the ring. He even throws in a submission a little bit later for good measure. But he does fall victim to Sheamus eventually, which I think was the right decision. You have to keep the Runble winner relevant and a few losses is not the way to do that. Plus Cody looked good in taking the loss.

#perplexed: It seems Cody was so shaken up by that loss that he remained at ringside throughout the commercial break. It does allow him to have a prime view of the Gabriel-Hunico match, but in a move I’m sure no one saw coming, Rhodes jumps Gabriel and starts the beatdown before Huncio and Camacho join in. The Great Khali comes in to clean house and put an end to a perplexing and confusing segment of which the purpose was not clear.

#comedyteam: So it appears the team of Santino and Yoshi Tatsu didn’t last and The Cobra has a new tag partner in Hacksaw Jim Duggan, which is interesting to say the least. They get a match against the tag champs which ends predictably with The Penny Champs picking up the win. At least it was over fairly quickly.

#masterinterview: So we have an in-ring segment with Cole interviewing Daniel Bryan. I wonder how this will turn out. Say that last sentence with as much sarcasm as you can. With Bryan berating Cole, it surprising gets him a round of boos, which one would think would be the other way around. His new ‘Be Like Me, Be A Vegan’ slogan sounds very similar to CM Punk’s Straightedge Messiah message from a few years ago. I’m not sure WWE having a heel promote his vegan lifestyle the way Bryan is, will sit well with PETA. They’re building up Bryan to be the kind of heel that when he gets his comeuppance, it will be incredibly satisfying. He’s certainly saying all the right things to get people to dislike him. Big Show’s participation in this promo segment only helps to further Bryan’s slow heel turn. I wonder if there will be a ‘he just turned heel’ moment or the gradualness of the turn will continue.

#stilldisgusted: I still can’t believe the result of the Natalya-Aksans match last week and can’t understand the direction Creative is taking the division. That is assuming of course there’s a direction in the first place. At least they teased some tension between Natalya and Beth with The Glamazon’s blind tag on The Dungeon Diva. Whether that goes anywhere is anybody’s guess.

#supervenomous: I like how they added the No-DQ stipulation to this Orton-Barrett match. It makes you believe that this feud means something and has weight to it. If it had just been a a normal singles match, it wouldn’t have had the amount of anticipation built into it that’s been put into this one. I actually think this kind of match gives the advantage to Barrett, given his bare-knuckle fighting background. But of course Orton is one of the crown jewels of the WWE, so he’ll be made to look good. At least Orton introduced a weapon into the match instead of it being a more vicious version of a regular match. To top it off it’s a table, a very nice touch given their past history. Even though Barrett tosses Orton off the top rope through the table a la Sheamus-Cena, The Viper is able to kick out. They fight into the crowd and back towards the ring before getting back into the ring after several minutes. Barrett brings in his own weapon in the form of a steel chair and goes to town on Orton. It’s to no avail as Randall takes over before Barrett is able to stem the tide with his Winds of Change side slam. Smart little move by Orton to put his foot on the bottom rope to break the 3 count instead of getting his shoulder up. It sells how close Barrett is to winning and adds to the drama of the match. Of course it makes Orton’s victory that much better. It did take two RKOs, the second one onto a steel chair for Orton to finally make the cover for the pin. The match wasn’t on the level of Punk-Bryan from RAW, but it was still a great match.